Angkor Wat in Black & White (MonochromeMonday)

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Angkor Wat, an amazing temple in Cambodia

Like you might know from my Previous Post, I´ve been in Siem Reap this weekend and got the pleasure to visit the amazing temples of Angkor Wat. I really got to say that this was one of the most impressive sightseeing tours I´ve ever made and our Tour guide added it all up perfectly with details on the place and history as well as it´s mythology.

Being a big fan of black & white photographs I tried to show you some of mine on this awesome place. I took about 300 pictures that day and probably could have taken a million more as simply every corner got something beautiful to offer.

For today I´ve chosen two pictures of non rebuild corners, a Statue on a bridge as well as Angkor Wat itself from the northern side. I hope that you enjoy to look at them as much as I enjoyed to take them :)


20170710_221344 (1).jpg



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Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89


Oh yes, this is really an amazing place. Angkor Wat is definitely an experience you should take whenever you are travelling in Asia :)

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