Amazing Places #7 - Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

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The Place to be for all Tea Lovers, the Cameron Highlands

In case you are a tea lover you should once in your lifetime pay a visit to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, which is basically a huge tea plantation.

The Cameron Highlands are located about 1.500 meters above the sea and therefore offer cooler temperatures than other parts of Malaysia. During the day you get about 25°C while it will go down to 10-15°C in the night. This is actually as well the reason for all those tudor-style guesthouses in this area, as the British enjoyed this place very much already during the colonial times.

But why am I still talking about it? As soon as you see some more pictures of it you´ll know why this place deserves to be called an amazing one. It´s simply the perfect getaway for everyone, who wants to enjoy some nature, silence and cool climate, which is quite rare in case you live in a bigger city like Kuala Lumpur.





Pictures got carefully chosen from Pixabay

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Wow! This is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks @askaran, really appreciate that you liked it 😊

The post is awesome !!


thank you very much @noahchasee :) You may stay tuned for more as this isn´t the last Post of mine ;)

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nice place..


for sure @nuer.error :) It´s the perfect getaway from the Asian heat & busy life in the cities :)

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