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First of all, thanks to @someone for giving us an opportunity to share our fun Sunday getaway with you. My husband and I went to Killington Ski area for the weekend.

首先,谢谢@someone 给我们这个机会和大家分享我们有趣的周末。我和老公周末去了弗蒙特州的Killington 滑雪场。

As per Wikipedia, the resort is the largest ski area in the eastern USA, and has the largest vertical drop in New England at 3,050 feet. It was given the title “Beast of the East”.


No wonder it’s the best place for ski lovers to come every winter. On our way up to the mountain, we noticed that there are many inns, hotels and restaurants by each side. Most of them were closed. I can imagine how busy they were when it starts to snow and ski season kicks off. We were wondering what people could do in the fall and summer. As soon as we got to the resort area, we knew the answer right away.

难怪冬天这里是滑雪爱好者的最爱。在我们开车上山的路上,我们看到路两边有很多的旅社,酒店和餐厅。大多数由于滑雪季没到来是关着的。完全可以想象到了冬天这里是多么的繁忙。 我们心里还嘀咕着除冬季外,除了看风景外,人们来这里做什么活动。等我们一到山顶,我们就马上知道答案了。


IMG_6327 (2).JPG


IMG_6329 (2).JPG

When we were close, from far away we can see many ski loops. No wonder thousands of people rush here in the winter. This is first time we went there. Our plan was to see foliage. Due to multiple reasons, the foliage wasn’t as what we had expected. There are a lot bare trees. And the color is mostly yellow or look like over peak. From our conversation with a local guy, draught and warm weather, tree disease and Japanese beetles are not helping. It was a little bit disappointed. But we were happy to go to the ski area. The view is phenomenal when you got to the peak.

快到山上的时候,我们远远地就看到很多滑雪道。非常壮观。难怪成千上万的滑雪爱好者拥着过来。这是我们第一次来。我们本来是计划看叶子的。 今年由于各种原因:干旱,气候变暖,树叶虫病和日本甲虫的袭击,很多的树早早的就秃顶了。留在树上的颜色也不是非常的艳丽。让人有点失望。但是我们还是很高兴到了这个滑雪胜地。当我们到达山顶的时候,俯瞰山脉连连,那风景叫人惊叹!




We wanted to try the gondola and thus we gave up the opportunity to hike up. On our way up, we saw a lot hikers and mountain bikers. Round trip ticket for two persons is almost $64. When we were waiting for the ride, we saw many mountain bikers waiting on the line too. They took the ride up and then bike down. We also saw many hikers hiked all the way up to the top without taking the ride. The resort is a perfect place for hiker and mountain biker lovers.







Total ride of the gondola is about 10 mins. As you can imagine how high it is. As soon as we got off the lift, we felt significant temperature drop right away. Suddenly, it went directly from fall to winter. Thank God, my husband reminded me to bring my heavy jacket.

整个缆车的时间大概是10 分钟。你就可以想象山海拔有多高。 当我们一到山上,跳下缆车,立即觉得温度骤减,直接从秋天过到冬天。 好在有老公的温馨提示,我提前准备好了厚衣服。

We started catwalk, a quick hike to the peak. The view was incredible as you can see from the photos. If it wasn’t it was cold, would be great to sit there long and enjoy the great view nature offers. Just imagine all the colors at the peak, it definitely has given us a good reason to come back next year in the Fall.

我们先沿着小通道徒步上行,走到山巅。从这里分享的图片你可以看到风景有多壮观和迷人。如果不是温度太低,真可以坐在那里好好享受这大自然给我们的礼物。 如果叶子的颜色再好看些,那真是让人流连忘返了。明年秋天,我们相约再来。




IMG_6287 (2).JPG


After short stay at the peak, we want to Peak Lodge for lunch. The place is pretty big with glass windows. It would really be cool to sit and eat by the window where you can continue to enjoy the breath-taken views, warm in room temperature and good food. It was a fun and relaxed Sunday.






Thank you for your time and reading.


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Hello I am Sıla . It is awesome place . Thank you for share your experience with us.
Can you tell me little bit more please that I want to learn when time is best season for ski ? I learned snowboard after skateboarding at my city. I went local places like Uludağ and Kartalkaya at Turkey.

Can you suggest cheap hostel there If I go to Killington ski area? Because I am a student and I have limited budget.

Take care .. travel is the best ... life is wonderful

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