加拿大魁北克蒙特利尔周年庆游记(三) – Montreal Quebec trip – Day 3 by @susanli3769

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As suggested by @Real-alex who’s a Canadian, after breakfast, we walked our way up to Mont Royale on our Day 3. When we got to Rue Sherbrooke, we noticed that there are flags from different countries on this road. We are not quite sure why they do that, maybe as a symbolic of hospitality? If you happen to know the answer, would be great if you could let us know.

这是我们在蒙特利尔的第三天。在加拿大人@Real-alex 的建议下,我们吃完早晨后就前往Mont Royale。 当我们走到Rue Sherbrooke 的时候,看到道路两边挂满了各国的旗。很好奇为什么他们会挂各国的旗,除了好客外,不知道是否有其他的含义?如果有知道的朋友请麻烦告知。

IMG_5022 (2).JPG

IMG_5023 (2).JPG

It was quite a lot uphill walking from hotel, probably around 5 blocks. On the way up, we noticed that in front of an apartment building, there is a sign saying 1 ?, 3 1/3, 4 ? for rent. We were not sure what exactly it meant. It was so coincident that on our way down the mountain, there were one man and a woman behind us. They were talking about some interesting things happened when they first got here. And the man told the woman that here in Montreal, they count kitchen as half room. So 1 ? mean a studio plus kitchen, 2 ? means a living room, one bedroom and a kitchen, and so on. What the culture difference! Sometimes things just happen, when you were wondering what the answer was, the answer was just right there in front of you. Isn’t it amazing?

从酒店去往Mont Royale大概有5 条街区的距离。大多数都是上山的路。在路过一栋公寓楼,我们发现门口的出租广告上写着 1 ?, 3 1/3, 4 ? 房。当时不知道是什么意思。 好巧的是,在我们下山的路上,后面有一男一女,正好在谈他们来蒙特利尔生活的一些经历。那个男的就正好跟女的介绍那里的房型。原来,他们那里把厨房当做半个房间。所以 1 ? 表示一间房加厨房,2 ? 表示一房一厅加一厨房,照此类推。 文化的差别还是蛮大的。不过也好笑的是,有时候在人生活中,你想要答案的时候,答案就在你面前,你说巧不巧?

IMG_5153 (2).JPG

We got to Mount Royale after around 20mins walk. I run every week, but I didn’t run uphill, so 20mins uphill walk and hundreds of steps uphill to the top was an ordeal for me. I sweated like a dog, exactly what my husband joked, when we were half up the hill on the staircase, there was a couple with a dog, the dog was breathing heavily, my husband said, “yes, he’s just like me”, everybody heard it couldn’t help laughing. That was a good laugh. Man, I just love this man, He has such a good sense of humor and always knows how to get people to laugh.

走到Mount Royale 山脚大概用了20 分钟。 我平时都有跑步的习惯,可是并没有在坡上跑。加上爬几百级台阶,这还是蛮大一个挑战。全身出汗像从水里捞出来的。 我们爬到半山腰的时候,已经是气喘吁吁,大汉淋漓。正好有对夫妻带着一条狗下山,小狗的呼吸好重,我老公笑着对大家说 “他跟我一样”。 所有的人听到了都不禁开怀大笑。老公的幽默感强,而且知道怎么逗人笑,这也是为什么我爱他的一个原因。 是个开心果。




Yeah, we finally got to the top. Isn’t it nice to have a good stretch after climbing? I wish I was as flex as her! Many people sat under the tree and rested on the grass.

好不容易爬上了山顶,有个女孩在草地上做伸展运动和劈腿,多希望自己有她一样的柔软身体啊。 很多人都在草地上休息和调整呼吸。

IMG_5043 (2).JPG

@real-alex(thanks, Alex) was right, it was such a good view to see the whole city of Montreal from the top. It was a little bit hazy on that date, but it was great to be able to have an overview of the whole city.

@real-alex(多谢Alex), 在山上确实可以看到整个城市的风景,虽然天气有点雾霾,但看到全景真的很开心。




We also took some photos together.


IMG_5056 (2).JPG

IMG_5059 (2).JPG




Inside the building, are some history education, where you can look through the telescope and check the photo and text explanation displayed in the telescope. There are couple stores too where you can buy souvenirs and drinks. You can also stay for some rests.

在这建筑楼里,有望远镜可以告诉你一些蒙特利尔的历史,还有两间店,可以让你买些纪念品和饮料。 你可以在这里休息。


Mount Royale is also a good place for people to do mountain biking, exercising and meditating. It has several trails. We ran into a group of people wearing “I am walking for Dad” shirt, I bet there was some events going on. Daddy is always a good reason to walk for. ??

Mount Royale也是人们踩单车,运动和冥想的好去处。 山上有很多不同的爬山路线。 我们在继续上山的路上碰到一群穿着“我们为了父亲而爆走”的T-shirt. 估计有什么活动,但为了父亲总是一个走路的好理由。



IMG_5082 (2).JPG

There are many trails on this mountain. We picked the most scenic one and walked all the way up to the top. On our way up, I noticed that there were snails on the tree. The snails have beautiful shell. My husband is very into macro photography, he got some good shots, I bet he will share in his Steemit post. If you are interested, you may want to check him out @davidmendel.

在这山上有很多爬山路线。我们选了条最经典的,可以一直走到最高峰的路线。 在我们往上爬的时候,我留意到在树木叶片上有一些蜗牛。外壳很漂亮。 我老公很喜欢拍超近摄影,他花了很多时间拍到一些不错的效果,如果你感兴趣的话,可以到他的steemit上去看。他的账号是 @davidmendel





He could stand this post for few minutes under afternoon sun in order to get a few good shots, he was shooting butterflies. It was pretty difficult to get a good one as butterflies move all the time, the best timing to shot butterfly is in the early morning, when they don’t move too much.

他会这样一动不动在大太阳下跪好几分钟只为了拍到一张好相片。 他在拍蝴蝶。 大家都知道蝴蝶一直在动,很难拍。最好拍蝴蝶的时候是早上很早的时候,那时候它们比较不活跃。



Other than the building on the top, there are couple power towers that you can also see from long distance in the downtown as the photo I took from hotel room. One has the cross shape at the top.

除了那个建筑房外,在市区还可以看到两个发电塔。其中一个最顶部是个十字架形状。 这是我在酒店房间里的原拍,和这两个电塔的近拍。




We ran into an old lady at the top. She was alone, she carried a backpack, I believe she had some MP3 or something similar, it was playing music. Not very loud, you can only hear it when you are close enough. It kept her accompanied. She looked very healthy and happy. I wish when I was at her age, that I will still be able to climb up to the mountain without any help.



We were so exhausted after the mountain trip. Our original plan was to include Botanical Garden to the trip too, but after sweating like a dog, we decided to take it slow and went to lunch before going back to the hotel for rest of the date.


When we passed by Place du Canada, we saw several police cars and police along with a group of people wearing all black. Not sure what happened, we didn’t go close to check it out. But we did stop at the street and saw a sign saying “the tragedy of Karbala”. Someone said they will march after the gathering. I did some google search and confirmed that this is something about religion, the battle is mourned by Shia Muslims to date. I was relieved that this isn’t some tragedy that has just happened.

在回酒店的路上,我们路过Place du Canada广场的时候,看到好多警车和警察,还有一大群穿着黑色衣服的人在聚集。不知道发生什么情况,也不敢走太近。结果看到他们挂出一副横幅写着“Karbala 悲剧”。 然后有人说他们马上就要游戏。 回去后我查了下,了解到这是宗教活动。 那场历史上悲剧的战争到现在都被什叶派穆斯林祭奠。也算放下一口气,还以为最近又发生了什么悲剧。



For dinner, there were two restaurants highly recommended by the hotel. The one was Dominion as I shared in Day 1 trip. The other one was Balsam which is an Italian restaurant. We wanted to check Balsam out for the night, but didn’t expect it to close on Sunday. We had to go back to Dominion which is right next door. I ordered exactly the same thing- steam mussels, I didn’t want anything to go wrong, I knew that it’s good, so I don’t mind to try again. My husband ordered beef, he was glad that he ordered it. I also tried a small bite. It was really good, the beef melted right in the mouth. This reminded me the best beef I ever tried in Seattle. One of my husband’s best friend- Alex, he is a chief chef at 5 star restaurant. He cooked beef for us at home one day when we visited him. This one can compete with his. I would highly recommend it if you love beef.

我们刚入住的时候,酒店服务员强烈推荐了两家餐厅。其中一家就是我们第一天去的Dominion 法式餐厅。另一家是Balsam,是意大利餐厅。我们本来打算晚餐去Balsam 吃,结果到了发现他们周日居然不开门。所以就方便又到了隔壁的Dominion吃。 我还是点了一样的- 蒸青口。我上次吃过,味道真不错,所以就又点了一次。 老公点了牛肉。我也尝了一口,入口即化,真的好吃。这让我想起老公在西雅图的好朋友-Alex. 他是五星级饭店的厨师长。一次我们去他家做客,他亲自煮了牛肉给我们吃,那是我吃过的最好吃的牛肉。这家餐厅的有得一拼。 如果你喜欢牛肉的话,真的可以去试试。





My dear friends, thanks so much for bearing with me and reading what I’ve shared here. The trip was very successful, relaxing and enjoyable. We really had great time. There are so much more that Montreal can offer. We will go back for sure, and we will make sure that we cover Botanical Garden next time. My dear friend, we will be heading back home tomorrow and go back to work and daily routine. We really appreciate for your patience and support, and following our guide to tour around Montreal in the past few days spiritually. We hope that we will continue to get your support, if you like what you read and see, pls follow and upvote for us.

亲爱的朋友们,非常感谢你们这几天听我们的经历。我们整个行程非常成功,放松和愉快。 蒙特利尔还有很多地方可以深度游的。 我们将来一定会再回去的。 下次去的时候,我们一定会去植物园看看。 我亲爱的朋友们,我们明天就要回去重新进入日常生活。 我们非常感谢你们的耐心和支持。 感谢你们在精神上跟我们游了一趟蒙特利尔。 希望能够继续得到你们的支持。 如果你们喜欢我们所分享的,请追随我们并点赞。 你们的支持是我们最大的动力。

Here we also would like to thank @someone again for having given us such a great opportunity to share our trip with you. He’s been offering such a great platform to help minnows like us to be more successful in steemit. We wish him more successful, as Chinese saying goes, a just cause enjoys abundant support. He is surely one of it!

在此也借这个机会再次感谢@someone, 感谢他让我有机会和你们分享我的游记。感谢他为我们这些小鱼提供的一片平台和支持。 我们祝愿他更成功。正如中国谚语所说“得道多助”。他一定会得到更多的帮助并更成功的。

Thank you all, and goodbye for now.


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Hope you enjoyed your stay. It's a beautiful city! Looks like you missed a lot of the sights. Old Port, China town, the casino, Olympic stadium, all our museums, Places des arts and some of the best restaurants the world has to offer. I think this warrants a second visit ;-)

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I love Montreal. Best farmers market I have ever experienced. You should definitely try Schwartz’s. Enjoy!

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That was a fantastic log of your journey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it as well as seeing the pictures!

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