The Wet Land Of 1100M Heights In Mt. Hanra, Jeju Island In Korea

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When we woke up early in the morning, the sky was blue.
So we planned to go to the 1100M heights observatory where was famous for the wet land.



Usually it might be rare there was the wet land in such a high area such as Jeju island formed by volcano explosion.

The trees in that area was not so tall due to the strong wind.


Mom and me entered into the wet land.
The road in the wet land was well made with the woods not to destroy the eco-environment of the wet land.


There were so many trees and explanations for them, but it was regrettable that we know almost nothing about the trees of this area.
Eventhough I took the pics of the plants, I didn’t know the name of those plants.
But what we recognized was they were protecting the wet land very carefully.
The most important thing was they didn't try to add the artificial job to it.


Nature is the most beautiful when it is not touched by the human.


The scattered stones formed during the explosion were so impressive.



The frogs were saying something to us.


Mom and I felt so good at seeing well preserved wet land.




Panorama from the observatory


Thank you

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incredible natural environments ...

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I will try all the surppot I can too.

The third last picture is very interesting. Dry twigs are floating on water but it looks like a tree whose branches are spread all over the water.

You are right! But also on the last second, the twigs add the flavor!

Well done for the pictures,
Nothing is more beautiful than virgin nature
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..


I believe it takes talent to make stones look so beautiful, you've got photography skills, nonetheless Jeju island, Korea. Added to my vacaa.. spot right after banff.

The best place on this photography to see

Gran post

I am a great fan of your photography.I also interested in photography .so for tips i want the way through i contact u.

amazing photography....

Nature is fantastic, take some time off from a busy life and see the nature around.

Independent of the current political issues, imagine visiting North Korea

Picture source

Yes nature truly is most beautiful when untouched by humans. There is so much to discover around this great planet Earth 🌏

You are right, natural beauty is all over the world to be discoverd !

the green state becomes a fresh atmosphere @slowwalker.
a small stream containing water for life.
hopefully be a fun trip

Nice shoots, please look at mine. Your comments are welcome

The Wet Land Of 1100M Heights In Mt. Hanra, Jeju Island In Korea has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

Ini tempat yang indah akan tetapi sebaiknya jangan sendirian berkunjung harus ditemani pemandu dan membawa orang ramai😀😁

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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The wonderful beauty of nature is always unique. Beautiful photos!

A beautiful and breathtaking morning with beautiful nature around.
I like the cool and peaceful air..

Like Post.JPG


A beautiful place.

Yes, the wet soil looks very well preserved and the trees are very fertile there, and you choose the right place to be able to breathe fresh air there. greetings for you and your mother @slowwalker, to stay healthy and can visit other places in korea in the next day.

Nature is still natural that is rarely touched by human hands, easy to enjoy.@slowwalker

Wuao that show, everything is too beautiful, nature and its charms

Lots of oxygen from those trees..great you and your mom are traveling together.

Hello Dear I am new here! When I came here after seeing this post I was very good! Your picture is like an image of the picture editing picture! Hope you get help from me! Thank you

I love people who apreciate the nature. I love untouched nature too 😊

very beautiful photos dear have good time

great scenery and well preserve nature sanctuary.

I am a great fan of your photography.I also interested in photography .so for tips i want the way through i contact u.

i am your you have a motto
"My Life My Adventure" hehe

its a great to watch , good to feel the green . love it and like it so much

Thanks for your lovely and awesome photography @slowwalker

한라산의 정경을 이곳에서 보니까 너무 좋네요.
한라산이 이렇게 좋다는 걸 잘 모른다니깐요.. ㅎㅎ
개구리들도 많네요..

즐거운 여정 되세요..

Those are some beautiful pictures, congratulations!

You climbed a very high mountain. It's amazing that there's such a wetland in the high mountains, and it looks like it preserves its natural appearance.

I resteemed your post & follow to you. Thanks for nice post. @slowwalker. The view at a height of 1000 meters is amazing. It seems that the air there is very cold and full of oxygen .. I love to see such beautiful natural scenery.

Thank you for sharing the natural beauty with us.

Hopefully you succeed always.

it seems very nice to be there and lots of beautiful green trees, it must be cool, see your story I also want to walk in the area like this and want to photograph all, hopefully your journey is very pleasant @slowwalker.

Excellent photography @slowwalker, I recently joined the Steemit platform, seeing your images I could not help but admire that approach to nature. I am a university professor of botany I would like to receive advice from you, to train me in the capture of better photography for my classes

  ·  last year (edited)

Jeju island is one of the tourist destinations on my travel list, looking this post, make me more excited, beautiful panorama, I really agree with you "Nature is the most beautiful when it is not touched by the human. ", let's together to take care of nature, so the beauty is not ruined, and we can enjoy it together!

btw, I followed you! nice post, I am waiting for your next post!

  ·  last year (edited)

Indahnya😍, ajak ajak lah kalau mau ke Jeju😂. Pesona Jeju seperti tidak ada habisnya terutama artis and aktor nya hehe😁

Saludos @slowwalker, que extraordinario es poder conocer este espacio natural de la isla de Jeju en Corea por las imágenes que nos presentas, sin duda alguna como comentas debido ser una gran experiencia para ti y tu mama, me agrada y comparto tu comentario:
"La naturaleza es la más bella cuando no es tocada por el humano.",
es una realidad innegable que lo es, por esto es de gran importancia que como seré humanos aprendamos a convivir con la naturaleza, con responsabilidad y asumiendo una conducta con conciencia en lo que hacemos y cómo podemos impactar a nuestro medio ambiente. Agradecido nuevamente me despido desde Venezuela.

아침에 이런 고요한 산의 정기를 받아보니 너무 좋습니다.
아무도 없는곳에 나만 있는듯한 조용한 기분이 드네요 ㅎㅎ
저희집 앞에도 아차산이 있는데 가끔 올라가면 피톤치드도 받고 너무 좋더라구요.. 내일 한번 아침에 올라가서 슬로우워커님처럼 정기를 받아와야겠습니다 ㅎㅎ
주말인데 좋은 하루 보내셔요!!^^
항상 감사합니다

Good Work. but i have a word to say.. you'r landscape photography is to good keep it up.

Your post make me refresh, I like to traveling this this. Thank you for sharing.

this looks so natural healing

La vista debe ser hermosa, hay mucho por explorar, mucho que conocer.

Need to preserve. nature that is still very natural as a source of livelihood.

beautiful photography friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

Thanks #slowwalker...So good morning to show it....
Nature is the most beautiful, Can not believe me.
you are very great man. thank you so much. #slowwalker.

Permit to resteem

this is how things looks beautiful when it's natural,, nature is good.

I like your perspective and how it's yours point of view. Nature is raw and like should be. We as the people should not interfere the nature as much as possible. Thanks for that. I invite for my channel about Southern Poland Mountains and surrounding areas. Maybe you also like it like me your channel

I like pictures of frogs,So cute...

beautiful green land. I like your photograph
I am also travel and photographer view @milanpoudel

Great shots and view. I agree with you about nature is the most beautiful when it is not touched by the human. Keep it up and if you check my profile I also have a post like this.

The third last picture is very interesting. Dry twigs are floating on water but it looks like a tree whose branches are spread all over the water.
I like this

I really really want to go to korea.. 👍🏻

Such beautiful wet lands

Majestic natural landscape! Nature never ceases to amaze us

I trust it takes ability to influence stones to look so delightful, you have photography aptitudes, regardless Jeju island, Korea. Added to my vacaa.. spot directly after banff.

Wow, its like a vlog. Awesome pics , which camera did you use ??

Very nice place, really well done
The beauty of nature, my friend

Yes nature truly is most beautiful when untouched by humans. There is so much to discover around this great planet Earth 🌏

I heard that around 65% of South Korean ground is
proclaimed as a national park. I always wanted to visit Asia and can't wait to achieve this moment in my life! Lovely images! :)

Such vivid images. It is amazing the treasures we can find when we take a look around us. I know that here in Canada we have so many great sites to visit and they are often missed by locals because they forget to look in their own backyard when seeking out activities. You don't have to be a tourist to enjoy these things. The real appreciation comes from those who take pride in it.

저는 1100고지 근처에 고사리 꺽으러 갔었답니다^^
제가 느낌 제주는 자연 그대로로 아름다움을 주는 것 같아요~이름모를 들꽃이 주는 아름다움을 느끼며
살고 있답니다. 바삐 놓치는 많은 것들을
님께서는 담아내시는 것 같아 부럽습니다^^

This is really wow!!! One day, I hope to see these places with in front of me!

In the US, our conservation lands are still extremely touristy for the most part. It’s reallt cool to see wet lands that are virtually untouched. Thanks @slowwalker. Your blog continues to educate me about Korea.

wow nice photography is very interesting..........

제주도 사시는 분이 비가와야 저렇게 물이 흐른다고 하더라거요 자연은 인간이 손대지 않을때 가장 아름다운 것 같습니다 ㅎ 아침부터 좋은 사진 보고 갑니다

Sounds like a good hike. It was nice to get some imppression of koreas nature. Hope to see more like this

any chance of taking us to Hala mountain?
or are you no longer in Jeju?
it's in my bucket list and am sure glad you're showing us something you won't get to see in trip posts yet
have fun @slowwalker nim!

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@sanjib you're on the @abusereports naughty list!

Bad Steemian! Bad!