The Traditional Beauty of The Inn near Daeheung-sa Temple

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After passing through the cafe with some rest, I was walking along the road.
At that time I saw the traditional architecture by the road.
It was unexpected pleasure for me to see the traditional Inn.
This inn reminded me of my childhood and dad.
My daddy had worked as the building trader. Sometimes he took me when he went to the business trip.
At that time we stayed in the traditional Inn.
I am always happy when reminding of the trip in my childhood with dad.




So I entered into and looked around the Inn with the permission of the owner.
It was so similar to the place where I used to stay in with my dad.
The owner of the Inn must be the skillful gardener.
The garden and the pond in the Inn was very well cared.




Staying there on the floor of the Inn for a while, I was taking a rest with taking a cup of tea.

And I headed for the temple.



It is very relaxing place @slowwalker because of the shade of the trees and the garden of the Inn is also a nice place to unwind too

That place is awesome!

Thanks for this small piece of heaven, Im baffled when I try to think how can someone keep a garden like that, its practically a little forest. He must have some ninja gardener skills.

That's awesome! Where did you find that? :-)


Searched for zen garden in giphy, don't want to be this guys enemy, he gonna chop ya singing
-Dum dee dum dum ~ -....
I realized you might be asking because of steemit guidelines not to use web images, tried googling the image and it goes straight to "Happiness" 😂

Haha, he's the samurai gardener!

I realized you might be asking because of steemit guidelines

Not at all, I was genuinely interested, I thought it was a giphy, but then thought you might know the person! :-D


Ah, pleasant memories in a peaceful place. I think I would love to sit near the frog fountain, there is something so wonderfully peaceful about the sound of running water. :-)

Thanks for your recent support :-)))


Beautiful Indeed! Very lush green & beautiful...

It is a great memory to keep. These moments in life are the best ones. Always will be! Oh, and beautiful photos!

I need to visit this place. Hopefully when the typhoon passes by, it can happen! This spot looks SUPER peaceful and I could meditate here for hours!

With that wonderful place, you entered in to memories that you had in our childhood! I also have such nice memories with my parents! While going to that temple of Daeheung-sa I think you got the gift of old memories which suited to the moment and environment! It gives me a chance to let me enter into my old memories as well! Thank you!
A collection of beautiful photography and hat off for that inn keepers effort to keep such great place!

How peaceful and beautiful! I would love to visit here.

So beautiful temple.

had worked 정말 평화롭게 보이네요...

Wonderful memories! Beautiful photos of the scenery! Thank you for sharing.

Hello @slowwalker, I hope you being better healthy of your knee pain. Actually, our childhood brings a very memorable moment. Your memories are the same. The traditional architecture of this road will also add unexpected joy to the city. How old were memories of childhood? There is a fascinating frog in the park and in the pond. When it sees the water flowing, it refreshes. The shadowed shrine of the huge trees gives you comfort.

Wonderful pictures, those frogs remind me of kappa.

Very beautiful and scenic views, @slowwalker

The architecture of such temples will impress everyone entering there.
Thank you for interesting pictures!

I Have you looked at the photos of this temple recently?have you been there?


I didn't think this type of traditional inns are still in business. The pictures look great, making me want to visit there with my family. I love reading story of your family, it is very comforting and gives me some time to think of my own.

Beautiful pictures @slowwalker, and such wonderful memories of your father!

Looking forward to seeing some more nostalgic posts, so I will follow you :)

All of a sudden, I remember my childhood memories with my daddy.


This inn is simple and looks very cool, beautiful and peaceful.

Thank you for showing me that. What a classic Korean hotel looks like. I represented it, roughly, like the European one.

Спасибо, что показали. Как выглядит классическая Корейская гостиница. Я представлял ее, примерно, как Европейскую.

Espero tu rodilla haya mejorado con el descanso, es fascinante como relatas cada acontecimiento y nos metes en la historia, me hiciste recordar también los lugares que yo frecuentaba con mi padre.
Gracias por tus escritos, son inspiradores, tus fotos son bellas
I hope your knee has improved with rest, it's fascinating how you relate every event and you get us into the story, you also reminded me of the places I used to frequent with my father.
Thanks for your writings, they're inspiring, your photos are beautiful @slowwalker

Beautiful photos @slowwalker. I love that you're sharing your memories with the pictures of this place. My son, @guthrie is at an age now that he's coming with me to many of my photography trips and I hope he has memories that'll stay with him of our travels together. Thanks for sharing, as always. I love having these windows in to your life.

The story of a very touched and happy, sometimes people forget to the past when now live luxury, but I was amazed at your friends reminds me of the importance of memories first let alone with our parents, successful continue @slowwalker

Fascinating place. That fountain is fun. What was the purpose of the tower?

It’s always great to see your articles! Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing it

These are some wonderful photos! I love how you open up about how this place made you feel and describing things with such reverence! That landscaping is definitely a setting that would be great for relaxing in, while reading a book or doing a painting :)

One of the beautiful paths that wind its way through Daeheungsa .... temple gates, Thank q for sharing photos of the temple.