The Road to Daewung-Jeon and Its Inside Paitings in Daeheung-sa Temple, Korea

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As I wrote in previous post, the location of Daewung-Joen in Daeheung-sa was not usual as other temples.
Daewung-Jeon was located in the left corner of the temple. I needed to cross the stone bridge standing over the little stream to enter into the Daewung-Jeon.

There stood a gate building in front of Daewung-Jeon. I could see Daewung-Jeon Building through the gate in front of the stone bridge. It made me imagine as if I was waiting for the Buddhist paradise for the permission to enter into.


The stream seemed a metaphor of the boundary marking here and there, the bridge seemed a crossing way to the other world of the Paradise.

Daewung-Jeon was stood in not a wide place. The Building was burned in the late Choson Dynasty.
It was permitted to take a picture inside of the building.


The calligraphy of the front board as below was written by one of the most famous one in Korean history.


One pillar in the building was so impressive and beautifu. It was not straight pillar, it was twisted. I was curious how that twisted pillar could sustain the heavy weight of the roof.


The pictures behind Buddha statue were so impressive. Up until now, I don’t have exact knowledge for explanation relating those Buddhist paintings.


There were different painting on the other wall inside of Daewung-Jeon.





In next posting, I'd like to introduce the painting on the wall of Daewung-Jeon.

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it looks like a nice place :)

your post is great, no wonder! they always have been
thanks for stopping by in my blog. it means a lot to me :)

the temple is so amazing and so majestic,i really like all your works sir @slowwalker


Thank you so much


Thank very much sir @slowwalker

It is a very old temple. Everyone likes walking on such a place. 🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜

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yes it is really nice place to walk

Those are some amazing pictures. That kind of architecture sure reminds me of the time I spent living in South Korea. I lived in Taegu (which have been made to understand is now called Daegu).

Is that temple in Gyeong-ju? If so that was only about a 30 minute trip to the East of where I lived, but I never visited, looks like I missed out.

Here is a picture of me there back in 1992, I wish I could recall the name of this park:


It looked like a pavilion, in my guess

wonderful painting on the wall, those is still absolutely.

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That's right

Slowwalker..u must come to india.. I am telling you your facinations for temples will take you to next level.

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I'd like to fly to India in near future

Wow it's amazing! These wall paintings might be world heritages! Coz the knowledge of ancient artists can be found with these artworks! It's great you photography them so well!
But in my country, photography those ancient wall arts are forbidden! They said flasher lights are harming the artwork!
It's great we both countries has proud histories based on Buddhism!



You can take photos without flash


Nope they are not allowing any kind of photography! That's insane!



늘 좋른 글 사진
보는 마음 즐겁습니다^^


과찬의 말씀 감사합니다

De verdad que la Arquitectura de ustedes en Korea es encantadora @slowwalker ni quiero imaginar cuanto tiempo tuvierón sus antepasados para realizar estas maravillas


Yes it must take for a long time

Very beautiful decoration in the temple. A twisted post called the question how ?, not only for you.

Очень красивое оформление в храме. Скрученный столб вызвал вопрос как?, не только у Вас.

Is it real gold there ? :)))


What do you think


these small statues? :)

@slowwalker you do such Fabulous Posts and I learn a lot from them.......Love the subject matter from all over the World..............

Nice beautiful painting and beautiful temple..


Thank you

Wow amigo, de verdad estoy complacido al leerte, tus gráficos son hermosos, y la mejor parte es que nos haces sentir como si estuvieramos a tu lado viendo estos lugares tan maravillosos.
Felicidades, saludos desde Venezuela.
Wow friend, I'm really pleased to read to you, your graphics are beautiful, and the best part is that you make us feel like we're standing next to you watching these wonderful places.
Congratulations, greetings from Venezuela.


Thank you for your compliment


Thanks friend

I like how you describe it here: the bridge seemed a crossing way to the other world of the Paradise. Yes it is.😊
This temple is full of art, even on the roof, for many, many years in Korea are very talented! 😊
I like art very much and seeing these paintings is something incredible for me😊


Thank you for your support

Realmente es una arquitectura impactante.

Daewung-Jeon is impressive especially considering that it was burnt in the past, the stone bridge is solid and hopefully for eternity. The pillars are really interesting shape, it seems like they took the trunks of trees and did not bothered much with its natural curves that of course leaves it is this strange shape but I like it how it was done. The paintings are always something that everyone can interpret how they understand that is why I love visual art, even so many years later they are there and people still stop and think trying to guess what is demonstrated there. Thank you for taking into the history of your country.


Thank you for your comment