The Most Prominent Masterpiece Among the Relics in Sinan Shipwreck

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Each one has it’s own point of view in evaluating some thing. Appreciating the Art work is very interesting job one can enjoy.

In Capitalism, everything even the art might’ve been changed into the value of economy, or the money. In many case, the standard of the evaluation was taken into the hands of the so-called specialist

It means that even the pure internal excitement can not be permitted to common people in capitalism.

In many cases, the specialists often confiscate your emotional joy and delight. They force you to follow their point of value.

In these sense, the only opportunity to enjoy your internal joy and delight would be taken only in the museum. In museum, there is no reason to evaluate the economic value.

So only in the museum, you can enjoy pure value of the relics according to your own point of view and value.

Among the relics, I found the most prominent master piece in my view.

The vase was located in the corner of the exhibition room. It was not easy for the tourists to find out where the Vase located in.

What this vase made me feel awesome was a color of it. The color was so mysterious as the medieval works. At first glance, I had thought it of some postmodern style color.

It’s color was mixed one with blue and white. But this blue light was quite different from other blue colors. The blue color of the porcelain was made with the cobalt metal. But it didn’t seemed that the cobalt was not used in this vase.

How did they make that mysterious color ? With the glaze , or the enamel ? Anyway there was no other explanation on that vase. It seemed that no-one concentrated on that color.

This vase could be far from the master piece in the eyes of the specialists. But it was marvelous for me how they could make such a wonderful color for nearly 800 years ago.


There were lots of other beautiful porcelains. The appearance of those porcelains were excellent.
How they made such a wonderful shape without the help of machine. All of porcelains displayed in exhibition room were perfectly balanced.

That shows the excellency of the craftsmanship at that ages.








I was walking around the exhibition room slowly. I’d like to to share their feeling, thought and life.
The world they had lived in seemed to be much more closer than we thought.

There were other exhibitions in the museum. Especially the special exhibition of the Vietnamese relics found in shipwreck was held there.

It would be boring to continue same subject in rows. I’d like to post another issue in next posting.

Thank you for reading


Fantastic.. I can visit your country!

Hello Sir @slowwalker The relics of porcelain finds in those shipwrecks are so delightful to the eyes I also admire such handy work of artisans back in the tie past and I can just imagine how they do it and how they share their way of life to our modern life. I just wished that I could also visit our national museum here in my country. It was my plan before if not for my disability that caused me to get pinned in my home.

You can do visit korea.
always dream come true

very interesting!

very nice pics!

Intricate and carefully crafted, nice piece.

Hello slowwalker !awesome works you did !I am looking forward to your next post!


Wow this is indeed a very good one @slowwalker . The museum really got a lot of treasures from The Sinan Shipwreck and great to display and preserve them for all to visit and see. Thanks for sharing all these great travelling informations with us-I mentioned you on my brand post-feel free to see it when you are free... More success to you.

Thank you for stopping by

Wow such beautiful pieces and story @slowwalker ! I really liked this one the color is stunning ! :

upped and resteemed , thanks so much for sharing with us !😀👍👍👍💕

Yes, this color was clear and awesome.

Hii @slowwalker, very nice to see your interesting photography of porcelains from exhibition. Really nice piece of arts.always love to see your posts.This I like much. Appreciated your efforts and supportive kind behaviour there on Steemit. Thanks for often visiting my post with kind feedback. My Tiny Support as Friendship for you as UpVoted.

i love seeing so much korean history in ones channel

should i actually start vlogging about south korea as well? Will anyone be interested?

I would definetly see it! I swear The other day I was discussing how South Korea is one of the country mainstream media isn’t covering I actually came home and Googled about it. Would love to see the real deal.

Thank you so much for your comment.

It's a very good work @slowwalker. What you give is a rare thing we see

Thank you

It's good to see things like this as it reminds you that humans have been skilled for such a long time and take great care to make beautiful and practical objects.

Hiiii @slowwalker ....... NIce post.... Similar to the last one. I think u are in search of antique things. From your writing I can guess u that u r a socialist ideological person.
Please see my last post on our friendship.

Thank you so much my friend

Thanks bro for your reply..... I m much happy with your response.
I would feel much better if u see my this post..... Actually I m not asking u for a UPVOTE but I want to let u know our problems.
I u take some initiative then will will be ever grateful to you my friend. I m in a cricis of some steems.... If u can delegate some amount than u will refund it after some months.

Wow nice photography and information

Nice travel and historical article and also you add pictures which is strong compositions in your blog... You have a smooth narration so i don't get bored while reading in the contrast it is an engaging article...

Congrats and have a nice day...

Thank you so much for your compliment

i would have been upset if i was waiting for the ship to arrive, some beautiful pieces thanks for the post, check my blog for photos of the british museum, i will upload similar art pieces to inspire others how this has inspired me

Until you mentioned it, I didnt notice the colour of the first vase either but after reading your post I actually slowed down and noticed it. You are right I have never seen anything like it and it’s beautiful!

Thank you for your comment.
Finally I got friend lol

Yea, I get what you mean. You have anything else like this would love to see it.

It is nice the jars are beautiful

Even I would have neglected this vase as we are more attracted towards bright colour. But after reading your story I really started admiring it. :) thank sir for sharing this. Ill will be more observant during next exhibition

hi slowwlker,nice to read about you,i m zain.abideen from pakistan,am also new on steemit . i have followed you so,can also follow me.
best of luck!

wow great's crazy how they are able to restore them to such great quality..what would you do if you came across an old shipwreck? hope kts worth a lot of money and retire? ha what about you guys??.?

good article
thank you for sharing
I wish to visit koria

Thank you for your nice post . .
I Voted U.
I am your Fan. . Im inspired by U..
Can U plz visit my blog and give me some tips?

I will be blessed if U follow me . . . #shunnoo

I always make helpful posts.

Such a beautiful porcelain piece of art :)

안녕하세요. 스팀잇 시작한지 얼마 안됀 초보입니다. ^^; 귀엽게 봐주세요. 그런데 유물사진들 보니 그냥 술병같은데요.(예술은 너무 어려워ㅜㅜ) 신안이면 소금이 유명한 곳이고 무서운 곳인뎅... 무섭무섭...

Though I enjoy post-apocalyptic movies and books. I always felt that they underestimate the proven potential of humans. It is great to watch things like Mad Max, where people drive stacked cars and wear armor made from scrap metal and cooking ware. But just look what they could do 1000 years ago what is possible without modern needs. Given the environment in those scenarios is much harsher. But we would have a head start in knowledge and tools. I believe, in no time, craftsmanship like this would return. (not that it isn't still around). Beautiful!

wow so beautifull, i mean it so cool

Nice one
Can't wait to take a vacation so i can be doing the site seeing too

Factually, capitalism does not favor the common people, their Joy is found in the museum as they behold the beautiful master piece in the exhibition corners

What a great piece of ART this is.....! Also pictures have been taken brilliantly. Must be appreciated the photographer. Thanks for sharing quality stuff here at steemit. All the very best @slowwalker!

"This vase could be far from the master piece in the eyes of the specialists. But it was marvelous for me how they could make such a wonderful color for nearly 800 years ago."

You are right about this statment. i like it. very a masterpiece.

아름답습니다 이곳에서 보니 더 아름답게 보입니다 감사

travel is very interesting, I really like photography @slowwalker.

They are just Wow.. I am surprised to know that they are made without help of machines. This is what we call creativity.. Thanks for sharing beautiful Post with lots of Info. @slowwalker

Nice vote me please

it's nice to respect art and art work.

It is nice the jars are beautiful

Beautiful pieces of artwork and craftsmanship, it's amazing how these can withstand the test of time and still be seen as masterpieces.

Hi @slowwalker. I was following your travel lately. I find it really interesting, I do love traveling and food tripping. Looking at your post made me travel in different country. It fires up my curiosity to try different countries cuisine. Thank you.

I find it very interesting that all those delicate porcelain pieces were found in the wreck without breaking into smaller pieces.

Nice photo bro.

wow nice base.. but little bit heavy ?

all the porcelains are in a wonderful shape, looks brand new! Where did you see this exhibition @slowwalker?

wow the pictures are.....

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Thanks for sharing.

Hmmm, you get so many replies that I sometimes wonder if I should even add to the 100's you get. But anyway, 2 things. I agree, from the vases and exchibits you showed us, that one is the nicest in opinion. I like that colour and form better than the others, even though the others are beautiful.
Secondly, capitalism is frustrating me too. Not that I disagree with the principle, but that therre seem to be so many people taking advantage of the system that now EVERYTHING has a price on it.
I just posted yesterday on how water is also becoming a commodity that the capitilist steamrollers are also using and controlling. To see anything of artistic value, it costs money, to appreciate areas of beauty, they are now fencing them in and charging admission fees. Its not slowing down but speeding up.....quite frustrating.
Thanks then for sharing this with the world, its good to see these sorts of things...howbeit on a PC screen on the other side of the world.

Thank you for your comment.
I wish new technology of blockchain would ease that phenomenon that you talk about

Well its fast heading in that direction, and history tells us that these societies or societal structures that consume and plunder all around ALL fail at some point. Perhaps this is the next step in that direction?
As the Band Muse said in a song called Unsustainable:

All natural and technological processes
Proceed in such a way that the availability
Of the remaining energy decreases
In all energy exchanges, if no energy
Enters or leaves an isolated system
The entropy of that system increases
Energy continuously flows from being
Concentrated to becoming dispersed
Spread out, wasted and useless
New energy cannot be created and high grade
Energy is being destroyed
An economy based on endless growth is

I know a lot about the relics of historic goods as long as I follow you, never stop sharing, success always

I really liked the 4th one

Well, brother, I appreciate your efforts and Wish all the best in every of aspects of life may you be blessed by what you seek..!!

Oh I love your travels and how youre taking us with you through these photos! It's very interesting and amazing seeing the history of a country and its people through these. Thank you! I wish to visit the places youve been someday!

It is amazing that they were able to make such a beautiful vase, with a glaze or not, so far back! Great post!

Very artistic

Follow @fuady94

Yes wow, now that vase was definitely something out of the ordinary. Indeed, a very esoteric look and feeling of both its colour and its shape. 🙏🏼

That they could make that kind of vase 800 years ago just blows my mind, literally, I find it extremely fascinating. ✌🏼

Great post as usual my friend!

Beautiful jars and nice captured..Keep sharing such kind of interesting information :)

Nice post every single art here is beautiful i love it

Everyone has some points of assessment. That's right. But I think in the museum, I can enjoy the exact quality of my own perspective and standards. But I liked the vase color.

relics in the memories until the end of time, beautiful jars @slowwalker

"WOW" These are enough to prove the craftsmanship that they have had many years ago.Our ancestors are far more better than us

@slowwalker i know how they made such kind of masterpieces :)
because i saw them how to make :) with the hand they have marvelous
talent and art in their hands which they have been blessed from, GOD :)
but these masterpieces from 800 years old i can't say anything surely how they made but i'm pretty sure there is not much difference :) i hope you get my point what i'm trying to say

Beautiful pieces of pottery.

Feels good to get in contact with ur kind @slowwalker, I'm a lover of art cuz it brought an added beauty to our world.
Please be my model cuz I'm a novice on Steemit ....I'll be glad if u guide me through thanks @sparrowspecial


good stuff friend, and has its own point of view, and can be a luxurious material, good post friends,, plase help me..!!😀

Not bored yet at all 8-).

"In these sense, the only opportunity to enjoy your internal joy and delight would be taken only in the museum. In museum, there is no reason to evaluate the economic value."

I like how you put it here!

go tremendous pieces are beautiful.

very interesting!
Beautiful pieces of artwork and craftsmanship, it's amazing how these can withstand the test of time and still be seen as masterpieces.

beautiful pieces, I study anthropology greetings

very useful post, upvote posts @annchifahrani once. 🙏🙏🙏

That exhibition room has vry nice art display

Very interesting post.. Nice traveling story. A beautiful exhibition held in Korea. All photographs are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

beautiful captures..i was reading all your posts about the ship wreck and these relics..from them what i have learnt is that we have had a great technology in the past..they have done superb things using the simple machines they have had..its incredible :) thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us

Wow wonderful

I didnt know why I had to learn about those simple looking vases back in school time. Now I have realised how beautiful and meaningful they are.

Wow I really need to travel more lol....Got any suggestions?....I wan't to eventually travel across the world and see things like this

Nice piece...... the nexus btwn Art and Contemporary Economic Trending Form

@slowwalker Such a great article & nice photography

please follow my friends later I follow back

안녕하세요!! 노래 작업을 포스팅 하는 뉴비입니다^^
우연히 방문하게 됐습니다 ㅎㅎ
여유가 되신다면 즐기러 와주세요!! 감사합니다

thank you, so beautiful, and love to wonder along with you, how the ancients created such sophisticated and delicate colors

wow....very nice photography....& good post...i love your all post....thank for dear @slowwalker..

Each time I see your post it gives me lots of knowledge about some historical important things.The way you described the craftsmanship with porcelain its just awesome. Looking for the next post.Great work sir.@upvoted and resteemed.

These relics are just do fantastic.I had been visiting museums always and i get so fascinated looking at the East Asian porcelain / relics. it reminded me how the trading before relished on those era. i love history as much as i love my life.


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