The First Ritual of The Yeongsanjae In Bongwonsa, Seoul, Korea.

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As soon as, the marching parade was over, the chief monk declared the start of the ritual bowing to Buddha painting in front of the stage and to the monks attended this ritual.

The drum was beaten and the music was played.




The music played very important role in this ritual.
The rhythms in this ritual was that of Korean traditional music.

The head monk of Bongwon-sa temple declared the ritual.
This ceremony was as same as confucian ceremony for the ancestors.


Below is a bow to the monks.
There are 3 jewelries in Buddhism, Buddha, buddha’s teaching and the monks.
So it is essential to understand the monks for understanding what Buddhism is.



After the head monk’s declaration, the ritual was begun.

The first stage was a process for the dead souls.
They prayed for the dead souls to Buddha.



After the declaration, the dances and the songs were followed.
It seemed that there were some specific meaning in every move and stage, but it was regrettable that I could not understand the exact meaning of those rituals.

But someone explained that every move in this dance has a specific meaning.
Anyway every dance in this ritual looked like same for me.
I couldn't classify the difference between the dances and the moves.





All of those stages were beautiful and excited.
It was surprising that how I felt interesting, even though I didn’t understand the meaning well.

Mainly music and dancing attracted my attention, the move of dancing was very slow, but it gave me something specific feelings.


It's amazing that a place like this is in the middle of a city with 20m inhabitants. Seoul is such an amazing city with the tranquil mountains literally steps from subway stations and so much action in the valleys below.

You know Seoul very well

Spent a good chunk of time there, seeing posts about it makes me miss the place. Can't wait to go back one day

I hope you visit seoul asap

thanks very interesting and informative, I didn't know that Buddhism is so popular in South Korea before

Very good description . Thank you for your great effort @slowwalker. Even slower means better in your edition ⚡ Keep it up ⏩🙌

Thank you so much

Culture and tradition at it's peak. I wish i knew what all those dance steps connotes and why does a music has to go with it. Oh well, culture

I love watching this sort of thing.
We do have the dragon dance once a year and I am thinking of going to a local Buddhist temple.

Yes, looking the ritual was interesting

Amazing journey i hope i can visit this visit you are so lucky. @slowwalker.

I would like to witness such an event @slowwalker and maybe learn what are the meanings of the dances and all those activities that the monks had shown. Such a very meaningful event by the Buddhists greatly contributes to the character of Koreans in a positive way.

Just a random question but are there female monks in Korea. I know they exist in Japan amd I remember seeing one in Kyoto while I was there.

One of your best articles my friend.
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@slowwalker, Such a impressive declared ritual with Korean traditional music. Outstanding photo clicks you caught very closely stand up monks. Bongwon-sa temple seriously increase spiritual level and I have learnt more about Korean Buddhism through your assistance.

I just discovered your channel slowwalker and I know that I will follow and upvote your writings.

It is awesome that there is someone like yourself that posts Korean content in English for us to enjoy. I can't read Korean text so finding your channel is a gem because I can experience Korean culture in a language that I can understand =)

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Such an elaborate and beautiful ritual. The time it takes to put it together and then the practice to get it perfect must be some undertaking !

Wow really beautiful. It is so neat seeing the traditions of various cultures.

재미있고 , 관심을 끌었다고 하시지만..
실제로 의식이 진행되는걸 보게된다면
경건해질 것 같습니다..
한번 실제로 보고싶네요..
영상같은거 찍어서 올려주셨다면 훨 좋았을텐데 말입니다 ㅎㅎ
또 한주를 잘 보내시길 바랄게요

Seoul is very different from other regions in korea ,, tradition and all rituals are always on the way .. A very unique city ..