The Buddhist Temple ‘Ghak Won Sa’ for the Unification of Korean Peninsular

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Korean peninsular was divided into 2 countries South and North after liberation from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialist. The northern part of Korea was controlled by Soviet Army and the U.S. Army entered into the Southern part of Korea in 1945.

Naturally the communists seized the political power under the protection of Soviet Russia, on the contrary the southern part of Korea had experienced extreme confrontation between the Liberals and the Communists. At that time the U.S Army thought the Soviet Army as a their alliance.

The Southern part was finally succeeded in making a free government and the Northern part had built the communist government in1948. It meant that there existed 2 governments in one nation.

Korean Peninsular became a sacrifice goat of the Cold war. Stalin and Mao tried to seize the full control over the Korean peninsular. They ordered Kim Il Sung break a war on South Korea. At that time, the U.S. government declared that they would not protect South Korea and Taiwan.

With this news, Kim Il Sung attacked the South Korea in June 25th 1950. More than 2 million civilians were reported to be killed in this war. More than 10 million people separated with their family.
Finally the U.S. Army intervened and more than 35,000 American soldiers were killed in action.

All these sacrifices were the result of the declaration of the US government not to protect the South Korea and Taiwan. If the communists were succeeded in Korean War, next objective would be Taiwan.

Along with this historical background, the Unification became the most important homework to Korean.

Some day one of my colleague told me that there was the temple with a desire for the Unification of Korean Peninsular. So we decided to look around the temple.

It was a warm winter morning. It snowed the day before when we went over the temple.
This temple was located in Cheon An city, the middle area of South Korea.

The temple was very large. The main building was the biggest among the Buddhist building in Korea in my guess.
But what attracted me was not a magnificent scale but falling water from the eaves.

The snow melting water was falling. It was so beautiful. I tried to take the photos. But it was not so successful my camera lens was not to powerful to catch a moment of feeling. I need a better lens.

Anyway I entered into the main building and took some photos of Buddha statues and Drawings.

The main purpose of this visiting was looking at the biggest bronze Buddha statue in East Asia.

This statue has 15m heights.

How did they made this large bronze statue ?

It is said that this biggest bronze statue and the biggest main building were dedicated to Buddha for the Unification of Korean Peninsular.

I missed to tell the size of the main building.
But the photos below would explain how the size of this main building was.
The name of this thing is Yong chi meaning the teeth of dragon.
The size of Yong chi is about 2 or 3 times bigger than me

This Yong chi was put on the top corner of the roof.

I took some photos of the statue. You can estimate the size of the statue with people standing and praying.

I turned around the statue praying for the unification of Korean peninsular.

Up until now, I have been searching the old historical spots.

But that day, I realized that this day was also a part of history.

Moments become a history.


Wow, this is awesome Thank .you so much for the well written and informative post. Excellent pictures, too! You may be interested in this article on the main Buddhist temple complex in Seoul:

thank you
that temple is near my apartment.
I'd like to post on that temple once more

How lucky you are to live in that area 😍 looking forward to more posts from you

I love all the minute details on those doors and windows. It's apparent that great attention and craftsmanship was poured in every nook and cranny of this temple. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading

These are great photos! So much work went into the detail of each structure. We take for granted how amazing and creative humans are. Thank you for taking the time to make such a cool blog!

Thank you so much

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Incredible place to go & nice photos! thanks for sharing.

의미느 뒤로 두더라도
산사의 겨울은 정말 멋지네요
순간을 포착하느라 많은 노력이 들어갔을 텐데...
고맙습니다. 잘보고 갑니다.

감사합니다. ㅎㅎ

Amazing! I love seeing photos of beautiful temples. Thanks for sharing.

an intriguing post today, @slowwalker.

It seems that Korea is always at the mercy of foreign powers and the Korean people are always under a stage of siege.

Perhaps the recent overture from the North Koreans might eventually lead to easing tensions in your country - I certainly hope so.

I was able to discern the subtle lines of snow water melting from the roof and it did indeed look beautiful especially against the snowy background of the trees.

I agree with you - I have no idea how such a huge bronze Buddha statue could be cast - that in itself is a mystery.

I will join my prayers with yours for peace in the region. The Korean people deserve a respite from conflict and perhaps the time is near for that to occur. I sincerely pray that it does.

Have a good day, my friend.

@johnjgeddes ! So sweet of you bud... I mean now a days negativity is all around. There is always two faces of any issue we should also look at positive side. @slowwalker I Pray you guys to be success and happy.. #stay blessed man.. :)

You are welcome ! please support me also.. @johnjgeddes please..

Thanks for giving us an insight on this matter. I have never really known much about it. And don't worry about the lenses. To me the 4th photo of the temple is the best photo in this post!

Thank you for your pray.
I really wish peace in my country

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These images reflect the traditions and culture of the State of Korea, in fact it is a wonderful country .Great picture I like that post following you

thank you so much

Korea is a nice developed country, when we see this historical buildings still exist and shining. this proves tat Life in Korea is amazing.
I wish a visit there will come very soon.

Thank you so much

How the south and north of a nation could devide so far apart....?
It's a pity

Amazing pictures of a temple steeped in political and historical significance! Thank you for taking the immense effort to craft this excellent travel story. The splendour of the temple is amplified by the beautiful mountains in the background.

Thank you

During the time of the Communist government in our country many churches were destroyed and Christianity was persecuted. Today In my country we are celebrating the Nativity of Christ, but when it was persecuted and for such a stumbling into prison. It is good that now there is no such thing.

Yes, we must keep our liberty

great photos
Korea is among the countries that I dream of visiting

Just imagine how the World would be if Patton had gotten his way and was allowed to kick the shit out of the Soviets.

Thank God for the intervention of the US army.. More souls would have been lost during the war

Mantap sekali saya menyukai nya..

very nice photography @slowwalker, i really like about your travel, and i will upvote and resteem, please visit my blog.

Lovely travelog. I specially loved the way you connected the temple to its history.

So much life has been lost due to ideological and political differences between warring nations....

I am currently listening to the history of the first world war by Dan Carlin....

It numbs your mind when you try to fathom the scale of destruction that we as a race can unleash unto ourselves :-(

Yes it is the saddest thing

These images are breath taking. All the eyes are on Korea right now based on the upcoming meeting between the North and South/ it will really be news when if the North sends their athletes to Pyongchang for the olympics.

I really wish the progress between South and North

great post, never went to korea yet but it is on my globe :D

I will like it

its could you?it is most popular temple,,,,,thanks for share......keep it up

thank you so much

Awesome article in future I hope to be in Russia and korea

Nice article.I like to visit Korea :0

A family is divided into two parts, and everyone expects to be a whole. read your article makes me feel your strong desire for unity of the peninsula.hope your wish can come true and the world will be peaceful forever. love country , love home. thanks for your wonderful sharing .

Thank you
the only thing what I want to is the peace

I really appreciate your posts, I love historical places.

amazing post and pictures.. so much in the world what I didn't see yet.. the culture we had / have is massive..

Beautiful photography and good brief history on the development of the two nations.

Great post and photos, I would like to visit Korea one day.

posting a very cool friend.
for tonight I need support from you friend.

the building looks enormously beautiful!

Thanks for teaching about Korean history and the temple looks amazing with the melting snow, with the water , I can imagine that it was magical to see in the combination with the temple. Would like to go there and see it with my eyes! Greetings Lena

thank you Lena

You are welcome!

I think we need more slowwalkers to show us the world the way you do it. Your photos are fantastic (even without the right lens, I do not want to imagine when you have it) and the description unbeatable.

Now you are not only part of the story, you are an attribute of the story itself.

Thank you for sharing @slowwalker

So many amazing places to visit in your beautiful country.
Shared with my followwrs.

Thank you my friend

Such a place. Such beauty and mistery.

I honestly believe places like these are special spots. They create balance, in a way. I hope we, as human beings, never stop treasure them.

good travel have good time dear

Thank you so much

The history of our two countries is very similar. Germany was also divided among the victorious powers and to this day these influences are noticeable. For me it will always be an East Germany (which is my home) and a West Germany. And I think I will always carry the division of this land in my head.

Yes, we have similar history

Interesting post, you are amazing my friend ..

Nice post. I also love travelling...
Followed and resteemed...

amazing photos!!!

Always such incredible art, thanks for sharing!

great shots on the one with the raindrops
am starting to think I know you in katalk
how could your English be this good
had you started painting yourself I'd think you're that guy in my kakao story friends but there's so many of you who are good at English these days so I could be wrong
how's the retirement going ?
have fun!

thank you for you compliment.
I have plan for the retirement with steemit

Wow,it looks absolutely amazing!

The art are really took my attention, Korea art are beautiful.. I love the way how they do their scale!

꾸준히 읽어온 oldstone 님의 안보컬럼을 못읽어 답답한마음에 이렇게 짧은 커멘트 남기고 갑니다..

아이고 말씀만이라도 감사합니다.
한동안 안쓰니까 생각도 줄어 드네요

Usual wonderfull sharing...if i am not a student i will prepare my suitcase and go to korea :)) @slowwalker

Astonishing photos of a sanctuary saturated with political and recorded importance!
Korea is a decent created nation, when we see this authentic structures still exist and sparkling. this demonstrates tat Life in Korea is astonishing.
The wonder of the sanctuary is enhanced by the delightful mountains out of sight.

Buddhism - a search for enlightenment without God. Most significant are the architectural characteristics of their temple. They usually inspire awe in the mi nds of tourists

The side shot of the temple a couple pictures in is just mesmerizing. Great post!

I follow you hope you also follow me and upvote me thanks dear

It seems korea had influenced the people in Philippines the Tradition especially K-POP. Hope to go there soon to visit the Wonderful country of South Korea.

Amazing work! You really captured the serene feeling of that Buddhist temple. Being a Buddhist myself seeing your post makes me super happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!

Great story!!

historical places are very good for us to visit, in addition we can see the history of the place where we can also see the relics of the historic place.
thank you for showing me a very nice historic place in korea, i really like your blog

A very nice Buddhist thought : Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. !!

Hello Steemians! I am new here! I am a full time travel photographer. I have posted my story on introduceyourself . Show me your support to see some amazing stuff daily.
Happy reading!

great work. Keep it up and also check my first post and let me know if i need to improve anything.
thank you

Awesome temple @slowwalker. the angle of photography is nice.

amazing post great wow!

Great story and great photos. i've been throughout Asia, but never to Korea. Makes me want to go. That temple is incredible.

You need to drop by Korea

I really do. This year Japan again...maybe next.

Great post! Love the images.
P.S You don't need another lens, you captured the essence beautifully.

Hello my dear friend! Finally, I had more time here and read such interesting stories as yours))) I really like how you tell the story of your country))) It's fascinating and interesting. I really like your photos. Thank you so much. I am delighted)))

Amazing and thanks for sharing

무언가가 떨어지는 게 뭔가 했더니 눈이 녹아 물이 떨어지는 것이었군요. 한국의 미를 볼 수 있는 아름다운 사진들 잘 봤습니다. 여자친구와 한국에 가면, 한국 문화를 보여주고 싶은데, 불국사랑 석굴암을 보고 싶어하더라고요. 불교는 아니지만 이러한 절이나 불상도 보여주면 굉장히 흥미로워할 듯 합니다.

아마 가장 한국적인 것이니까요

Yes, moments becomes history!

Thanks to the great photography for you to share such beautiful photos among us

Thank you so much

As a korean, i have not known about the temple. Your story and picture is great. It was amazing so many steemers have interested in korean history.

Such a beautifull place.. so many sad war stories..
nice photos and post!

Korea full of history ,, thanks for everything

Thank you silvia

Beautiful photographs and a place to admire for its beauty and history.
It is these places that make you want to travel the world and realize the legacy and history left by our ancestors.

What an amazing photostream :-) i can imagine walking past this temple and relax! upvoted! more of it :-)

your work is amazing and would benefit the map greatly!

hello friend today I was able to observe your post, I can comment that the buddha statue is amazing, even if you did not have good lens in your camera, the photos show the place. I think it was a good effort.
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photography is really amazing...
thanks for nice post...

Amazing pictures and interesting story, thanks for sharing!

Awesome historical Background with context, feels like to be there to :)

good post friends and interesting stories I will upvote and resteem. @slowwalker

I didn't know the US, Korea, and Taiwan has such an estranged relationship. Thanks for the history and photos.

Great post, hope you had a peaceful time there.

"dedicated to Buddha for the Unification of Korean Peninsular."
i wish someday this to come true..i was not aware of the reasons for the division of the peninsula..but now i know..the Buddha has advised all his followers to spread the kindness..and this temple is working according to the Buddha's teachings to bring peace to the whole peninsula..i hope that day will dawn soon :)

thank you so much for your kindness

thank you for informative post!

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

very sharp images, love the natural look :)

Oh my God. Thats good. I liked. The Buddhis Buddhis tamphel its wonderful.

thank you so much

Amazing. The attention to detail and architecture is truly spectacular. Very fortunate to live such an interesting life.

If you could show a little love it would be appreciated! ☯

Hi @slowwalker, Show Really Make Me Want Like You, Greeting From @gustyphoto

nice post. thanks for sharing with us!

Legendary. I like it