The Bridge Exhibition in Suncheon National Garden

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The Suncheon national garden was spread on the very wide area.
The river flowed the middle of the Garden, so they made a bridge to cross over.


Interesting thing was they made an exhibition gallery using the bridge wall.
The wall of the bridge was an exhibition space.

The wall was composed of countless pieces of small works made by the elementary pupils of the city.




So the works were standing for the hope of next generation.


In some place of the wall, there was a hall to see outside landscape through the window. The window was a part of designers intention originally.


The bridge itself seemed to have very interesting intention.
It magnified the effect of scenography.


The artist must’ve been a very smart person.


Wow never seen such space before! Yeah like you said, "The artist must’ve been a very smart person"! I agree with that, otherwise this type of smart location can't be found anywhere!


Amazing how it all works together in one complete wall of artistry. Thanks my kind friend for sharing @slowwalker.

A great lay out

Making public facilities as exhibition media. Yes ... existing bridge walls can be a place for exhibitions from residents, even elementary school students can be involved. This is a form of expressing love for art and also by maintaining public facilities.
A very good moral education. This can be a lesson for all parties to continue to support each other for the existence of public facilities.
when viewed from a distance like a building with a red brick arrangement. But when we approach, we can make an incomparable beauty. Moreover, this is the work of elementary school students.
Thank you @slowwalker. You post beauty. I am very glad to know you.

The exhibition on the wall are amazing. Both idea and design.

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Indeed beautiful artworks on the wall. Thanks for sharing.
A clear resteem.

@slowwalker, First time I see like these bridge exhibition hall in the Suncheon national garden. That's very longest area and impressive art works made by little children. I'm completely attract with these paintings and location.

The last photo is outstanding! I love it @slowwalker
I really want to visit South Korean, cheers from Italy 🇮🇹

very smart person for sure and it sees from the pics : )

Art is always seen in different ways, art is seen in the person who admires it, art is the maximum expression of ethics and morals ... Now, many art schools have been created, sometimes one remains as ignorant. regards friend. Greetings.

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