People On The Beach In The Byeonsan Area

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The area around the Byeonsan was designated as the National Geological Park.
But even Koreans don’t know well about its unique geological characteristics.

In my opinion, the geological appearances in Byeonsan area looked more various than that of Jeju island.
Jeju island was formed as a result of the explosion of the volcano. So it was mainly composed of the lava stones.

But this area around the Beyonsan area was more complicated comparing to Jeju island.
This area seemed the result of the uplift of strata, the accumulation and the erosion. And in some area you can find the traces of the lava.

My goal to visit here in Chaeseokgang was taking the photos of the geological national park.
But when I arrived on the beach, people taking a rest there came into my eyes first.
So I took some photos of people there.

In this posting, I’d like to show you some photos of people on the beach.

Below are the beach just when I arrived at.





Family, I had a happy time just to looking at their peaceful look.






Lovers, Lovers on the beach must be the eternal theme.


Solitude people and a ship in the sea



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Need to add you to favs as your articles get lost too often in all that noise. I am planning to spend a month in Seoul this summer while fundraising for our ICO so maybe we can meet up and have a lunch or something.
Other than that i find your articles very informative and it gives me ideas where to go and what to see while visiting :)

I wish your success in fundraising in Seoul, and have a nice time in Korea.
I'd like to enjoy my journey of the anonymity in Steemit.

No worries at all, did not know you were keeping yourself anonymous. I can still continue learning of nice places in Seoul through your posts. Cheers mate and thank you for sharing.

beautiful pictures ..

REALLY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY 😊😊 this makes me want to take a nice walk on the beach!

Wow! Beautiful shots. 🤗💙
Thanks @slowwalker for sharing this post.

the national geological park is one of the most beautiful places in korea @slowwalker


Greetings @slowwalker, nim.

Thank you for photographing these lovely scenes from the beach.....the backlighting from the setting well as the sparkling water....and the people..... presented an excellent opportunity for beauty to be captured moments in time. How could you resist?

Enjoyed the stroll at the beach...thank you.

Wishing you and yours all the best.....please send my regards to your mum.


@slowwalker, Absolutely those images of citizens, feel and touched my heart deeply. Your photo clicks so powerful strength indeed. Evening time better for relaxation in The Byeonsan Area. I really like to stay there at evening time.

Nice photo that is. Right ??

Sea is in my blood, I need to have it close at all times, otherwise I suffer, I don't feel myself anymore. And I am lucky to have that possibility to live close to the endless blue!

Nice post and i m happy to see your post because i like your beach photo and i want to go there or swim there but i cant do this because money money money

A very beautiful visit @slowwalker, magical view towards the horizon of the radiant sea. good pictures


Love Beach (y) good post

아이들이 좋아하는 갯벌이군요.
해가지는 바닷가는 너무 멋지네요.
저도 조만간 가까운 인천 바닷가라도 가봐야겠어요

really inspiring you know even I don't see beach in my life m living in mountains( Himalayan region) india

The place is amazing, and the photos are wonderful, cheers!

Nice clicks.... I am very fond of travelling to these beautiful places.. these places makes me happy inside

A beautifully crowded beach. Thank you for sharing and good luck always for you @slowwalker.

what a beautiful beach, sun photography is totally amazing, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

I don't know why, but this scenery makes me think about Death Stranding.

I don't know why, but
This scenery makes me think
About Death Stranding.

                 - paparodin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

오늘은 주로 사람에 대한 얘기군요
색달라서 더욱 좋은데요

It is impressive that this place has been created due to a volcanic explosion, sometimes nature can surprise us with its creations! I would love to visit that place and know a little more about that park, the photos are fantastic thanks for sharing with us :D

I am among those millions of people who had no idea this park existed. Now thanks to you I do. I like the shots of people on the beach as it makes it more alive. I was also intrigued with the stately looking building in the background. Carry on walking! Great post thank you.

  ·  last year (edited)

the important thing is that on your trip you spent happy, just having that beautiful beach and share it with these pics. I live near the beach, I love her, greetings desed venezuela

Wow, I really love beaches. I went to a beach only once in my life and that was the best day of my life. I always heard that sea water is salty so yes I tested the water right away and yes it was really salty, haha.
In the meantime look at my blog I have written two short posts on Japan. You will definitely find interesting.

The thing that's really cool for me about Beach is you have this dichotomy between sunlight and family and happiness and innocence and then at night, darker, stranger mob conspiracy stuff sort of comes out. It seems like a storytelling engine. You can just keep writing about how those two worlds smash into each other.

Beautiful shots, makes me want to go take a walk on the beach today. I love to watch the people as well as the nature while I am at the beach. The rocky strata in your first pictures looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I love the seascapes.
Thank you for the photo. Gladdened.
Have a good weekend and good mood, @slowwalker

que hermosa es Beyonsan y sus origenes geologicos muy interesantes relajante shot de la playa me encanto saludos desde venezuela..

beautiful...solitude is a good thing....good news appearing for the cryptos as I wrote in last three reports, especially yesterday, and a follow up. thanks.

Your posts are always informative @slowwalker and your photography is amazing. Appreciated and accept my little support.

A beautifully crowded beach. Thank you for sharing and good luck always for you @slowwalker

Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви

Nice Photo...

Is Amazing!

You have some awesome photography, I love the composition of the people and the colors. And the story you tell is amazing. I'm a huge people watcher but I never thought of photographing them. Greate concept.