Peace And Tranquility Reeds Were Presenting At The Entrance Of Wet Land In Suncheon.

in #travel6 years ago

My friend recommended to look around the wetland, when I met him in Suncheon.
It was not far from where we had a lunch.
Suncheon is famous for it’s culinary delights.
It was sorry I couldn’t take photos of our lunch.
I forget to take photos for having foods.

Instead of the food, I'd like present the peace and tranquility what I felt in Suncheon.
Every place has it's own characteristics.
Suncheon bay is so famous for it's reeds growing at the foreshore of Suncheon bay.




Below are the trees among reeds





People resting at the bench in the reeds.


The scenery was so beautiful and peaceful.

I felt the natural piety when taking the photos.

I think no more word is needed.


Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely, serene, and atmospheric photographs.

The layering as it appears in the photographs tells a tale.

If you do not mind my enquiring.....are the reeds used for any special baskets... etc.

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


I didn't look using those reeds in making baskets.
I heard the baskets made by the reeds growing in the river not in the sea
But they are very important in eco system in the foreshore.

I especially loved the last photo. Sitting there in the open field seems like it would be so peaceful. Listening to the calm wind roll through the grass. Beautiful!

It looks like a golden which is floating with the air. Such a lovely crops.

Yes, you will like it, when you look at there

Absolutely beautiful. I would love to see them at sunset or sunrise.

A great initiative from you
I love the pictures .. well done
Thanks for sharing your experience with us‏..

Every time I see photo with regards to nature, it somehow relaxes my mind or somehow eases stress out of me. Its so peaceful and calm photo.

Is this a National Park?

Yes, kinds of

It seems to ba a very remote and rural area.

Yes, and looks lovely

That is indeed so wonderful, serene and the real side of the nature. Little haze and wind blowing makes it more beautiful and wanting to be there and enjoy every bit of it!. :)
Thank you so much ! @slowwalker for sharing such magnificent captures, absolutely loved them.

Looks hot! like seriously

Very beautiful

Words are not enough indeed @slowwalker. Your photos exude tranquility and utmost peace. Keep it up sir. :)

Totally agree! So peaceful, especially the first one.

Thank you guys

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