Peace And Tranquility Reeds Were Presenting At The Entrance Of Wet Land In Suncheon.

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My friend recommended to look around the wetland, when I met him in Suncheon.
It was not far from where we had a lunch.
Suncheon is famous for it’s culinary delights.
It was sorry I couldn’t take photos of our lunch.
I forget to take photos for having foods.

Instead of the food, I'd like present the peace and tranquility what I felt in Suncheon.
Every place has it's own characteristics.
Suncheon bay is so famous for it's reeds growing at the foreshore of Suncheon bay.




Below are the trees among reeds





People resting at the bench in the reeds.


The scenery was so beautiful and peaceful.

I felt the natural piety when taking the photos.

I think no more word is needed.

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Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely, serene, and atmospheric photographs.

The layering as it appears in the photographs tells a tale.

If you do not mind my enquiring.....are the reeds used for any special baskets... etc.

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


I didn't look using those reeds in making baskets.
I heard the baskets made by the reeds growing in the river not in the sea
But they are very important in eco system in the foreshore.

I especially loved the last photo. Sitting there in the open field seems like it would be so peaceful. Listening to the calm wind roll through the grass. Beautiful!

It looks like a golden which is floating with the air. Such a lovely crops.


Yes, you will like it, when you look at there

Absolutely beautiful. I would love to see them at sunset or sunrise.

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A great initiative from you
I love the pictures .. well done
Thanks for sharing your experience with us‏..

Every time I see photo with regards to nature, it somehow relaxes my mind or somehow eases stress out of me. Its so peaceful and calm photo.

Is this a National Park?

Yes, kinds of

It seems to ba a very remote and rural area.

Yes, and looks lovely

That is indeed so wonderful, serene and the real side of the nature. Little haze and wind blowing makes it more beautiful and wanting to be there and enjoy every bit of it!. :)
Thank you so much ! @slowwalker for sharing such magnificent captures, absolutely loved them.

Looks hot! like seriously

Very beautiful

Words are not enough indeed @slowwalker. Your photos exude tranquility and utmost peace. Keep it up sir. :)

Totally agree! So peaceful, especially the first one.

Thank you guys

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So lovely. The urban noise pollutes the mind.
I made this for you @slowwalker

I hope you love it.

What a wonderful work !
Thank you for your job

It was a pleasure 🙂

Buenas fotografías

Those photos looks so relaxing, Beautiful... Thank you

wow beautiful place u visited sir

@slowwalker Tranquility is an understatement, I sure would love to visit a place like this :D Best wishes to you always!

Thank you

Thank You @slowwalker for the Beauty and Tranquility of these Pictures in Suncheon. I also want to tell you that I am Grateful for your Kindness. People like you are why I Love STEEMIT.............

Thank you

If a newbee on steemit make such a post, he will get no upvotes....
That's the big problem on Steemit now, the big fishes getting more and more fat, the small ones die hungry...
Best regards

Beautiful photography!!!

Congratulations [email protected] sir.... very looking nature photography Post... well done sir... upvote and resteemit done sir....

Beautiful picture! I feel peaceful when I see your photos! Thank you very much!

"I think no more word is needed." definitely


So beautiful nature Everyone is sitting on a bench. Everyone is spending their time here on their own.If I were to go here I would have been friendly with nature.

Very beautiful nature

How beautiful is nature . Want to blend in with nature? I wish that all day and night stay in nature.

thanks your nice post. i like this post . thank you.


Nice photo !

the natural scenery is very amazing and interesting .. this photo has a great meaning .. I love you @slowwalker ..

this is a fun trip,you take a pretty good picture when you have a chance to pick it up.your picture is quite perfect @slowwalker.
Good luck is always for.

Absolutely stunning. Wetlands are rare in the parts where I am currently living so this is a treat to see. By the way, what did you have for lunch?

I feel so peace when see nature. I fall in love in your all of capture. Thanks for sharing....

Yes I agree, we no longer need to speak. It's a peaceful place. Me and everyone can enjoy from the results of your portrait. Good luck always for you @slowwalker.

Looks awesome :) .. Where's this place located?

Looks awesome ... :) Where's this place located??

indeed, it feels incredible peace when looking at those photographs. thanks for sharing part of your art, it's wonderful

Quiet Ness like this is very touching and you can feel the beauty of nature Thankyou for sharring and have a Awesome day

I like the contrast in color from the shorter green grass to the tall brown reeds. Beautiful scenery photos. Looks very peaceful.

Suncheon is really so beautiful place. I have fallen in love for this place. You have eagle eye to search beauty. I am also waiting to travel this place.

Hello my dear friend! Beautiful photos you got. Indeed they reflect peace and tranquility. I think this place is perfect for people who are tired of fuss or just depressed. You have to come there and just admire this magical landscape. I really like this place. Their pictures it would be great to write pictures. I would hang some of these pictures in my bedroom.

Love to composition of your photos... perfect lines created by green grass, brown grass and the sky... simply amazing...

풍경이 이쁘네요 잘보고갑니다 ~!

Wow..such a beautiful photography. I love just the lanscape.thanks for sharing @slowwker

nice thank.jpg

Very Zen indeed! :)

Beautiful composition of colors that we have with each one of the images, each one tells a different story that overcomes the technological barriers to be able to feel the peace and tranquility that is breathed in Suncheon Bay. Thank you for exposing these beautiful photos and beautiful place.

Such places are the best rest for a tired soul, my friend @slowwalker !

Wehen we are young, my brother and me- we went into such area and getting nearly lost in it. Love it with the high gras land to go. Years later I tried to brake a gras and than cut my hand from the eraser blade sharp leaves. Was needing to go to hospital to get it good again. Crazy childhood

Very peaceful and beautiful place @slowwalker, thanks for sharing with us 😀🍻

Very artistic conception

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I will leave you all now to enjoy this truly beautiful corner of earth

nice to see

Definitely on my to do list. Have you ever considered visiting Cape Town, South Africa?583b7e3a4d08fed8152b9f0fb3fb9224.jpg

Exactly! it´s amazing! Good Job!!!

Your visited place is looking so beautiful just awesome 🙆 as like peaceful paradise.thanks for your artistic photography.this photography represent the natural beauty of world.always beside and follow you.i hope you always upvote me

Hello sir @slowwalker. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! This is breathtaking. It's like paradise. Suncheon is indeed full of peace. Amazing reeds. I can stare at this place for one whole day.

If I may ask sir, with your permission, what camera did you use to take photos? Aside from the peaceful scenic view beauty of Suncheon have, I think your camera gave added value to it

Thank you for sharing your tranquility sir @slowwalker. My morning is so refreshing with what youve shared. Followed you already. I would love to see more post from you. Thank you! ☺

Such beautiful land and geography. Totally different than here in South texas. I can appreciate it so much

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Great pictures!! Congrats!
I invite you to visit my blog! I'm new on Steemit and I'm so excited to post and follow people with nice pictures.

Peace and quiet. I love these landscapes. In General, South Korea is very beautiful . Recently watched the video and admired. What nature. Primeval.

Thank you, @slowwalker, for the photos, as if I walked around these places.
With respect and appreciation, @singa

Great pictures!! Congrats!
I invite you to visit my blog! I'm new on Steemit and I'm so excited to post and follow people with nice pictures.

Really love the post and the photos that you took.


The scenery of suncheon also like land in my hometown brother @slowwalker, thank you very much for your sharing to us,

I like the images that you posted. Where were they taken?

What a beautiful place, and these pictures, I think I need to spend a few days in such a place, peace and quiet! Thanks for making us live this life with you :')

Such a place of sorrow.

Gonna be troublesome if it rains!

beautiful and peaceful. I grew up in the moujntains of NEW YORK State..similar...and thanks as always!

Your photos move me into a peaceful place. Thanks for sharing.

Such a tranquil looking place. The pictures are calming and just beautiful

ive been there two times with family on a way to get grandmother'house where is in goheng.
very peaceful ^^

beautiful shots, please check out my recent post and upvote if u like :).

The golden wheat makes me remember a book that I read, beautiful place. I envy you a little .. good day.

Sach as a great post i proud of you best of luck my dear


Beautiful and relaxing place.

Wonderful captures.


I am glad you forgot to take foodpictures :-) These are much better my friend.

Exceptionally magnificent. There are really beautiful places in the world 🌍

Excelentes fotografías. Te invito a que veas mi participacion en OpenMic de la semana 85

Espero que les guste :D Saludos!

Wow its look cool

Wow! that aura looks in that place, if that is to look at the picture I can not imagine being there in person, it would be great to be in that place and have a beautiful breeze and see how it goes from one place to another what you look at the photo, wow excite me.There is nothing better than the things created by GOD

Places and moments like this give you some of the best feelings in the world! I find myself through your post here. Being in nature, enjoying the simple things can get the best of you:) cheers from Romania :)

@slowwaker this place invite the world to be calm, not everything is noise, contamination, music, dancing, the world is a place to meditate, think, here in this bay you are invited to sit and have rteflections about the way you are treating nature

your pics are amazaing and you made me to go there and enjoy alot.

WoW... Such beautiful scenery. The reeds look amazing on the waterfront @slowwalker. Very nice pictures and such a peaceful looking place indeed. Thanks for sharing.

wow! I am Korean.
It's amazing that foreigners are writing about famous places in Korea.
The picture is wonderful.

i really like the post @slowwalker success always

Some really good shots here, really does take one straight there. It is a beautiful place and the feeling of tranquility is sure

peaceful no city dust smoke

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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It is impressed to see nature more than beautiful nature. I admire your amazing artistry.


its a beautiful photography... the nature is the key of feelings... its help us to dream... in your photo you put up te nature is amezing... in a photo there is a only a tree its outstanding... i alwayes interested in this type of photo... please permit me to save this photo... i will be thankfull to you... waiting for your reply..

I like photographs.
serene, Lovely, and atmospheric photographs, the photos tell a meaningful meaning.

It looks like a golden that is floating in the air. Like a lovely crop like this

It looks like the winter is coming in those pictures, I think in spring or summer will be great. 😊

You have the talent - in ordinary to see the beautiful. Good luck to you and Love.

У Вас талант – в обычном видеть прекрасное. Удачи Вам и Любви.

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Every place has it's own characteristics.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

Damn, you're REP was just 14 like two days. Now you are spiraling down to Rep of 12. TIMBER !!! lol Karma is a [email protected] ;)

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