Out Side Paintings of Daewung-Jeon and Exceptional Arrangement of 3 Story Stone Pagoda in Daeheung-sa Temple.

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Daewung-Jeon of Dawheung-sa temple was not so special in the appearance with comparing to others.
Any was the side door of Daewung-Jeon was so adorable. I like those side doors of the temple.
Even though it has a simple design, it always seemed to give me an impressive feeling.


I turned around Daewong-Jeon building. There were paintings on the wall of the building, and it showed Buddha’s process of attaining the great wisdom as usual.
But its color became dim due to the long time.





One peculiar thing in Daewung-Jeon was the arrangement of the Pagoda.

It is common that the pagoda stands in front of Daewng-Jeon.
But in this temple the pagoda was located on the right side of Daewung-Jeon not in front of it.
It is the first case I have ever seen.
I couldn’t understand why they put the pagoda not in front of Daewung-Jeon.
It seemed that there was enough place for the pagoda in the front yard



This pagoda was reported to be made in late Shilla dynasty era after the collapse of BaekJae dynasty.
I could enjoy the beauty of the stone pagoda In this independent place not disturbing from the circumstances.

Anyway the pagoda standing out of the space of Daewung-Jeon looked calm and composed.

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In my country (Sri Lanka) pagoda style is too much different from this one and also large in size! But I think both build for the same purpose and I don't know is there any special place to located them!
One thing I have noticed in your photography of wall artworks! I see Lord Buddha's live scenery well painted there! Yeah colors are shaded, but aliveness of the artwork is so well!
Great article and a collection of great photography! I think it's a good reference to understand the Buddhism of Korea and great histories of your country as well!


this place looks very peaceful! ^_^

wow quite impressive, beautiful art that is preserved over time and interprets us the story, I liked this publication, the pictures are excellent, thank you for sharing them

Door Temple beautiful and is unique, I was amazed to see him.

Is this in China @slowwalker? And if so where. I'm currently in Shanghai and would love to explore more..

The painting say a lot of story...so mucch to explore from ancient history.....cultural heritage👍

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Korea tiene una Bella arquitectura digna de mostrar @slowwalker

daeheungsa temple is very incredible sir,i like your works sir @slowwalker

Very interesting location. Perhaps, before the pagoda was located in front of the building, but, due to some reasons, had to move the building to another location. By the way, the photo of the side door is magnificent.

Очень интересное расположение. Возможно, раньше пагода располагалась перед зданием, но, из-за каких-то причин пришлось перенести здание на другое место. Кстати, фото боковой двери – великолепное.

Love the temple and garden!

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Out Side Paintings of Daewung-Jeon and Exceptional Arrangement of 3 Story Stone Pagoda in Daeheung-sa Temple. #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @Steemit

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I only see so many definitions of beauty in almost all the photos you share @slowwalker

This looks beautiful <3

Wow..... wonderful arts.thank @slowwalk