Mysterious Stone Seated Buddha Statue in Dogap-sa Temple. Korea

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The most mysterious thing in Dogap-sa temple seemed The stone statue of Buddha in Dogap-sa Temple.
This stone Buddha seemed the only relics of Goryeo dynasty with the stone tower in front of Dawwung-Jeon building.

When you don’t pay attention, you may miss the the place.
It was located near the Sarira stupa area.
This stone Buddha seemed to be located in the hidden place.

When I passed through the gate, there was the building.
The building was close from the gate.
Building was small, but so beautiful, especially the patterns of the doors were colorful and excellent.





The front doors were closed, so I could see the Buddha statue through the side door.
It was dark inside. And the mood of the inside of the building was mysterious.
The stone Buddha in the dark room seemed to look down people.



One thing I was sorry was building looked so small to compare with the size of Buddha statue.
But it was inevitable, there was no enough space there.
There must be a reason why they put Buddha statue in such a narrow place.

Standing in front of the building, I looked around. I could see the mountain and the soft sunlight in evening over the wall.



Even though it was small place, it was the best place in this temple.


the small place has the best view , thanks for your hard work .

The next very interesting article with amazing photo impressions. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker!

Beautiful little temple with a stone statue inside, it is really a sizeable statue but been inside would protect it from rain and wind. It is nice to see how historical heritage is well cared after and it is always a pleasure to find something new in your posts about Korea.

While looking through your blog I found an old post about month ago you posted from holiday being at parents home and your mom's painting. I love the style of old korean landscape painting, Once when I thought to try something like that I was surprised to find out that most of blacks done with ink and on rice paper. I have never heard about that before. it was more complex then I thought. So since then I have not started my experiment yet. But the painting that your mother does are very detailed I bet it takes couple of days till she finds it finished. Like artists say the painting is finished when the artist decides that it is finished, because you can work adn work adn make more details and even sometimes overpaint if you do not like soemthing. Was really nice to see it :)

@slowwalker, You have to found stone Buddha statue in Dogap-sa temple. It's amazing creativity and probably mystery looks indeed as you told here. The Building close to the gate, so impressive with door patterns and color. That's too small. Roof style again attracted my heart. My country also placed Buddha statues in dark rooms also like this.
Evening sunlight very impressive and given nice imagine through reflection. Tremendous photo clicks again. Triple gem bless you.

Es realmente impresionante observar tantas cosas hermosas, imágenes bellas, fascinantes, llenas de vida, debe ser una experiencia única poder visitar tantos lugares tan lindos.
Gracias por compartirlos con nosotros.
It's really impressive to see so many beautiful things, beautiful, fascinating images, full of life, it must be a unique experience to visit so many beautiful places.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
@slowwalker Again...

A stone statue of Buddha! In my country we have this type of statues! This Buddha Prathima is at Samadhi style. So this is so great exploration of yours at that temple! Otherwise, it can be missed to anyone! A nice view around it and I think peace of mind can be found there!


nice photo....excellent post

De verdad que los templos existentes en Korea son maravillosos y sumamente importantes para nuestra historia moderna @slowwalker

문 패턴 아름다워서 정말 한참을 봤습니다. 해외에 한국의 미를 소개하시지만 저같은 한국인들도 배우고 감탄하게 되네요. ^^

really nice photos and coverage as usual.

Yes, I saw a Buddha statue that was so big and the room looked narrow, and all this must be in a certain meaning and purpose.

So nice temple.

You should be appreciated by Korean Ministry of Tourism, for your highly valuable Korea-related content.

Unexpectedly there is a huge Buddha patuny in such a small building, and this must have a certain purpose ,,, a very pleasant journey to surround the temple and know its history.

interesting and mysterious temple temple images. Your post is very good

Beautifull photos @slowwalker

I like the pattern from that ancient door really beautiful, the place maybe look small but it's beautiful designed make it big to attract people.

Thank for share @slowwalker

Thank you for posting thins, I am fascinated by anything related to Buddha or Buddhism.
Your photos are beautiful. I can only hope to be standing there one day(or a similar place.)

먼저 찾아와주셔서 감사합니다 슬로우워커님^^
요새 이런저런 많은 활동하느라 정신이없어서..ㅎㅎ
좋은활동로 보답 하겠습니다.

The last photo is amazing and beautiful

Последнее фото удивительное и прекрасное

I love and miss these magnificent and colorful temples in Korea :)

Greetings from Cape Town :)

사진을 참 잘 찍으시네요^^

This place looks serene and beautiful.

@slowwalker님 혹시 buddhist맞아요?

This is scaring... No
It looks archaic... Hmmmn
But the other photos are just OK

We need to look carefully at the hidden stone Buddha.

What a beautiful place to be. It looks so peaceful.

very good post ... thank you

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