Entering Into Tongdo-sa Temple in Yangsan Near Busan Metropolis, Korea.

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Me and my mom had a plan to look around the temple of Tongdo-sa Temple. Tongdo-sa temple was very famous for the real body of Buddha. So this temple have been considered one of the holy three jewelry temple in Korea for a long time.

This holy trinity in Buddhism is The Buddha, the Dharma(teaching), and the Sangha(monk).
Tongdo-sa temple is the temple of the Buddha, because this temple has had the real body of Buddha.

This temple was believed to have been built in AD 646 under the Shila Kingdom. At that time the great monk Jijang had travelled India to study the teachings of Buddha and had brought the Sarira and the cloths of Buddha in India and built this temple.

But unfortunately this historical temple was fired by the Japanese army during the Japanese Invasion 1592 - 1577 like as many temples in Korea, The temple had been rebuilt after the war.

So I was very curious about the style of the architecture of the buildings in Tongdo-sa.

The way to the temple was excellent. I had drove some 10 minutes to get to the temple through the road covered with the green trees.

There was a stream in the temple. I posted the meaning of the stream in the temple. It is the boundary to enter into the world of Buddhism, or Buddhist paradise.

People was taking a rest in the stream to escape from the heatwave of the hot summer.

There was a bridge to cross the stream. The name of the bridge was the cloud bridge. This name reminded me of entering into the Buddhist paradise on the cloud.




But there was no guard bars on the bridge, so it could be dangerous if people didn’t pay attention on walking.

I thought this cloud bridge seemed to tell us the teachings of Buddha.
If you work, then concentrate on working, if you eat, then focus on eating.

The one of the most important teaching in Buddhism is the concentration on what we are doing now.

After crossing the stream, we went to the museum of the temple.
There was a stone spring in front of the museum, Mom drank a cup of water there.



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Buddha's Sarira (After burning to ashes) sent all over the world and fortunately that monk found one and built this temple to protect it! We also got a tooth of Buddha and built a place named as Daladha Maligawa - Kandy, Sri Lanka!
The entrance to the temple is so beautiful! With that Stream and the bridge without guard bars express that teaching as well! Pretty great experience and photography! Thank you!


Your tour of this Buddha temple is very interesting @slowwalker. I see that it was built many years ago "646 AD during the reign of Queen Sun-Deok" must have some very striking stories, so Lei is considered a museum because it also has 19 provincial treasures and 794 local cultural properties. Thank you for teaching us.

beautiful place

@slowwalker, Tongdo-sa Temple has attractive scenery.

Tongdo-sa temple was very famous for the real body of Buddha.

With above reason temple was important to Buddhists. Like these temple around area has some popular place in Sri Lanka. It's name called a Kataragama Raja maha Viharaya. Ever Green background giving cool feeling to the walking. Very nice stream indeed there.
The Cloud bridge has tremendous style. Totally outstanding photo clicks caught again. Triple gem bless you.

Korea is definitely a beautiful country by religiously. But I prefer Tibet, now the part of China for the Buddhist teachings.

Beauty! I've been wanting to bring my wife there. Being a K-drama fan, I'm sure she will love to go there too, and most especially with me spending for the travel.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures for more encouragement to go there.

부모님과 같이 가신 통도사는 오히려 더욱 기억속에 남으실 것 같습니다..
모자지간 같이 이렇게 다니시는거 너무 보기좋습니다.

Thank you for sharing these photographs from your trip @slowwalker, it is well know that Buddhism is one of the oldest religion and it is a great respect to those people who keep the ancient architecture and holy places in good condition. From history we know that if someone wants to destroy the nation then they have to destroy the history, so it is in conflict area and during war, people did not have any thoughts about the historical meaning and did not really care, we see the recent events in Iraq when some old buildings we were made to dusts.

The bridge is not so small that I thought initially, once you see the people walking on it and the view from the side then you see the size. I think in old time people just build the bridges and did not think about safety, many old bridges in Scotland also have no bars.

The stone spring is looking like it was made centuries ago and still there since. I bet the water taste different. I think many people would believe that that water is special because of the place of origin.

Nice trip to Tongdo-sa Temple,taking for taking us with, @art-venture and @stef1

everything is so natural

Those last two photos of your mama by the stone spring are wonderfully captured moments, @slowwalker. I have to tell you, I’m working on a series of short stories with my writer friend, @ghostfish, and one of them will take place in Korea, inspired a great deal by your posts. These are still one of my favorite parts of my Steemit feed.

@slowwalker always wonderful and peaceful pictures that you show of the places you visit.........

you do something extraordinary ,,

Japan was a famous invader in its time, like Indonesia, which was colonized for 350 years by Japan. By the way, how far is Busan city to the temple location

Hello brother, How are you @slowwalker?

I see your performance so real, you look so active on this platform. I like your style, I think your content is the best.

I feel motivated by seeing your daily life and activities on the Steemit platform.

But I don't know how to appreciate and give support to people who are truly consistent in making content.

Greetings @slowwalker

Can you do me a favour sir?can i contact you in private,if you are open minded sir,don't worry i just gave something.😊😊

if you are vacant sir you can message me at bienjabian@gmail.com or bien in discord and steemchat..thank you sir!

While the Stream sure was a nice stopage for the visitors :)

While the name of the bridge was pretty great as well :)

yeah I realy liked this particular line :)

If you work, then concentrate on working, if you eat, then focus on eating.

It sure was a nice place to visit and by only reading the words and some of the words it really calms the mind .

Thanks as always for your the trip :)

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This is awesome.. I wish I could spend more time with my mom. It is great that you do.

Interesting story. All the photos look very beautiful. I was curious to know that the source of water is called Spring.

Интересная история. Все фото выглядят очень красиво. Мне было интересно узнать, что источник с водой называется Весна.

hi @slowwalker
very nice photos and you can also visit india. In india there are so many buddisim temples are here

Busan, a large port city in South Korea, is known for its beaches, mountains and temples

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