Entering into Dae Wung Jeon of Baek Ryeon Sa in Gang Jin of Jellanamdo Province in KoreasteemCreated with Sketch.

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It is said that the temple ‘Baek Ryeon Sa’ was built at the end of Shilla dynasty.
But there might’ve been several destroys up until now.
So the building what we can see now was rebuilt in 1762.
It means that this building must be the typical example of the late Choson dynasty Architecture.




I needed to lift my eyes to look at Dae Wung Jeon hall where was stood as soon as passing through the pavilion. There was no enough space between the pavilion and Dae Wung Jeon hall.
So some famous writer described Dae Wung Jeon as of the authoritative appearance.


The cornerstones for the pillars seemed to witness its building time. It showed a typical style of the late Choson dynasty.


One thing impressive was the pattern of the window. The quadrangle and round shape of pattern was very unique. I could not find out same patterns in my memory.


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Wow excellent window and home I love the colorful beams. So much love into the art. Thank you for shere this travelling post dear @slowwlker

I think I have seen "Bodhi Leaves" pattern in that window pattern! Pretty amazing and a nice photography of your visit!


Beautiful photography today, @slowwalker.

I feel transported, initiated into a world of colour.

The rebuilt structure is relatively new so the colours are vibrant - that's often an element that gets lost in history - we see drab and faded tapestries and paints and think that is how the ancients lived and we are so wrong.

The vibrant colours of the buildings and lattice work windows recapture the wonder and beauty of the original structure.

Lovely photos, my friend.

Absolutely beautiful and so, so creative.
I love the colorful beams. So much love into the art.

The patterns on windows, doors and walls of choseon era temples and palaces always inpressed me with the intricate geometric patterns.

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Beautiful architecture, especially from the pictures taken so close it is possible to understand how detailed and fine the work was. All colorful painting on wood work gives a special touch and brings it to shine. The most impressive is of course wood work, the pattern of windows must have taken huge amount of time. Unique place and astonishing architecture!

@slowwalker, We cannot see Baek Ryeon Sa temple's architecture made by Shilla dynasty coz might’ve been several destroys. You said it rebuilt again 1972 by late Choson dynasty. So we have to see Choson dynasty's architecture. It's so brilliantly built roof styles and Dae Wung Jeon hall. Actually not enough space both hall and pavilion. Windows pattern so impressive and I never seen before like these.

Your all post I love so much.And your writing style very well and pretty.And recently You have leave this post was photography and partten so beautiful

Wow definitely seems like Choson dynasty Architecture because it's so unique and share a semblance when you definitely look at the techniques really wow, I can see that the pillars seems to be undergoing a phase maybe a rebuilding, but wow look at the triangular blue window pattern, the Material used seems strange to me though, but I'm glad you captured it closely really wow amazing shots

History take us to follow the time in the past. We see the builder who has ability to create a great monument, a great temple.
i see the pattern is look like many eyes who watch every visitors which coming.
i see your hard and smart effort to get this picture with your camera, i must be appreciate. thank you @slowwalker for sharing this beautiful post

Korea is very beautiful, I really want to go there

Great photos. Always love these virtual tours!

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Amazing set of pictures you shared through this post of this Chinese house. Appreciate your efforts.

Thanks @slowwalker

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The architectural design and materials used to construct these windows are probably considered a piece of art.

If I am correct on this particular Temple, it has a beautiful alter. Of course, they are all beautiful, but this had an exceptional appearance.

Very Special place. Thank you for showing it off.


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The area under the roof is so ornate. Beautiful!

wow, I like this post , keep gowing , good idea