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There is a temple where the nuns are living and studying in Jirisan Mountain.
There are several Buddhist temples only for nuns in Korea. Among those temples for the nuns, Dae Won Sa temple is the one of the largest one.

By chance, one of my friend is working to help the nuns in this temple.
Interesting thing is my friend is Catholic.
And he had served in the Special forces in his young age.
His main mission is to protect the nuns and the temples against the unexpected situation.

In Korea, the conflict among the religion is not so serious as such as the other place.
Basically the spiritual basis seems not different in Korean people regardless of their current faith.
In my guess, there exists the basic spiritual common faith in Korean people which is seeking the happiness in this world.

Anyway my friend invited me to the temple where he was working.
I agreed with his suggestion.
The day I stopped by was a very cold, so it seemed every thing in the temple was freezing.
It was dark when I arrived at there, so I took a rest in his room in the temple.

I opened my eyes early in the morning, at 3 o’clock a.m.
The first ceremony was performed at 3 am in the temple.
Laying myself down in the room, I heard the songs, the striking tools and the praying.
Listening the ceremony in early morning was just like a dreaming.

At the morning, I walked around the temple.
And I took some photos of the temple.
In this post, I’d like to introduce the scenes what I saw at the entrance.







The old sarira stupa for the great nuns were built along the road to the temple.
Whenever looking at the old sarira stupa, it made my mind calm as always.

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Awesome, great post and pics!

@slowwalker, First time I hear the temple only for nuns. Another previous temples placed for the monks. You have best chance for visit this temple coz your friend working there.

His main mission is to protect the nuns and the temples against the unexpected situation.

Completely his mission so powerful. I wish to him for be his goal success. Dae Won Sa Temple seemed very large one. Also glad to hear you got best experience about ceremony in this temple. Amazing looking sarira stupa more there. Great captures with description.

You stayed there for a day! That's a good idea, otherwise it's hard to get these wonderful scenery of morning so well!


It is indeed great to know about such a place and have to say the place does indeed looks very pleasant and beautiful. And yeahliked this sentence very much

In Korea, the conflict among the religion is not so serious as such as the other place

really wish that this happens in every country . Glad your friend invited you and we got to see the Place ;)

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Great Photos

You are truly observant of taking pictures with the camera. The right angle of view produces great photographic artwork.
without writing down the atmosphere, I can feel the peace of your photos. The cool atmosphere of nature looks calm and serene atmosphere. No wonder when you see the stupa, you will feel so calm and I can imagine when you hear the prayers in the temple, it will certainly make you possess another world. the unconscious dimension that invites us to remember the power of God.You sending great post.
Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

Beautiful, the temple holds the memory! I would like to visit this place! Thanks for sharing!

It seems all the religion have many things in common, in Catholic religion there are Monastery for nuns and monks and even nowadays they are still quite popular, especially in Germany. It is difficult to understand what brought those people to leave their family, friends and decided to dedicate their lives to their religion.

I can imagine how it felt when once arriving in darkness without seeing much of the nature around, you discovered such a beauty around temple int he morning. Wonderful scenery, peaceful and harmony with nature. I hope you enjoyed it and would interesting some more photographs if you have :)

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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I do not know that there are these nuns may be at danger, so I reckon well, your friend's work at the temple is to protect the nuns? Wow such a noble job, and how was the ceremony at 3am?.
This are beautiful pictures around the temple, that sarira stupa seems to be really old, amazing pictures by the way.

Wow.... Awesome photography... My dear friend i love your all photos and post.... 💕😱