BaekJae Dynasty Museum in Booyeo, The Last Capital of BaekJae Kingdom.

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There is the Booyeo BaekJae Kingdom National Museum near the stone pagoda and the stone Buddha statue.
The outside appearance of this museum looks similar to that of Japanese traditional architecture.
The guide told that the ancient Japanese had had a very close relationships with BaekJae Dynasty.


So BaekJae Kingdom had influenced on forming of the Japanese history and culture. So the Emperor of Japan admitted the influence on Royal family. In this point of view, it is not surprising that the style of BaekJae and Japan in the architecture is not so different from each other.

Ancient Japan had received the advanced culture from China through the countries had existed in the Korean peninsular. Among those countries, BaekJae was believed to have the most advanced culture.

As entering into the museum, I saw the emblems on the wall. I don’t know that those emblems can be called the emblems, but those patterns were expressing the Korean traditional cultural background.
Similar to other ancient cultures, the Sun had very important meaning in BaekJae culture.
Especially this 3 legged crow symbolized the Sun. They believed the 3 legged crow was living in the Sun.


Below is the symbol of the sun.


This 3 legged crow myth had been widely spread in Manchuria and Korean peninsular in the ancient times.

The 3 legged crow could be said as the symbol of the Nomadic tribes in the central asian area.

So it is not accident that the logo of Japanese National Soccer team is the 3 legged crow as below.
It means that Japan also had receive the strong influence from the nomadic culture like BaekJae and Gokuryeo Kingdom.

일본축구팀 엠블렘 삼족오.png

On the other wall there was an another emblem of Chiwoo King which was a god of war in Korean culture. King Chiwoo had influenced on Chinese culture. Actually cultures gave and received the influences each other.


As entering into the museum, the cornerstones of BaekJae dynasty were exhibited.
The upper surface of the cornerstones were well crafted.
The cornerstones seemed to be the key evidence for me to study BaekJae culture.



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Today is the first time I have heard about "Three Leg Crow"! In my culture, crows are not so important! But I think it's one of the big error made by ancestors! Coz, crows are the creatures who balanced a lot of things in this planet! So, I think this myth truly correct!
The influence of Three Leg Crow is spread over Korean Peninsula to Japan! That's pretty amazing thing!
Great information and nice photography of this ancient myths and influences!



Actually this Three leg crow myth was wide spread through the nomadic tribes through the central asia.


But in my region, it's not! (South Asia) Actually it's great to hear about it!


In Italian museums you will find many items of interest to you !! I'm sure! Can you ever arrive in Italy?


I am a lover of Roman civilization.
I had been there for long time ago though, I still vividly remember the fantastic feelings in Italy

@slowwalker, I got massive knowledge of style of BaekJae and Japan in the architecture from this post. I every day learned more about Koreans indeed Japanese & Chinese advanced culture. Most pretty amazing of BaekJae Dynasty Museum in Booyeo had 3 legged crow symbolized the Sun. It has pretty interesting meaning. There are more mixed up cultures. Nice photo clicks caught by you. Triple gem bless you.


Thank you.
Every civilization seemed the sum of each cultures, in my view.

Wow, I did not know about the three-legged raven, very interesting. Those cultures have a lot to do with each other, even if it does not look like it. I really liked the way you explain, I hope to see more pictures and learn other interesting facts soon.


Thank you so much for your comment.

Wow i didnt know about 3 legged crow.. Symbol of nomadic tribes....great to knw

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What a great dynasty

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waw.! but if you put more picture, it must be more beautiful

백제가 일본과 밀접한한 관계를 맺고 많은 영향을 주었다는 것이 다시 증명되는 것이군요
삼족오의 이야기로 잘 보고 갑니다^^



You are always great. I like your writing the most. Just keep it up.


Thank you so much

Is one of the Korean ancestors of current Japanese emperor coming from BaekJae family?


Many scholars have supposed that the origin of the Japanese royal family came from BaekJae Kingdom.

What a beautiful architecture and artifacts!?

Great history sir @slowwalker

Happy Blessed Sunday!


good luck


Thank you sir! Have a good day!

I love the historical, cultural museums.
You always try to figure out from the dryings or signs the ancient history and what these people believed in and how they lived.
It's so beautiful and so interesting.


Thank you so much

great great

The emblems look amazing have many details @slowwalker I have learned in your publications that in the BaekJae culture, the stones are very representative of this culture, both in the architecture and in the symbols, they are carved in very well worked stones


Thank you so much

these museums are really amazing I love to visit them for their beauty

I really don't know why I am always in love with Korean architecture
It oozes amazing designs


Hahaha, thank you.
You must be a Korean in your former life.

you have explain very nicely... i think that's an amazing place to visit.. museum was great.. very nice place... i also love to be there...


Welcome to Korea.

Cada día apreciamos a través del lente de tu cámara esas bellas fotos, no nos presentas solo una simple foto sino también una hermosa foto tras ella.
Gracias por compartirla con nosotros, saludos desde Venezuela @slowwalker
Every day we appreciate through the lens of your camera those beautiful photos, you do not only present us with a simple photo but also a beautiful photo behind it.
Thanks for sharing it with us, greetings from Venezuela @slowwalker

Aooo great Museum tell us about our tradition...

this is tryly amazing greetings from greece and have a nice day

Very interesting, especially it was interesting to know about the crow. I, even, could not imagine that this is a respected animal !!!

The ancient museum is great. And the BaekJae culture is awesome. They are our historical wealth.

Looking into history it is obvious that many cultures have their origin in culture of other countries and their influence left their impact. I love that mixture, I believe only due to share and learn from other especially when we take the best from other cultures we improve ourselves. That is why, in the past many European travel to East to learn more about the medicine and silk, gun power and the European were good in ship construction and their unique in medieval architecture. I am still convinced that only open mind and border will help us people to develop ourselves and to strive for peace.

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BaekJae Dynasty Museum in Booyeo, The Last Capital of BaekJae Kingdom.

Its good to see you that you engage people on one point socially.
Baekjae Kingdom had influenced on the forming of the Japanese history and culture.
The beauty in every religion is that things are related to Budah presents their ancient culture thousands of years.
3 leg crow myth presents today from thousands of year. & followers are follow them. Its not realistic but unique & presents love of people to Buddah.
crafted stones presents ancient culture from thouands of years.
I'm new on steemit and hope you will help me to grow up. I am a travel, tourism, and aviation blogger.
Abdul Baqi Malik