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I’d like to introduce Baek Ryeon Sa from this post.
Baek Ryeon Sa means ‘white lotus temple’
This temple is located in Gang Jin which was well known for the place of the exile through Choson dynasty.

It was far away from Seoul.
So I needed to drive 5 hours, when I got there, I was little bit tired.

But as looking around the scenery from the temple, I was revived.



Baek Ryeon Sa was an old temple though, but it was not a large.
It is said that a military family built this temple in Goryeo dynasty.

As getting arrived, what I saw first was Man Se Ru which was used for the auditorium.



Baek Ryeon Sa temple was famous for the tea, so I entered into the small tea room.
The first flour of Man Se Ru was the tea room.


I took a photo of small statue of Buddha.
It was really nice.


Like you said, the nature around the temple could bring any visitor a refresh mind! After all that statue of Buddha looks a great craft work! Thanks for sharing such great travel experience with us!


Amazing place. I would like to see tgis place myself.

Really you are a great photographer I am impressed looking your photography style.So beautiful dear....

You can feel the history coming out of these building. The stories those walls could tell. Thank you slowwalker

So, you went on a five hour pilgrimage to see this ancient temple, @slowwalker. No wonder you were tired!

This ancient site is nestled in the hills and I can see why it was known as a place of exile.

The temple was built by a military family as a public service. Interestingly, the Romans referred to this type of sacred duty as 'liturgia' a Latin word from which we derive the modern word for liturgy - the order of a sacred service.

Worship sometimes involves more than prayer and meditation - sometimes it involves a practical work such as building a temple - sometimes, as in your case, it involves a sacred journey.

The smallest acts often hold profound significance, my friend.

Gang Jin due to its remote location situated in nice natural area, the temple is double storey building with nice shutter at windows.

It is a beautiful miniature of Buddha looks peaceful, I bet you enjoyed your tea and a small break after traveling 5 hours to this temple :)

I wanted to ask how many temples you have visited so far? There are far more than I ever imagined. I thought that I had seen so many when I was in Korea, but I found that the more I visited, the more there were to be seen.

I must say that this one has a very tranquil setting around the temple, especially with the gentle slope of the landscape. The tree without the benefit of leaves shows off a more barren piece of landscape, but, I love seeing it in all its glory.

The spring will come soon enough and cover it with leaves and make everything softer and more gentle looking. The statue is apropos and makes a nice statement of faith for me.

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


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Good!you cros) like post/

@slowwalker, Exactly Baek Ryeon Sa in Gang Jin has brilliant background. I believe your tired condition definitely leave from you after see entrance area.

Baek Ryeon Sa means ‘white lotus temple’

It means these temple wanna big pure temple and environment ready for our meditation. Auditorium looked oldest & some art works I see.Buddha statue so impressive.

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