Ardent Desire of Ordinary People in Buddha Statue of Booyeo, Korea

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There was a stone Buddha statue behind the Pagoda in Jeonglim-sa temple place.
The stone Buddha statue in that place looked strange.


This statue seemed to be made in Goryeo dynasty.
As I have posted several times, the art works in Goryeo dynasty were not better than those of Shilla and BaekJae dynasties which had been existed before Goryeo dynasty.

But even though statues in Goryeo dynasty looked not so excellent, it seemed that Buddha statues made in Goryeo dynasty seemed more friendly.
In my opinion, it’s because Buddhism in Goryeo dynasty was spread widely into people.
So ordinary people had began to make Buddha statues for their own.

In this manner, the statue in Jeonglim-sa place seemed the representative Buddha statue among the statues in Goryeo Kingdom.

It was simple but seemed to contain the feelings of the ordinary people.

This statue was consisted of 3 parts.
The most important part must be a face. But this Buddha statue had lost his face.

So people had made some face and put it on the baby.
In my guess, the one who had carved this face was not a crafted.
He must be an ordinary people.
The face of Buddha statue was not so well made though, it seemed to express the very heart in mind of common people.


The body of the statue was broken apart into 2 peaces.
It had lost its right arm.
And the surfaces of the statue seemed partly to have been flaked off.


The Last part of the statue was the sitting stand for Buddha.
It was decorated with the lotus flowers. It was carved very well and seemed to be made by very skillful mason, even though the lower part was broken into several pieces.




I saw people's ardent desire for the better world.

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Are these statues in granite?

This happens in my country also! In Anuradhapura kingdom they made wonderful stone Buddha statues! But when it comes to Nuwara kingdom they had no that technology to craft such wonderful statues! I don't know what's the secret behind it! But it happened the same way!
Anyway that craft man tried his best to take Buddha out of that stone! It's truly a great work! Nice photography and article!


Sin duda hicieron un excelente trabajo de restauración de dicha imagen, wow es hermosa.


@slowwalker, Buddha Statue of Booyeo really wondering to mine coz there has amazing stone style and real naturally made from kingdom generation those days. I know you have bigger experience about Korean Buddhism. Compare this statue with SL's Stone Buddha statues I seemed so many differences. There are 03 parts indeed and enough details given by you. First part more valuable there. Absolutely brilliant creativity of Koreans. Triple gem bless you.

Hello friend, everything you show is great, dedicated sculptures well done

부처님 상이 섬세한 느낌은
없지만 왠지 친근감이 있고 웃음을
자아내게 합니다^^

I like) ardent desire

This stone looks like someone had wiped it carefully for the last hundred years.. and it no longer has that right look :))
But good post :)

This statue is so cute!

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This Ancient Buddha statue in Korea has such beauty and invokes calmness for me...

Unfortunately, there have always been people who, because of their primitive mind, only wanted to destroy. It is a pity that this statue was damaged, and we can not, in full, enjoy its beauty.

К сожалению, всегда были люди, которые из-за своего примитивного ума хотели только разрушать. Жаль, что эта статуя была повреждена, и мы не можем, сполна, насладиться ее красотой.

I read that in the era of Koryo Buddhism continued
to be an integral part of the state ideology, @slowwalker.

Thanks to you, every day I get acquainted with Korean
culture and learn a lot of interesting sights about this country.
Thank you very much!

At the same time, the state control over the
Sangha was further strengthened:in 958, a system of examinations for monks was this period were made of giant statues standing mi reuk-posal
(Maitreya), for example, a 10-metre image that are in the area Echomen County, Paegun .

Ardent Desire of Ordinary People in Buddha Statue of Booyeo, Korea

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Its good to see you that you engage people on one point socially.

If public or ordinary people follow buddah path and rules they havenot required buddah at home. buddahism is a religion and Millions people follow them.
If Buddah follower follow buddah norms and help each other then no one is ordinary. In Buddah temple , everyone follower is equal for buddah.
But all followers not equal in each eye. Sect, cast, money much differences who creates wall between them.
great writing, good blog. Willing to good blogs more from you.
I'm new on steemit and hope you will help me to grow up. I am a travel, tourism, and aviation blogger.
Abdul Baqi Malik

Wish i could see some of this in realty

화려하진않지만 멋진 우리의 문화재네요 ~팔로우하고 자주와서 보고갈게요