A Silent Place in Magok-sa Temple.

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The main reason why I am visiting the temples is to enjoy the tranquility. We all are disturbed by the noses and the disorders in our mind in this world. But in temple, especially in Korean temple, we can escape from the noses from the world where we belong, because the temples in Korea are usually located in the mountains far from the city.

But even in the temple, we can find a place of the real tranquility. Yeongsan-jeon seems one of those places in Magoksa.

Yeongsan-jeon is the hall for the memory of the remarkable Buddha’s teaching which was performed in the mountain translated in Korean Yeongsan.

I was sitting in the hall, and no body was there. I could enjoy the perfect loneliness and tranquility. The loneliness is the another name of the tranquility. If you do not overcome the loneliness, then you can not enter into the world of the silence and tranquility.

Sitting and closing my eyes for a several minutes, and looking the scenes of the autumn out of the door. The world where I am living now was beautiful, and I felt deeply the gratitude for the nature which made and sent me here.


There were 1000 Buddha statues in the hall. Nothing was there except the statues. So many Buddha statues in the hall, but actually the hall was extremely simple.


Some voices told me that there were visitors. It was the time to yield the place of the tranquility to them. I wished they also felt the same thing as I did.

The hall yeongsan-jeon was had been fired in the Japanese invasion 1592 - 1597 like many other temples in Korea.

There was the resident place for the monks on the left of Yeonsan-jeon. It was not colored, but looked very nice.



I'd like to stay here, and take a cup of tea alone sitting on the floor under the mild sunlight.


The tranquility of this beautiful place is all obvious from the beautiful and clean pictures you shared. Wow I have a request my friend, please remember to take me along when you’re going to enjoy your tea on the ground in this beautiful location. Thanks for another exposure, this is beautiful

I think the odds are different from those places. The natural environment is all things silent. There is a beautiful place Seeing the surroundings of the environment, the mind goes out. Everyone loves to visit such a beautiful surrounded gardens.

What a beautiful moment. To just "be". And in complete silence and tranquility. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker :)

Really i love your post..i love your photography .my lovely friend @slowwalker

The main reason why I am visiting the temples is to enjoy the tranquility.

@slowwalker, that's pretty good idea. Every temples giving big value to us for be meditate and mind cool. More temples in Korea located very calm location. But Sri Lanka has some temples very near to the town. It's different thing both countries. Autumn trees giving big support for stay alone there. Omg...there are so many Buddha statues placed. Also more halls in Korean temples impressive looks indeed. I really love Korean's creativity using nice architectural techniques. Thanks for share your ideas and perfect captures.

Somehow people automatically become quite in temples, the whole atmosphere may be also the energy that is such areas makes these places special. Many people coming to temple in order to be alone to listen to silence and try to think about the life, universe and unimportant we are in such a eternal space. I love these two buildings, despite of age they are in a great condition.

I very much love the 1000 Buddha statues ❤ So very beautiful details and love the gold colors. Really fantastic temple!!!
I love how well you've focused on this temple. It's so bright and full of energy too.
Amazing Work. God bless you.

Thanks again for sharing some great photos.

Always my pleasure to share your blog and photographs on twitter.

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Have a great weekend.


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You know what, sometimes I visit a church to find tranquility but never veel as comfortable as I would like to feel. But visited temples years ago in Indonesia and felt instant calm. Maybe I should plan to travel again.

Amazing place. From him and blows - peace, faith, strength and love.

Удивительное место. От него так и веет - спокойствием, верой, силой и любовью.

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