The Cliff Scenery of Geojae Island, Korea

in travel •  2 months ago

The scenery of the beach in GeoJae island was really awesome.
I don’t know how to describe the beauty made by Nature.

We had sailed GeoJae island and the islands around GeoJae for an hour.
The captain introduced us the legend and stories of the marvelous scenes of the beach.

Almost all islands seemed to have their unique beauty.
I took so many photos of the beautiful scene.
But the photos could not show the real beauty of the cliff and the beach of the islands.
So I made a movie.
I hope you like it

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Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely photographs......the video must be a delight to the eye......look forward to viewing it.

These sort of excursions of the best very refreshing and at the same time does not get better than that. ^__^

Wishing you and yours all the best.....kind regards to your Mum,


Nature is outstanding and really really amazing which is a great blessing...

Actually it's a good idea that you decided to make a movie of the scenery of your recent visit of Geojae! Korean movies are favorite in my country! I heard an island named as Geju in these movies! I don't know this is the correct name, but these Cliffs and water made a perfect scenery around!


To be honest the slideshow does looks awesome :)

Nature does indeed has its own way of showing how beautiful it is.

You are really lucky to get to witness the immense beauty of it.

GeoJae island was sure a beautiful place to be for you buddy. Thanks for sharing them and allowing us to be a part of it.

the nature is really amazing , thanks for sharing .

it's a good idea to put pictures into video, with music it's very enjoyable to watch! ^_^

nature is amazing

Waw! This is a beautiful sight to behold!

The scenery you teach in the pictures of the islands looks amazing! I would love to see the full video but my internet does not leave me because of how slow it is, in any way thanks for sharing:)

Those cliffs looks like a nightmare if you would be caught in a storm. But beautiful they are:))

Do you live in Korea @slowwalker?

Looks like an unbelievable place to visit...thanks for sharing!

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that's amazing plus beautiful music

Looks wonderful, maybe I visit this place too when this was South Korea and not a northern part of this country.


Lovely post..and very beautiful place dear friend slowwalker

Very beautiful collection of photos of a rocky shore. Looks very beautiful !!!

Absolutely beautiful! The marvel of artistic design of nature signed by the creator himself. Thanks @slowwalker.

The beauty of this island was really unique,specialy the big rock with green at the top was awesome..

thanks for sharing

Wow. Lovely place. Great place for traveling.

Wow that is beautiful!

Nice video i like it

Really awesome and beautiful place.

Looking at those pictures it is difficult to imagine that this is Korea, we know from the travel magazines such pictures from Carribean, Greece, Tailand. But I believe everywhere where there are such natural islands adn rocks and of course sea side you may discover such beauty. I noticed a little cave on one of the pictures, also that there is no people hiking or so. Is it natural protected areas? The color of water light turquoise blue and calm, real beauty and I believe you enjoyed one hour of sightseeing :)

우리나라의 명소들을 소개하시는군요.
나라사랑하는 맘으로 한표^^

good post @slowwalker, this is a beautiful island, I'm impressed.

Hmm so good

The sea scenery on the GeoJae island is so terrific, no matter where the scenery is enjoying the scenery, I want to see the island like this, but I can not afford it.

nice place love to go there

@slowwalker, Absolutely brilliant movie creation by you. Glad to upload it to Dtube. Geojae Island is a amazing creativity of thee nature. Unbelievable rock mountain very near beach. Seems Tremendous scenery of ocean and Island.

wow!!! that looks so adventurous my dear friend.

Yep, really beautiful islands. So unique with the combo of rock/cliffs and vegetation/trees. I wonder if any of those spots are places where cliff divers go to dive off of ?? Looks like some good places to do that.

Also looked like some Caves or at least openings to some within the side of the Cliffs. Interesting

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Amazing beauty of Nature.

Nature is real beauty & I love what I see here on your blog, I have followed and upvoted your post. I'll be glad if you do the same to me. Also I'll give you an upvotes in your future posts.
I'll be glad to be your friend on Steemit and also be looking forward to receive your support too.

great great

Thank you for allowing me to experience this. I love traveling with people on Steemit.

Coincidentally we visited a state park yesterday.... High Cliff State Park! I have a couple posts done but, like you, have soooo many pictures. Still have the cliff views to post. Hopefully today.

Not quite as dramatic as these but very cool park.

There are great landscapes at that island as I see! I'd like to visit it once!

Welcome to DTube. It's awesome getting content contributions from whales every once in a while.

Awesome scenery, awesome beach.
Lovely photography. You have done a great work , I mean the way you have presented the slide show. great job @slowwalker
You are really lucky to get to witness the immense beauty of it.