The Big Fat Indian Wedding ( A Fantastic Experience )

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Indian weddings are known for their scale of glamour and color. We as Indians celebrate try to make the most out of this special day.

This will give you an India , on what Indian weddings look like.

My friend invited me to his wedding , I had to travel approximately 2 hours to reach the destination. It was definitely worth it.

These are some of the highlights!

The gift from the bride to the groom

Your guide to an Indian wedding

  • Keep smiling and be polite
  • Dance! That's the best way to make friends
  • Experiment with the food, you won't be disappointed
  • Learn the basics of Hindi , you can check out my article on colors here
  • Have a good time :)

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I hear the dowry can cost fortune.

Actually the concept of dowry has been on a downfall. Educated families in urban areas , have stopped following this tradition. But I agree in rural areas , marriage is a big deal and the families try their best to accumulate a lot of wealth for dowry.
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