Sjennon sees the World #56 - When Travellers Get Sick..

in travel •  6 months ago

"AAAragh WHY ME?!" followed by, "WHY NOW?!", followed by "Now what?"

Getting sick during your travel isn't the best thing that can happen on your trip. Actually, it is one of the worst.

With you dying a little bit in bed, that means another little bit wasted of the location you're currently at. Don't get me wrong, beds are great (especially the one I am in). And a day in AC isn't a punishment either, but still - the entire purpose of this trip is to see things and now I can't.


What have I got?

Well, it is basically a mixture of fatigue, dehydration, lightheaded, loose motions, nausea and vomiting. So we got the entire European-Goes-Asia Package.

To be fair, I've had a few of these symptoms ever since I arrived in Asia though, however now this last week they just decide to screw me up and invite their other symptom-friends.

I felt fine back in Nusa Lembognan, but as soon as I arrived in Ubud, it has knocked me down. And now I gotta miss out on all the delicious food they have to offer.. :(

Anyway, as I can't show you the charms of Ubud, I will show you the charms of my home-stay room.

So! Here we are. :D

Every morning, the owner of the home-stay knocks on my window at 10AM, "Breakfast!" he yells before he disappears again. I push the curtains aside and stare down upon my freshly fried egg on toasted bread, a bowl of fruit and some tea. I plant my ass down and start nomming on the delights of the meal as the pre-noon sun hits my face. OMNOMNOM.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer and I am currently on my world trip which I am exclusively blogging about on Steemit! :D There is not a specific goal to my trip other than to have fun, discover places and unravel the secrets of Thailand, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Follow me on my adventures!

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omg I hope you feel better soon!!!! I just got Bali belly last week!!!! So I understand how you feel! Oh man, I have the funniest thing from when I got sick... definitely going to post about it soon lol thanks for reminding me with your sickness.

Although I'm sorry you don't feel well. @eoj thanks so much for pointing this out, super excited to see someone in Ubud!!!

@sjennon I'm in Canggu btw. How long are you in Bali? Did you hear about the Bali steemit meetup Aug. 1st?

Feel better! Something's going around here in Bangkok too, everyone's sick!

Have you run into @nomadicsoul yet? I believe she's in your neighborhood at the moment :)


Oh, that's not good!

And no I didn't :(


You should look @nomadicsoul up, she seems like good people :)


You are so the best @eoj


So, so true. Humble too!


Oh shooot! I hope you'll get well soon! Ubud's waiting for you :-)


Thanks for the sweet words! And yeah :D

I wish you good health!


Thank you!

Hope you recover soon.
Was starting to miss your posts, now I know why you were not writing...


I'm sorry :( :( And thank you so much! I appreciate it.

Get well soon! will take my mom to Berlin in two weeks by the way


Thanks <3

And ooooh, are you on Discord?

Get weel soon my dear ✌️, looking forward to see later some cool pictures from your location.


Thanks @avizor! And once I get better - for sure!

Get well soon.

When did that happen?


I think all the way back in Thailand

That's a beautiful home.
It actually doesn't sound so bad - the experience of staying home, on a calm sunny day, in AC, having breakfast come to you, 10 AM, with the warm pre-noon Sun at your face. :D
Hope you get well soon~
Yosh :P


It's kinda bad if you feel like trash though :(


I know that feel. Typhoid sucked, bad.
But I think it's there to teach us something - appreciate the good health, when you do have it.
Sometimes, maybe knowing to appreciate the good isn't enough; maybe you need to feel the bad side too.
Or that's how the douchey life thinks it should work. Grrr amirite. :P

Don't worry too much because:

This too, shall pass.

What do you do in the downtime - play games, plan for the future trip etc.?