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RE: ADSactly Travels - Living Big in an Old, Tiny, Renovated Bus Turned Airbnb

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thats great and really woderfull travel and post which you share today and different from your all travels .
i really enjoy your all best travels and i really like it so much because i also think to travel and spend night in renovated bus and enjoy this wonderfull life experience of enjoyment away from every one and every thing with our belove person,,,it is really my dream and sure i will complete it one day in our own renovated van like this ......
your travel is really awesome and the palce is best and having so much lovely greeny and nature bueauty and the 8$ is really so cheap for this
and the inside of bus is really wonderfull like a small beautifull housewith dounle bedrooms, hope you enjoyed in this bus and your travel @adsactly ... i think the more wonderfull travel if you have your own bus or van and go on a long journey
hahaha but funny why they dont spray there to finish mosquito


hahahaha long journeys are cute and fun especially with your significant other

Old school buses we used to love once, we need them back now

They sometimes spray but the bus has too many windows and the mosquitoes still get in. the rick is to close the windows early.

when you are traveling and you share your daily life with others is something good . When we do that we make people aware of everything's that can he face in his journey in that place or anywhere.