Travels Through Morocco - The City of Fes, Part Four

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This is the best panoramic view of Fes you'll ever get.

As the sun was slowly getting hidden behind the clouds, we decided this was the best time to climb up the steep hill towards the Marinid Tombs and the promised panoramic view of the city, whilst avoiding the intense heat. This was the first time I had left the ancient medina walls since I entered them, and it was amazing to see cars and buses drive in and out of the city whilst enclosed by the massive ancient city walls that surrounded them. I do wonder if the ancestors who built those walls hundreds of years ago ever imagined such a sight?

My newfound companion and myself had the ruins in sight. Outside the city to the north, it was much less congested and not as many tourists (in fact we saw none!) apart from us. A few locals gave looks bemused as we kept on climbing but it didn't deter us. The ruins grew bigger as we got closer and closer, but what took our eyes of it was the sheer gorgeousness of the city of Fes that appeared out of nowhere. It was crazy to think we were amongst all of that. No wonder it's easy to get lost, it was a mass of brown and orange buildings with no discernible feature, apart from the occasional minarets that stood above the other buildings.

Spurred on by the prospect of an even more impressive view, we soldiered onward and upwards towards the ruins. The route seemed to want to take us through a graveyard, which was a very sombre experience. It was however very beautiful, with every tombstone painted in a vibrant white, providing a stunning contrast against the rolling green hills behind it. And that's when I stopped and wondered... wait... rolling green hills? In Morocco? In Africa? But that's what we had. And it was just as stunning the view of the city that was slowly revealing itself to us.

We eventually arrived at the ruins (first picture) and explored around. There wasn't much left of it save for a few walls and arches. A quick search on its history shows that it was built in the 14th century by the Marinid dysnasty (hence the name) which means that these ruins were about 700 years old. Crazy. Unfortunately, we weren't here for sunset or sunrise (not that it would've made a difference because of the clouds) but I can imagine this would've been an even more stunning view. If you've been here for this view for sunset, please do share! However, we were more than content with the view bestowed upon us of the City of Fes. We couldn't wait to go exploring once again within Fes' alleyways. But for a brief few hours we stood here and absorbed the view that we had, away from the craziness and the business of the city, even for a small moment.

The City of Fes, Morocco






🌏 | Fes, Morocco
📷 | Samsung S8
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Over the next few weeks I'll be trekking through Morocco and I'll be share with you my thoughts, feelings, tips and warnings about visiting each place along the way. Being a photographer, I will be doing this while sharing my photos with all of you too! I sincerely hope you all enjoy.

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my travel through this wonderful country <3

Any upvotes or resteems are hugely appreciated! Much love, everybody.


I would love to go to Morocco one day, bcoz i want expeience of a desert, like moutains of sand, man, just need bigger sandbox to play i guess, like a cat.

Rent an atv, go to a desert and drive up and down the dunes to your hearts content <3 I don't know many cats who can do that!

natural beauty


Every time I look the photos of Morocco I always feel like visiting it.

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I hope you do, and when you do, let me know how you find it!

wonderful place

It is indeed!

REALLY INCREDIBLE PHOTOS and Morocco 🇲🇦 has amazing food hha, have a wonderful day and GREETINGS TO YOU 😊😊

Thanks so much @viktoriyani, you have absolutely stunning content too <3 Followed! Have you been to Morocco before?

oh thank you very much, yes I have actually :DD Morocco is awesome!

  • I have followed you back :p

Thats incredible to hear, glad you loved it there :D Where abouts did you go? I already know I want to come back here <3

I went to the lake: "Bin El Ouidane" and was magical hha

next time you should try to visit imsouane its 70km after Essouira

Lovely view ... but the old building looks creepy :o

It does indeed, probably because it's so old! Imagine being there in the dark :o

I just saw there is graveyard too, I am shivering already :p

Yeah that doesn't help things I think!

Good point is that you have added pros and cons. See the world, If your schedule has Pakistan Northern Areas in coming years, I would love to host your trip :)

Exactly, that building does not fit into the heading of this article. That is why i have made comment.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @nkleet

great work and information here. i want to there with fmily for holidays.

They won't be disappointed that's for sure.

beautiful place, I'm a Pole, in my country a lot of people have a dream to visit Morocco, I would rather go to USA or Japan, but Morocco is also a great place :), only a pity that there was no sun as you took pictures, the sun always gives " taste ":)

Well I really want to visit Poland! Where abouts in Poland are you from? And agreed, I wish there was sun but to be honest we would've been burned alive if there was!

I live in the northern part of Poland, 100 km from the Baltic Sea, I recommend these areas :), I highly recommend the city of Sopot, it is the most tourist place in Poland :)

Incredible trip, I would love to go to that place one day, if you can visit my post, I have some trips inside my country! greetings!

1476331_10151551512642395_397406061_n (1).jpg

Thanks so much! Hope you get to visit soon too.

Great journey. You are in Fees, I was not able to go there last time in Marokko, because time was to small. But next time I will. Did you went to the leather makers?

Aww hope you can go next time. And yes! That's the next destination!!


No idea what this means but thanks! :P

I like That's kind of wonderful Places

Glad you like it!

Its an amazing place to visit. I traveled to Morocco many times and enjoyed meeting very hospitable people and visiting great mosque.

Glad you had a good experience in Morocco too!

Its a great country. specially Casablanca mosques.

I heard that too!

What a beautiful place

Its absolutely gorgeous here.

morocco is wounderful place to visit.looking photographs was attractive,inspiring me. when i look photos of morocco i always feel visiting it.i would like to go morocco such a beautiful like mountain of sand thank u for a wonderful place great work on it.i want to there with my family.

Moroco the city of fes is amazing city to travel

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Is this a sight seeing? In india such monuments are abuntantly found.

Yes its a sight seeing! Damn I'll have to visit India then!

Yeah, do come and you will be surprised to see great monuments. The given monument is nothing in front of them

I think I'll have to, thanks for the recommendation.

@seetheworld.sgp yea friend you can search on google about the historical places in India... not only Tajmahal, there are also thousands of temples, statues, castles etc!!! If you come to India, U ll be amazed!! I am also from India!

I love Morocco! These pictures want to take me back. Thanks for the share - Kendra<3

Glad you like it Kendra, hope you get to visit again <3

How wonderful places!
Good captures.

Thanks @bindas! Follow if you want to see more!

apparently Morocco has many places with beautiful views, it looks like the population is so dense.

Yeah absolutely! The population in the cities are dense but I dont think its massive.

a very pleasant trip.

Have a nice day

Thanks so much, and you!

You are welcome my friend

woow ,,wonderful place

Its a wonderful place for sure!

Beautiful place.....dream to visit someday

Hope you can visit someday too :)

You can make YouTube video as well so that we can relish your travel experience ..One request for Foods and local dish blog...Happy travelling

I don't really do food blogs but I can make a start once I;m in Asia again!

amazing city tour Morocco

Thanks buddy :)

Awesome place!
Thank you for sharing of this wonderful photos!

You're more than welcome, happy to share to you guys <3

Quiet amazing..

It was definitely very quiet here :) :P

Glaad to hear your enjoyement . Have you been to Agadir ?

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Not yet but I really want to go. Its great for windsurfing there I heard??

Yup you will ride a great waves there .. agafir is cool right now though

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Thats awesome man, I might just have to give it a visit... do you live there?


this view seems to be from top of the mountain , i am really enjoying this pic, however i want to naturally enjoy this view by really going to the top of the mountain,

Glad you enjoy it friend :)

I love to travel, and I have always wanted to go to Morocco, it seems to me a place with a lot to know, landscapes, monuments, history, gastronomy ... let me tell you that I envy you. Hahaha but I know that soon I will also go;)

Its got so much! If you want something enough, you'll do whatever it takes to do it and I'm sure you will be able to make it here :) All the best for you.

Really a nice place it is.....

Yeah it's gorgeous isn't it!

morroco is a historical place and also looking amazing

Yeah like any country, its got its stories but its absolutely beautiful!

right, i wish, i will visit there.

excellent travelogue,lovely destination ,good fotos.

Thanks thanks my friend!!

This is an amazing place, just wow

Its gorgeous, just wait til next time for the Tanneries!

Excellent cool pictures congratulations to share

I appreciate your post really informative and lovely like it I do follow for future updates from you with good, attractive posts because like creation natural. Thanks once again @seetheworld.sgp

I appreciate your comments here too, good to have you on the journey <3

Awesome thanks dear

A very beautiful and green city. Lovely photos :)

Not sure about green city but the countryside is definitely green! and thanks :)

wooaa man!!! I loved the images, you got amazing photography skills.

Cheers dude, hugely appreciated!

FEZ is a city in northern inland Morocco and the capital of the Fas-Meknas administrative region. It is the second or third largest city of Morocco after Casablanca, with a population of 1.1 million (2014). Located to the northeast of Atlas Mountains, Fez is situated at the crossroad of the important cities of all regions;

Thanks for the info :)

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Beautiful place

It is indeed <3

@seetheworld.sgp wow! these places seems to be so beautiful.How nicely you have shared your thoughts and feelings.these pictures are really awsome,for that I must really appreciate your photography.keep sharing.

Really appreciate the kind words, friend. Glad you enjoyed it and good to have you on the journey!

always welcome!!


Gorgeous photos. Enjoyed reading your story to go along with them. Looking forward to more of your posts.

And I look very much forward to sharing them with you too.

Again! Nice pictures and trip! I'm follow you and your trip!! Thank you for share!!
What about people? I did not see people on you pictures!

I think I mentioned but it was very very quiet up there compared to the city. But anyway I don't like people in my photos, only specifically. Like on a beach, you'd rather it be quiet right? :D

Good! At the end you took very good photos and you are doing a good travel and having a great experience!
Still enjoy it!
Best regards
Again, thank you for share

if anyone visit such place his\her mind definitely will be free and that persom will feel amazing
nice place man you are so lucky
all the best and beautiful clicks

They will and I urge anyone to travel as its something no one can ever take away from you!

yep man i know this
and thank you very much for reply

wow nice place

This is a very nice plase . i want to go there but how many cost and one night hotel rent ?

I stayed in hostels in riads so it was very cheap, like 6-10usd a night!

Thank you so much for your valuable information. i think it is very cheap my dear.

It is a place of dream. Have a nice travel.

Really is dreamy. Thanks man.

really a very beautiful sight @seetheworld.sgp

Thanks friend :)

A picture that is expressive and full of passion👍. How creative are you😍, I invite you to visit my account on steemit you will love my photos very much.

I will defo visit, thanks! :D

Great travelogue and photo essay

I have always wanted to go to Morocco, it seems to me a very nice place, and these photos confirm it

Hope this inspires you to travel there :)

What beautiful landscapes, I would love to travel there to know all that better, I congratulate you for such a wonderful photo

What beautiful landscapes, I would love to travel there to know all that better, I congratulate you for such a wonderful photo

Thanks very much!

Some very nice shots with s8

Thanks! Its a great camera.

Wao seria genial que un venezolano como yo visite un lugar asi seria lo mejor mas que amo la naturaleza.....

algun dia ire para ese lugar

I wanna go there someday!

I hopr you can too!

I was thinking of planning a trip to Portugal/Spain, and people (as well as this post) have been convincing me to see Morocco. I might as well add it to the itinerary whilst I'm down that way. Cheers for the post and pictures!

So glad you're adding it to your itinirary! I think you'll have an absolute blast. Let me know how it goes and all the best for your trip!

what aawesome scene there sir...

Its gorgeous there, right??

Please follow and upwote me back


Such i love that

It is indeed :)

Haven't made it there to Mocorro yet, but it's definitely on my travel list. Saw some of the photos my bf made the last time he went on a business trip. Totally loving the laid-back vibe over there. Good shot btw :D

He went to Morocco on business? He seems like he has an awesome job! Well hope you get to head there soon - I have no doubt you'll love it :D

Traveling is a peace of soul you pictures relax my mind i love to travel a lot of places and exploring nature .
God give us very beautiful nature and different natural beautiful places and to see the places man get mind peace your pictures give me mind peace to me very nice work wish you very best of luck

Wanna get there...
#Awesome Place...
Will be waiting for you to upload the next photographs...

thanks for keeping up, can't wait to keep you guys updated too :)

Thanks for sharing! Love this post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hermosos paisajes unas fotografías realmente geniales

@seetheworld Sir Beutifull Place
Fez was the capital of Morocco until 1925. Rabatthen remained the capital even after Morocco

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Very nice pictures:)

Morocco looks like a beautiful country. Beautiful pictures that you have taken. I have learnt something new about another country.

Let me say you this @seetheworld.sgp. This is such a wonderful article and beautiful photos.

I live in Marbella, Spain. When the weather is clear I can see Morocco. It let me realize the world is small and big at the same time.

@seetheworld.sgp How creative are you😍, I invite you to visit my account, you will love my photos very much.

It looks really beautiful this city and I hope you are blessed for having done it God bless you always and do not lose the reins of your life is still in harmony always I only ask a minute of your time to visit my post, greetings.