Sunset in Izmailovo Kremlin

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Moscow is a wonderland of history, but one of the lesser known attractions which best symbolises Russia’s traditions is Izmailovo Kremlin. The wooden structure was not built for protection as 'Kremlin' would suggest. Instead, it was established as a cultural centre and market place modelled after traditional architecture and fairy-tale depictions of Old Russia. The complex is home to several museums dedicated to Russian toys, dresses, life, crafts, trade, chocolate, bread and vodka! It includes a replica of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich’s summer palace where visitors can experience a traditional Russian meal and is also home to the Church of St. Nicholas, the tallest wooden church in Russia.

Apart from the museums, everyone can participate in master classes of various folk crafts such as pottery, soap making, willow weaving and gingerbread decorating. Connected to the Kremlin by a wooden bridge is Izmailovo District’s open-air market, which dates to the 17th century. Taking the appearance of a town, it features a vernissage for traditional souvenirs and a flea market for all else. Izmailovo is not just an entertainment complex that attracts thousands of tourists every day, but it promotes important values to children and rekindles the glory of the Russia’s royal history in the hearts of the locals. I can recommend that foreign tourists should try to visit Izmailovo to envisage authentic Russia!

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This is the second sunset I've seen today that appears at the end of the street @seanreilly.

I love it and it makes a nice change from all the beaches and landscapes. 😊

I've been trying to think of a suitable street locally, although I'll probably not be out and about later enough anyway.

Haha, yes it makes a nice change! There must be plenty down the south of England at this time of year? So much sun!

Plenty of sun but not a lot of clouds @seanreilly. Is the weather still good in Edinburgh? 😊

Guao For what you describe, this is a wonderful place. Not only ideal for foreign tourists, but also for local tourists. There is a lot to offer there. Apparently it is an adventure of experiences and learning. I think it's a great tourist destination.

I hope to go to Russia soon

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