Can you see me?

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Not everything in the natural world is easily spotted. Some creatures can hide in plain sight.

Diving in areas that most people typically don't go can yield some pretty amazing results, you can run into things that you might not often see anywhere else.


Muck diving is a commonly used phrase when people are referring to area of the ocean that aren't packed with colour.

Some of the best results in photography I've ever gotten.


These flat fish, blend so well into the reef, rocks and muck I've accidentally placed my camera on top of one without realizing it was there and in a instant there is a cloud of dust and debris. The visibility drops all around you and you have to wait for everything to settle once again before you can start shooting. One of the better techniques to find this types of fish is to have a modelling light attached to your camera and look for things that reflect the light as you swim along. Eyes are reflective so keep a look out for a twinkle.


Often the eye are the most colourful part of the fish and you can produce some striking refections once you light up the eyes.

Never underestimate an area, every bit of the ocean has some life in it. Never hesitate to dive a spot just to check it out. It could proved some amazing results. Do your research first, read some books on the area, talk to locals and check out other websites to see what other divers and photographers have seen. Most of all be safe, and hire a guide if your in a totally new area.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting. Take pictures, leave only bubbles.


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wow awesome photography that fish is really disable from eyes

Gorgeous work Scott, I'm in awe by the way this animal disappears in it's environment. Don't we all want this from time to time?

Do you have favourite diving spots near/around Europe? (That's where my future diving adventure could/would start...)


Thank you for checking out my work. I haven't spent much time in Europe, however in Norway diving with the Orca Whales is amazing, as well as anything around the Red Sea, I know its not in Europe but still pretty close. The Red Sea is in the top five diving destinations on the planet.

Amazing fish, but how did it get the color of its environment?


It changes skin tones as it moves around the bottom.

Just amazing creatures in ocean world... Are they transparent or changing color with environment ?


They are colour changing, as they move they can change colour.


Glad to see such nice information thanks for sharing with us.

I love your underwater photography! An accomplished photographer was asked why he shoots birds so much and he said it's because it's the hardest thing to shoot. There's a lot to shooting birds - but underwater is a whole nother' ball game!

For those of you that are unaware - the underwater housings are often more expensive than the actual camera! I'm talking about $3,000 for a cheap quality one. Factor in the other costs, scuba, chartering a boat, fuel, etc, and you'll quickly see that this all adds up.

Take a moment and really appreciate what @scottdphoto is doing. :)


Your are right @mikeycolon, its very expensive to get all the gear, training and add in traveling to your desired destination. Thanks for checking out my stuff.


This so much!


Yes! Indeed, this is gorgeous and important photography! I'd love to do it myself too someday, but I'll first even have to save up to get my PADI, one step at a time ;-)

This is a very rare kind of photo. I saw it after 2 seconds of looking at your photo,it's easy to spot the fish that hides but I know its not easy to take this shot. So, congratulations, you did a great job!

I can see a wonderful Fish ! This amazing photography my friend ! Truly great shots !! Wish you Happy New Year !!

All the best for your awesome photography !

Yes I could see all of them because It is clear in the pictures.
I think if you are the one who take these nice photos that It was very difficult for you to snap them especially under water.
this is really amazing... God gives them this ability and there are reasons for this,,, especially hiding from predators and save their lives.
Nice post bro I like it.

It is a perfect creature in nature !!!


Amazing marine diversity out there. Thanks for sharing you amazing gift with us all.

Wonderful photos of this special fish! :)
When my brother was a kid, we took a bath into the ocean. When my brother got a bit tired, he wanted to sit down in the flat water area and touched such a flat fish with his hand when he tried to sit down. He got REALLY scared and and we all screamed as the ground suddenly moved 😄
When we noticed it was this kind of fish we couldn't stop laughing 😄
They look really unique and you barely see them! Nature is amazing!

Yes you are right.
this is the real beauty and charm of nature.
There are variiety of tiny little creatures present.
we have to explore and love them

wonderful post

this is a special fish,but nice.

I guess that fish's name is Waldo

Nice post keep posting


Are they transparent or changing color with environment @scottdphoto


They change colour with their environment.

I upvoted and commented also followed you, you can also give me favour by follow back thank you :)


i will do this for you. return back then.

Woww! Nice photo bro! Visit me too pls :)

Thats amazing.

Very nice fish. I love nature for things like this it is just so amazing how everything works together.

yes that was nice thank you

Wow this is really fantastic

♨♨♨ @rhdmedia amazing ✴@scottdphoto✴ nice post

Wow that is amazing, the fish just blended in.

Yes that is true, another example like a chameleon that stands and changes color according to the place @scottdphoto

Very cool. Does the coloration change some with the background, like some creatures?

The wonder of nature.
This fish can camouflage very fast in order to save a life.

ooh thats under the water

Woooow!!! that's so scare hahaha they see us in secret! haha
Well I'm new in here and I post amazing pictures about yoga because that's my passion! I follow you! kisses <3

I almost did not notice that there was a fish at that firat photo. Great photos. I really enjoy this post. I wish I can do underwater photography too but I can't dive and don't have the equipment to do so. LOL

Under water life is so cool.

Beautiful little fish amazing camoflage beautifully captured into a photo.

Man, that's awesome ! :)

I am very inspired by the wonderful results of your Photograhy adventures @scottdphoto.
where every Photograhy results you everybody knows that how beautiful and unique the creation of god in this world that not many people know.

Wow... Yes , I can. Very nice.

its so perfect ..

These fish have always fascinated me, especially in the awesome and creative ways that they hide from predators and stalk their prey.

this is a fish that berkamoflase with nature where they seek a livelihood. proof of power of the creator, all beings are already in the responsibility of sustenance. a very useful post for all of us. send regards for success @scottdpphoto.

this is a fish that berkamoflase with nature where they seek a livelihood. proof of power of the creator, all beings are already in the responsibility of sustenance. a very useful post for all of us. send regards for success @scottdphoto.