🌊 Lofoten - Unstad Surf Sessions

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Bringing you some video from northern Norway. I've been taking the drone out a bunch of the past few days trying to get some decent surf footage of my mates. Light is good - waves are bad. Waves are good - light is bad. That's life ay but wanted to to quickly throw some clips together.

I could watch this stuff all day but I didn't want it to be supper repetitive so it's just over a minute even though I've got hours of footage. No special transitions, no colouring or anything else fancy. I've just smashed a few clips together. I know If i tried to spend too long making it into something 'good' I'd probably never get it off of my computer.

I've only been out surfing once since I busted my ankle. At least I can fly the drone and get some shots for the squad if I cannot actually surf myself.

Anyways enough rambling. Let me know if you want to see more surf shots. ✌️

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Wow, the landscape, the landscape. And I cannot even imagine how cold is the water to the uncovered parts, like face and hands.. gosh! 🙈🥶🥶

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haha yeah it's pretty cold. The good news it that the wesuits work :) not sure what the sea temp was but think it was -5c outside on that 2nd day :)

That footage is awesome - what's the drone out of interest?

Cheers mate! It's the original Mavic Pro.

Amazing <3 Just Wow...

:) glad you enjoyed

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