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RE: Escaping LAX for a day: Bus roulette and vegan restaurants

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The non-integrated public transport sounds thoroughly maddening (and one of many monumentally stupid ideas).

Glad you found great food and had a much more interesting day than wandering around an airport 🙃

On the one hand I really don’t understand the lack of free showers. On the other money grab 🙄

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Haha. Yes. I think Singapore offers paid showers. Much cheaper than the lounges but still expensive just to be able to take a shower.

Yeah the "bus pass" was annoying. It reminded me of the 90s when the buses and trains in Brisbane were separate cos trains were state gov and buses were Brisbane City Council.

Ergh seriously that sounds like such a pain why would anyone do that 😫 as long as I’ve been here (I don’t know about beforehand) you could always buy a ticket on either train or bus and use it to transfer onto the other thing because all the public transport is Transperth.

My daughter and I are still waiting for a SmartRider app though, specially since older son has managed to lose his card 😅

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Yeah it's annoying. At least it was all real time in Google so I knew when to get off etc. and it worked without wifi.

Perth still waiting for an app? Brisbane was the first with real time in Aus. I was working for Premier & Cabinet then so Qld was quite proud of that fact. I did miss it when I moved to Panama.

Real time what? o_O There's an app that tells you where your bus/train is at in real time. We're waiting on a SmartRider app so we can use our phones to get on and off trains and buses instead of the cards thus having one less item to carry and tying even more of our lives and identities up with these insidious little devices.

I'm not sure if or when it will happen though as they will probably need to modify the devices they're currently using to check the Smartriders on the trains when they're checking for tickets.

Oh ok. Yeah that would also be handy. Til your battery is dead and you need to get on a bus.

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