Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam

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I took this shot a few years ago, it was part of a timelapse that I did when I was visiting Rotterdam. The architecture is really impressive and it has been a (local?) landmark of the Netherlands for ages. How many of you knew about this bridge (Dutchies don't count :D)?

CameraCanon 5D Mark II

Oh well, I decided to go through my photographs again since I'm restarting Instagram and other Social Media. Give me a follow and connect with me :), photographers/visual-artists/graphic designers: drop your username in the comments below, I would love to check out your work.


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Oh? Well, I had no idea about this one, but it’s a similar style to the one in my neck of the woods, the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge. Ruben, you can always find me @damnthatkidsblack on Instagram, here, and my portfolio which is linked to both accounts. Could I ever come to you if I wanted to commission a logo, header and other digital materials?

That's a cool bridge, I see the similarities! Nice man, gave you a follow on the gram! I'm still blaming myself for deleting my first account.

What are you looking for? Do you have something in mind?

Greetings @rubencress,

Lovely splendid photograph of this beautiful bridge....your signature is evident.

On a side note.....

Saw you over at kotturinn' can I not come say 'Hello'.

Wishing you all the best!


Glad you did! Hi back to you :))!

That's a wonderful shot to look at

Thanks Starboye!

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