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RE: Travelers Honeymoon ~ Episode 11 ~ Backwater Gangnam Style Part 1

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Looks amazing. I'd like to go to Kerala. We were going to drive our landdrover from Singapore to Northern Indian but am no longer sure we can be bothered shipping it from Australia and might just do trains or hire a landie when we are there. Honeymoon holidays are the best. Mind you, every time we are on holiday we just say it's another honeymoon. 15 years of that so far.


Ahah very cool... we take a trip every winter, sometimes even summer (northern hemisphere talk) but never called them honeymoons... I may have to steel this idea my friend, if you don't mind.

India is great by train! Though it takes some time to learn the ever evolving ticketing system.

That trip sounds like it would be anazing by the way. You should go for it, nothing is really ever "worth it" it will always cost too much, but it is definitively a good experience!