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RE: 🍙🌏페루(쿠스코)에서의 여행 (8)The life in Cusco, Peru 🌏🍙

in #travel • 5 years ago

Why are you trying that dirty water bro? you could get Ebola xD (just kidding)
I would be very afraid to climb up machupichu, it's said the emperor threw his enemies off that cliff, but it looks like a relaxing place now to enjoy the landscape :)

By the way, keep trying new dishes, Perú is the country of tasty food, enjoy it!


Gracias Amigo

I would have not tried to go up if I knew about king thew the rocks toward enemies !!!

Peruvian foods especially pepper is almost first taste I’ve ever had since I was born lol. But still Polloria is one of my best food in Peru

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