Steem Conference Arrival! The Bed Room, Settling In, Recreational Marijuana, Sustainable Food While Traveling: Adventure Vegas Hotel Tuscany Review P2

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Another fun and productive day here in Vegas and the Steem Creators Conference! Going to post some more photos from arrival day before heading out with the group to the Vegas Strip!

These will be photos from checking into the room, settling in and how we eat healthy, delicious and sustainable food even while traveling!

First impressions of the room are that its huge, which is a big plus, not to fancy but most importantly The BED! If there is one thing that is most important about a good room is the bed, getting a comfortable sleep even if its just a couple hours is important. 

The bed is great and passes the nice/cumfy/good rest bed so all in all the room is a success!

The next best thing is there are windows that open up to the out doors  which is quite because the rooms are all set off from the casino part in a condo style which is very quite and peaceful. Another nice bonus for good sleep. 

The bathroom is pretty basic nothing special there. 

Food is obviously import in life traveling or not. However generally food while traveling is expensive, time consuming and often unhealthy. We have a solution for that!

We packed an entire suitcase of food! We had 6 checked bags 4 for SteemGear and hand made art from @gardenofeden !

We knew we ere going to have a fridge so we even brought a lot of nice cheeses and an entire cupboard of healthy snack foods! 

We also of course have our Garden of Eden supplements/medacines essentials everywhere we go! I haven't been sick more than 1 day in the last 15 years!

Before feasting I am going to take advantage of and enjoy the recreational cannabis usage laws of Las Vegas! Its crazy we still live in a world were one of the healthiest if not most useful plant on earth is illegal and big pharma is pushed on people. COME  ON HUMANITY!


Another green that I particularly like are fresh @gardenofeden grown beyond organic salad greens!

Because we picked them the day we left, have a fridge and an entire suitcase for them we have enough to last us 4 days! Salads and snacks from our home garden thousands of miles away in the middle of VEGAS! Extraordinary

Some goat cheese and crackers almost always good!

Next post will be of the opening meet and greet party! Enjoyed sharing the photos with you, more to come soon! 

All in all I am happy to be here and am here for the Steemians and the Steem Vortex anyways not glamorous Vegas hotels!

Will end this post now cause I am super busy at the conference. Will post more photos of the conference as soon as I find time. 

Be sure to check out Steem Creators Conference this weekend. Big thanks to @steemcafe for getting so engaged in the Steem Community and making it better for everyone!

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You can find my entire Steem post about it here for more details~*~

Hope to see you in the SteemPowered Vortex!

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I am just so empressed by the reputation and brand you are building around your vision and ethos. Bravo my friend.

Loved! Before feasting I am going to take advantage of and enjoy the recreational cannabis usage laws of Las Vegas! Its crazy we still live in a world were one of the healthiest if not most useful plant on earth is illegal and big pharma is pushed on people. COME ON HUMANITY!


I appreciate the recognition~

For me the integrity/honor and purpose is the foundation of everything I do. All businesses/brands that I promote or interact with must support and be built upon that first.

With everything I do I am promoting/education conscious responsible living in great abundance and happiness.

Taking advantage of the best things offered and upgrading them in sustainable fashion! Welcome to the Quinn Vortex!!!

That luggage pose rocks!


hahaha thanks man, I shoot for the moon, nice to stick the landing ;-)>

YEAH!!!! Vegas baby!!!

You sure know how to pull off travelling in style. All the flair of the rock star with none of the mess.


Sustainable, honorable living in grand style~

*I love to enjoy life but for me I can't enjoy it unless its sustainable and honorable~~ **

Thanks for the comment.

Amazing photography. I like this steem.
I appreciate your post.


Glad you like it.

Nice photography and hotel. Wish you having fun and so on...

Beautiful photography and beautiful travel. I like it. I appreciate your busy........

SteemGear? What?! #popcorn

I hope you're having alot of fun at the conference. Looks like a nice place you are staying at. Love the photo of you ontop of the trolly's great photoshop.. i had to take a second glance i was like noo wayy hehe :)

Dear sir @quinneaker.. its a nice place you are staying at..and you looking handsome.and its a beautiful photography..i like your blogs..keep going..looking forward to read your next blogs..

Intrepid travelers.

Wow! It’s a great idea packing your own food for four days! The green salad looks amazingly fresh! The cupboard is loaded with all your healthy snacks!
This is a grand life for being vegetarians!
Your goat cheese is just too much to resist!!


Living the delicious, healthy and sustainable life!