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in travel •  6 months ago

I had an amazing time on my flight to Puerto Rico for Restart Week, a documentary, the absolute beauty of the land, the crypto vortex and so much more!

Here are some photos of the Bloody Marie  I alchemized 30,000 feet in the air with my handy stash of fire water.

Yes I make my own Bloody Marie’s in silver goblets. Sustainable,  cost effective and oh so cool. Its easy to get a whole can of spicy tomato juice on a plane and I somehow managed to get a whole flask of vodka on the plane also. Of course I am traveling with my sterling silver goblet which is all I need for a super high class cocktail at a fraction of the price and so much more cool. 

Also some gorgeous photos of my eye candy I had the pleasure of viewing for an hour.

Talk about a 5 Star in flight movie!

What a great flight!

I am speaking st some events here this week and will post more about that soon. 

Also if your not here in Puerto Rico this week I am speaking at @crypto-con www.crypto-con.us memorial day weekend in San Diego. There is a line up of uber successful pioneers in the blockchain crypto sphere ou won't want to miss. Not to mention the epic parties...Did I mention a night life yacht cruise???

Also I have a coupon code I  can give you which will take 20% off any of the ticket prices! LIVETRUTH2018

Then after Crypto-con I am throwing the biggest event of my life at The Garden of Eden @gardenofeden which is called Eden Metamorphosis a 3 day festival with live music, speakers, workshops, and the most sustainable feasting you will find all day and all night long for free!

Be sure to check out all the extraordinary details of this event. Truly will be the most epic even in The Garden of Eden history! 

Hope to see you here in Puerto Rico or San Diego Crytp-Con or Eden Metamorphosis!

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Hope to see you in the SteemPowered Vortex!

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Of course you had a great date with Mary in high fashion--high in the air--high on life! It's great how you always make every situation better! With you! <3



I wonder how it feels to be like you? You seem to be a very nice and successful man!


Thank you~*~

I think steam is a place where life will become anarchic..what you can not be anywhere else ..and i hope thats was a good journey.

Puerto rico is great place, l am waiting your next post. You are great traveler. Have you ever been to my archipelago country? My country "lndonesia" has alot of great destination for traveler like you friend. The most famous destination is bali but not only bali there are much more detinations for great traveler like you. You could check it in internet website. Good luck n success for you.


Thanks for you @mey

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Sounds like a great flight.. Isn't it? :) @quinneaker

It's Informative to me.Thanks @quinneaker.

Spectacular view, a sky that invades you with energy, enjoy your trip, thank you for sharing part of that universe that traps me.

You are a traveler who loves to visit new places and know about them. In previous years my beautiful country Venezuela was the gateway for many tourists .. Enjoy your outings and your drinks .. I congratulate you ..

I invite you to visit my profile ..

Hi @quinneaker I'm new to your blog. I must say you couldn't have a better view for a bar :) I'll be looking forward to more amazing posts!


Thankful that you find this blog valuable. Hope to get to know you better.

A flask on a plane!?!? You beast! You're my new hero, haha! Where's the how-to video on that... Have a great time!!!

i dont see you promote anything of me i sent you sbd chek my name michelsonmichel did you a scame on steemit , i will provide your all information

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!