Airports - gateway to humanity

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I spend a lot of time in aiports. I try to limit the amount of time I spend in airports, but I still spend a lot of time in airports....

They're always fascinating places though for people watching. You can see the best of humanity - partners welcoming home their lover, children welcoming home parents, parents welcoming home children. There is beauty, and love to be seen if your eyes are open.

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As with most of life, the almost worst of humanity can be seen as well. That's probably an exaggeration, it's not that bad... Like cranky businessmen unable to get home on time with flight delays, anxious travellers running late about to miss their flight. I've seen these people take out their anger and frustration on staff working at the airline, and their travelling companions. Someone is to be blamed, although, perhaps the blame is misguided in most cases.

These days I just go with the flow. When you travel, things rarely go to plan.... and most of the time there's not much you can do about it. Stuck in traffic, late after an appointment & probably not going to make your flight... that's ok, get a later one. Storms?? Delays?? That's ok, you'll get home eventually... you may need to spend another night away, but better to get home safely than to take the risk of flying in the storm.

I still think it's pretty awesome that the bulk of the population can afford to jump on a metal tube and fly at 28,000 feet at 1,000km/hr... It's pretty impressive really.

I'm heading down to Sydney now for a client meeting in the morning. Part of my going with the flow & not stressing out strategy means I need to spend a night away for a morning meeting, as you can't guarantee planes leaving on time and traffic conditions (especially in Sydney!) allowing you to get where you need to be on time. It's another night away from the family, but on the positive side, as an introvert I get some re-energising, quiet time to myself...

Anyhoo - keep an eye out for humanity happening around you next time you're at the airport. Hopefully you can find something to smile about.


I do not fly much, well at all these days but I used to travel a lot and people watching in Airports was something I always enjoyed doing building up in my heads stories about the people I saw

I've always had the most interesting and at times very deep conversations and encounters when flying. Back when I used to smoke cigarettes one time in between flights on a layover I had some chit chat with a gentleman outside. I honestly don't remember how this topic came up, maybe in the context of being grateful for our family, but he said his wife had saved him by taking him to the hospital a long time ago when he had contracted cat scratch fever.

Now, I had never really imagined that was a real disease - thinking it was just the theme of a famous classic rock song - but apparently it is, and the odds of meeting someone who had contracted it (he was scratched by a feral cat he took in) was just amazing to me. That had happened a long time ago to him...

oh now I remember, we were talking about how bad smoking was for our health (lol this is sometimes a common topic with smokers) and he was talking about how he had a brush with death in the past. This isn't the first time the topic of death has come up while outside smoking in-between flights, either. I think flying has a way of making people contemplate their mortality.

It's funny how those moments stick in our mind. I guess it must have been quite out of the ordinary. I think when we're travelling for pleasure we have a different outlook on life that allows these things to happen...

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Well, at least you inspired me to write about my positive thing of today.
Not really the same. But still.

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