@polebird: 🌸Pretty in pink - Scenes from the National Cherry Blossom festival 🌸

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The National Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC brings many visitors – both local and international each year. Planning such a trip to go see the blossoms is a bit of a gamble because you never know when the cherry blossoms will decide to bloom!


The annual festival and events in DC itself lasts for 4 weeks each year. This year’s festival starts March 24th with the opening ceremony and a parade bids farewell to the blossoms on April 14th. The cherry trees we see today are gifted from the Mayor of Tokyo to the city of Washington DC. You can learn about this year’s events more here (source).


The year that I went to the festival, we got very lucky with the timing of the blooms. I was only in town for 4 days and for the first 3 days, the blooms were very tiny and just getting started.


Day 4 though, WOW what a difference! I was so mesmerized – this is the first time that I’ve experienced such an event with all the rows of trees blossoming all at once. Absolutely stunning! I was so excited because our flight time was actually late afternoon we actually had time in the morning to complete the walk around the Tidal Basins one more time to enjoy the blooms in all their glory.


Even this bird was singing about the cherry blossoms. :P


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the photos you took were absolutely STUNNING! one of the highlights of my international travels was being in japan to see the cherry blossoms bloom - its so embedded and celebrated in the culture there and i loved how people so appreciated it ! i never made it to a festival unfortunately (i was there for a short time and it didn't overlap), but it was definitely something magical to experience. and i love that these cherry blossoms were a gift from tokyo! the first picture blew my away because i had no idea there was something like this in DC. when I'm back in the states ill have to make it around in the springtime , or maybe next year! i used to live in boston and there were some beautiful blossoms there. so much beauty - thanks for sharing:)


Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos! All the cherry blossoms in bloom are definitely a photography fanatic's dream to experience and photograph! :) I hope you do get to plan a trip sometime to DC in the spring!


will let you know if i do :) or rather you'll see it on my blog ;p

Very nic photography.

Beautiful landscapes! go through my blog and see my new content, greetings :D


hehehe thanks for stopping by!

upvote and follow me.. i will also follow and upvote you.

Awesome, what a sight to see! So this is how beautiful cherry blossoming is.

Thanks for sharing


thank you!! :) glad you enjoyed it!

very beautiful, really!. i like cherry blossom my friend @polebird, thanks

@polebird, this reminds me of growing up in Charlotte,NC.. we had one of these beautiful trees 🌳 in my front yard...

I remember because I had allergies and it was the culprit of some of my stuffy spring nights!


Heheh beautiful but full of allergens I’m sure!

Beautiful @polebird


Thank you 😊

The view of the cherry blossoms is amazing. Want to feel there and touch directly with a very beautiful cherry blossoms. My eyes feel more refreshed after seeing a portrait of flowers from you. Good luck always for you @polebird.


thank you my friend! :) we got super lucky that the timing hit on the last day we were there!


Wow .. Of course it's fun when you're there. I'm happy if you're happy. You are my good friend. May you always be healthy and happy even wherever you are. :-) :-)

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The first picture got me thinking, is photography another of your hobby? The angle it was taken is so nice.


UM yes sir! You are right :) before pole there was photography 😝 but now there’s both!


Haha. Keep it up. 😁😀😁

Awesome :) I really enjoy the second photo :D Thanks for sharing :D


Thank you!! :) glad you like it!

Hermoso colorido,saludos

I like you post @polebird


I went there last summer, so cool and pretty to see it like that!


yesss! :)