[Memories in Japan #2] Feel the Japan in Kyoto Street!

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Hi ! Do you want to feel the real Japan? Then, Go to Kyoto!!!
진짜 일본스러움을 느끼고 싶다면 교토로 !!!

When I go to aboard, then I usually want to feel the real-traditional life.
So, I went to the KYOTO!
해외에 가면, 항상 진짜 그들의 전통적인 모습을 느끼고 싶곤해요.
그래서 저는 쿄토를 갔습니다!!


First of all, You can see the traditional Japanese house here and there.
Kyoto streets are really beautiful and there are a lot of stores, so you can buy a gift! (but a little bit expensive)

첫번째로, 일본의 전통 가옥들을 여기저기서 볼 수 있어요
또한 교토의 거리는 너무 예뻐서 한폭의 그림같기도 하구요.
많은 상점들이 줄지어 있어서 구경하고 선물사기도 좋습니다. (하지만 조금비싸요)


물줄기 3가지가 있었는데, 각각을 마시면 복이 온다고 해요.
제가 기억하는건 제일 왼쪽은 금전운입니다
There are 3 watercourses, and It has special power.
If you drink one of it, then god bless you.
I remember that the left one is "LUCK - get a lot of money"


지나가다가 우연히 들린 절에서 발견한 돌입니다. 옷을 입고 있는 모양이 너무 귀여웠어요.
일본에서는 겨울이 되면 부처상에 옷을 입혀줘요 ㅎㅎ
Stones are wearing a clothes! They are really cute! (Luckily, I stop at the temple.)
Actually, When winter is coming in Japan, statue of the Buddha is wearing clothes


It's a Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.
교토에 있는 청수사입니다.

Now, did you feel the Japan? Not yet? I will post more later!
일본 분위기를 좀 느껴보실수 있으신가요? 아직이라면 다음 포스트를 기대해주세요!

Hey you guys, Do you want more? Click this !
이전포스팅을 못보셨다면 클릭!


Follow, and be Friend Always fine.
팔로우, 친구 언제나 환영입니다^^


This brings back some of my memories of Japan :-) Thank you!

I am glad to say so!

The Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto looks like a perfect destination to visit. I have been to Japan once, but never made it here. Maybe on my next trip I should go and check this out. I would love to photograph the buildings there! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos @pinstar.

Yeah, It really nearby the main city! In my case, It is the third time to go to Japan! but It's never boring!
Thank you.

I'm sure it's never boring, how could it be - the food alone is scrumptious!

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