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The secrets of this ancient city is hidden in the history of carved stone.

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Yes, it does not go very far. We went further into Petra in to many, many carved caves that were homes, and burial places. Interesting!

Wasn't Petra a place of refuge - only one way in or out? A narrow passage? I have always wanted to visit there....but I can see pictures and hear other travellers stories.

For centuries, Petra seemed secure in its unassailable fortress of rock, but today its ruins lie uninhabited, in fulfillment of the prophetic word: “‘As Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown, along with their neighboring towns,’ says the LORD, ‘so no one will live there; no people will dwell in it’” (Jeremiah 49:18). From Got Questions.

Except for a few Bedouins selling there goods, no one lives there. It is has several extremely tall narrow passageways. A fortress of a stone city for sure!

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What an amazing place Petra is!

Hi @pilgrimtraveler
Beautiful photo, I would like to see it in real life!!

Thank you @rynow You would love it! :))

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Nice Post
What you never here about Petra is that most of it is buried you are only looking at the top section of these megaliths