My visit to Amsterdam

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                                                                  Hello from Holland!

Amsterdam has so much history and a personality that is uniquely Holland.  From Tulips to old world architecture in every building, with so much I have yet to see my heart is thrilled to say, "Let's Go!"

                                          Tulips are everywhere, the colors of Holland I love.

                                  Walking along the picturesque Dutch Canals of Amsterdam.

          I had always wanted to see Anne Franks House, her story is so sad and inspirational.

The House of Anne Frank was the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous Diary, right in the heart of Amsterdam!

                      The fairytale charm is a dream while walking the streets of Amsterdam.


Entering the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is a must see, every step has style in glorious history.

I have always wanted to see all of Amsterdam, so the famous Westerkerk Bell Tower was my next stop.  Climbing the very steep steps and very narrow stairs is challenging.  But I want to see the top, keep going ~ keep going!


Passing by the Westerkerk Church Bell on the way up the Bell Tower.  This is the largest church in Amsterdam and was built between 1619 – 1631.  This spot still remains today the pride of Amsterdam.

It was well worth the climb, I am loving the City View on the top of Westerkerk Bell Tower in Amsterdam.  Now how am I going to get down?

Before I leave, I have to try the famous Dutch Cheeses in Amsterdam. "Cheese Glorious Cheese!"

                                                                    I love Amsterdam!  

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It is a really nice place to visit all year long, and it is different at different times. Thank you for sharing :-)


Thank you so much @johngentry I love Amsterdam :))

That's a really nice view. I haven't been to that spot.


Thank you kindly @anca3random :))

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Nice post
Thanks for sharing


Thank you kindly @jcsteem :))

Some really nice pics here upvoted.


Thank you very much @simonjay :))

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That destination is on my bucket list! Great pics!


Thank you kindly @fiftyoneattack You will love it! :))