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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Hladna to Velka 86 km

in #travel3 years ago

Oh man! (I can see your name is Dan - can I call you Dan? I am Petr btw :)) Thank you for reminding me how beuatiful my homeland is - very appreciated and needed now when I am thousands of miles away... Superb shots as always! Why don´t you submit some of them to the Prague/Czech Republic Photo Challenge by @czechglobalhosts? I am sure Tomas (the host) would love them! The Zvíkov Castle looks amazing - I haven´t been there yet but my favorite photos of this series are those of the misty Vltava River - truly fascinating captures :) Excellent post.


Thank you Petr! Czech Republic is beautiful and a great place to live in. It's good to take some time away to see it from a different perspective.

Very true, well said :)

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