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RE: Half day in Prague

in #travel4 years ago

Wow. This must be one of the greatest posts on Prague I have ever seen here. Excellent job as always my friend. Btw, feel free to submit some of those shots to the Prague / Czech Republic Photo Challenge that is still hosted by @czechglobalhosts. It is now run just twice a week (on Tuesday and Friday) but it is open all week. With such amazing photos, you can go for the win with ease :) Here is the latest round:


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Petr, you have a beautiful and vibrant capital, I just tried to capture a bit of that. I really had a good time in Prague. I’ll consider your suggestion, many thanks. Btw, love that blue water from your last video in Cancun.

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I am happy to hear you enjoyed your time in my country Dan :) You took stunning shots in Prague indeed and I will be glad to see them in the contest too ;) Thanks for watching my video, I am not really a vlogger so I better stick to writing and posting photos most of the time haha.

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