Thailand: Crazy, weird and wonderful (video/podcast)

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Depending on what type of person you are, you might know Thailand for its beautiful Buddhist temples, its tasty food, ladyboys, ping-pong shows, or just its happy, humble people. And it's true, Thailand has all these things and more.

In this episode, Kurt explains a traveller's perspective on Thailand, the pad thai and basil stir-fries, the gorgeous and prolific sex workers, the ubiquitous transgender women, and the Thai people's love for the late king, his majesty Rama IX. Kurt also talks about south east Asians fascination with sugary drinks, and some tips on how to spot a shill.

Join us on the next pad krapow scarfing episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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amazing video sir


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What area are you in?

Got my ticket for the end of December. Am planning to try some Mexican restaurants in Bangkok this trip. It HAS to be better than Mexican in Japan.

You might want to check out one of the free meditation retreats while you’re there.


Hey Ken. I'm in a country town near Saraburi... I'm staying in a Buddhist temple so I am learning about meditation.

I'll be gone by December unfortunately. They gave me a 30 day extension on my entry stamp and I want to be back in Aus for Christmas.

Yes, there's a chain called Sunrise Tacos. I haven't tried it but their menu includes sopa de tortilla and chilaquiles, things which you don't normally find outside of Mexico.


That’s awesome. I want to do that eventually, when I move back to Thailand.

The Mexican place I plan on checking out is called The Missing Burro. Run by actual Mexican people and selling the real deal (supposedly).


Sawadee Kraap.

Salutations. I am JaiChai. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

RE: Your Video Post

While watching your video post, these thoughts bubbled up from that blackhole called my longterm memory:

You know you are a veteran of Asia when you talk about food more than the women.

Sex workers? A girl's got'ta eat, no?

Hidden within those beautiful smiles are some very sharp teeth.

Some of the most beautiful women in Thailand are not.

Grazing all day and manual labor vice a couple large meals and watching a dog and pony show can keep you slim? Imagine that?

The Boys in Brown have better tailors than in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Humans can adapt to anything. For example, the first three days in Thailand makes your eyes, mouth and other appendages hurt whenever you see any slim, brown woman. But on the fourth day, you see a slim, brown and pretty woman and you think, "Naa, I can get better..."

The prevalent religions don't have just an Adam and Eve, but also a third icon that's "in-between"; hence, the notoriety and acceptance of ladyboys.

If you don't want to get your ass beat, drugged, robbed and wake up with Thai chilli pepers up your ass, never forget that a transgender has the strength, aggression and agility of a young man - whose previous years were probably spent plowing fields, hauling in fishing nets and climbing coconut trees.

Remember that the P2P game is simply a business transaction - nothing more. Many bad things happen when this is forgotten.

Your friend is in big trouble when he says, "...but she's different."

Thailand loves two-week millionaire tourists, but make it Hell for ex-pats trying to live there.

Contrary to poplular belief, Thailand is not the panacea for mid-life crisis.

(End of musings)

You guys did very well for a couple of young farangs...

Mai phen rai.

Upvoted and following you now.

Namaste (I recognize the divine in you, my friend),



Thanks for your detailed comment. But what do you mean about it being a business transaction? You're talking about bar girls only I assume.



Yes. P2P - pay to play. Some call it P4P - pay for play.

I regard personal time as the only real wealth anyone can possess - albeit temporarily.

That's why I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Kaap kun kraap maak maak - especially for your benevolent generosity...

Namaste, my friend



Ah I see. I've never messed around with sex workers... it just doesn't seem sporting, and the risk of hepatitis definitely doesn't appeal to me. But I can see how some guys might get ideas. Walking past them on Sukhumvit Road, there are foreign women who touch you, and it's pretty obvious they just see you as money. With the Thai women, they're very friendly and sweet, as if they're wholesome small town girls... That have sex for money. That could be confusing for many.

I hope you're well



Sounds like you have your head on straight. Good for you.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.



I am currently studying abroad and am craving for some authentic pad kra pao :P The fried egg on top is must!


Thanks... I'll try that today.


My favourite is the minced chicken pad kra pao (pad kra pao gai) :)

Now, this a content that worth sharing with the world. Being able to integrate with the people around you and share opinions with them make you a better person indeed. Understanding one's culture is a sign of deep respect.

Thumbs up!

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Thanks very much!

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a must visit country. you are lucky man

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Super Beitrag! Der Holidayhero liebt Thailand 🏝

Bei uns findest du günstige Flüge und Städtetrips, falls es demnächst einmal wieder los gehen soll! 🐠

Hopfully one day i get a chance to go to Thailand

· dem Holidayheroe kommst du günstig hin 😉

Es maravilloso

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I love Thailand! All the food over there <3.

Me gusta tu post



Very interisting video, come on visit Aceh, Indonesia, sir

So exciting!