#TakeTrip (11) - The coffee mountain in Thailand

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Hello everyone :)


These are coffee trees on top of the foggy mountain, this place is located in Nan province in the northern of Thailand.


Because it is so far away and so high up on the mountain, In the past this mountain was a place to grew opium for sending to China but nowadays all of them have been replaced with coffee and turned to be a forest and a part of National Park.



We also camped up here for a night. It was a really foggy night and it was raining as well!


In the morning after the sunrise, we went down to the coffee farm which also has a coffee shop.





At the farm there were civets in the cages. The farmer will give them coffee cherries and come back to correct the coffee beans after the digestion.


We stayed the night at the local home stay in the village, bottom of the mountain. Our dinner was a traditional menu. It made from banana flowers served with the mountain rice. Yummy!



And we had a shower here at this waterfall.


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looks like a great trip and I love your photos!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed them :)

Man it looks errie, but in a cool, silent hill type of vibe haha.I wanna visit Thailand one day for stuff like this but mainly the beach resorts look nice there.You busted ass on this post btw!

Thanks! Thailand is waiting for your visit! Beaches here are nice and I just went to the beach too, in Phuket... have u ever heard about it?

Sounds like fuck it lol but no I have not.But I forgot the name, but it was some beach there that has like walkways to huts that are built right on the water that you can rent out that I thought were pretty cool

Hmm there are a lot of places like that waiting for you here! Come on!

Good post ..
I agree with this one, eat the mountain rice together .. while enjoying the beautiful scenery, enjoy your friends ..
thank you

Thank you! Eat local food made the trip a lot more interesting! Glad you liked the post :)

That was beautiful! I bet the coffee was incredible!! The banana flowers served with the mountain rice looked and sounds amazing too!!

Thank you! yes, they were incredible! These banana flowers were corrected from the mountain... naturally growing!

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