My idea of a long weekend: ......Wednesday Evening to Tuesday Afternoon

in travel •  2 years ago

Alright then, I've managed

inside my EgyptAir getaway plane, Toronto to Athens via Cairo

to escape both the wilds of British Columbia



and the concrete jungle of Toronto




although I have to admit one can still get a pretty fine bison burger at a sports bar in the big city

a sports bar near Toronto's waterfront serving fantabulous bison burgers

And make my way to my new home in Loutraki, Greece!



just moving in to my new apartment on the outskirts of Loutraki

The bureaucratic niceities of buying a house

to qualify for my Greek residency permit

plus then renting it out, finding a small apartment for myself,
setting up the power connection, isp, wifi, etc. etc. etc.
ALL in documents I could not read!
Had left me ready for one of my trademark "Long Weekends"
(ie. Wednesday to Tuesday!)

Since my sister was going to be in Zagreb, Croatia for a few days
because her husband was attending an EU music conference for university types
I decided to meet up with them there to have a wee look around.

Unfortunately, as I was about to leave Greece,

we were hit by a massive hail storm, the likes of which @liondani,
who had so very kindly offered to drive me to the airport,
says he had never seen!
A couple of inches of pea-sized hail stones fell in a half an hour.
I thought my plane would be canceled.

to the airport in the liondanimobile

But fortunately, the weather cleared up

and I was on my way to Croatia via Vienna.

I arrived in Zagreb just as Autumn

was kicking in big time.
You could tell because the leaves were falling like rain.


Zagreb is not only a very modern city

with a sparkling new airport, and efficient trams and transportation
but also has a long and interesting, well preserved history.
I was very impressed!

Museums and other cultural attractions abound.

the Strossmayerova Museum of Old Masters


Zagreb also boasts countless restaurants, bars, kiosks

and markets, all with wonderful food (and drink|!)


prosciutto and sausage platter

"deluxe" lasagna (because of a couple of slices of bacon on top I guess)

But as a final "caveat emptor" to all you trolls

and bots who comment on my posts but don't upvote :-)


Although I didn't have time to visit it this trip...........

I plan on making a VERY thorough study of Zagreb's Museum of Torture on my very next visit!!!

. be continued, more to come
Over and out

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You live a never ending adventure!


Because of people like you!


Keep traveling and exploring...! You are a realy citizen of the world...

Goodness gracious! Man , what a life of adventure you are moving into these days. I'm glad your "liondanimobile" ride was successful, along with the airplane ride.

I'm so happy to know you have had the chance of hanging out with your sister and brother-in-law, another very beautiful treat of life.

Thanks for sharing all of this with us, especially the "niceities"! ;)

Namaste :)


Very well said :)


Thanks a lot for the acknowledgment, it is appreciated. Namaste :)

Looks like some good times ahead for you, Paul! Upvoted @ 100% for that --- and hoping to stay out of the torture chamber! :-)

Hope you have a great time in Loutraki!


Oh, shit! I would have taken it as a supreme challenge to try to torture you :-)

perfect, great time to visit greece now that i have a free place to stay....


Greece is for lovers. You wouldn't be comfortable here :-)

Nice article. Great pics too.

Hope you enjoy your new digs.


Hi @full-steem-ahead, passing thru and saw you!😁

Well I'd like to have some of the cheese and ruccola please - apart from having enjoyed taking part on your trip(s) in this post, haha - never been to Zagrep, but all the other places are familiar to me ;-) How come you choose to live in Greece now? Besides the weather conditions, I would consider Canada the more relaxing place to be... but, who knows, the situation in Greece might not be so much of disadvantage after all :-) Upped and enjoyed your post a lot - @onceuponeatime is just the song I sang today in my post lol! Cheers from the Seven Mountains in Germany


The financial crisis that hit Greece will also hit Canada. Greece will have learned to cope with it before Canadians even figure out what hit them.


well and the people in Greece are adaptive in many ways - so good choice! It will not only hit Canada I believe... most of US and Europe will be just as surprised... Glad I found you - and follow you now - it was a silly circumstance of me reading a post seeing you mentioned and being connected to my post today.... but this is how life spins its most important threats I guess - Will see and read you - take care!

Thanks for sharing your adventure, thoughts and nice pictures. You were a bit unfortunate, in Attika-Athens we don’t get a lot of rainy days but when we do its usually heavy. I also love traveling and enjoying making some spontaneous trips around Europe and especially Greece where I live. In my recent last minute trip, my wife, my son and I left on Saturday from Athens to visit the thicket of Agios Nikolaos in Naousa Imathias (~500 km) and the waterfalls of Edessa and back home on Sunday. That sort trip can be my second post, thanks for the inspiration. Keep calm and don’t stop traveling!


So I guess that we are practically neighbors!


Just an idea for your next sort trip exploring Greece:


Wow! Such a place would keep me from getting homesick for British Columbia. I need some wilderness sometimes.


Yes indeed!

awesome!! We should now arrange a wine testing meeting with @liondani!!


@liondani is to be the judge?


Beautiful post will dony

Well one thing is for sure, you should eat really well in Greece.

Wish I could do what you're doing. Do you speak some Greek too?


Well, I can say "good morning", "please", and "thank you" in Greek. All the rest is Greek to me :-)

But I have ambitions of learning some more.

Some great photos for sure! I am confused though, are they all taken on the same trip?


No, they are from several different times over the last year.

Was about to say have a good long weekend and enjoy the new home but saw you are already out already.
Well then, have a good trip away from the new home :-)


I always appreciate your kind observations!


haha. thanks

May this new chapter of your life be a very good one!
Please don't visit the museum of torture:(


What? Don't you think that I could learn a thing or three at the Torture Museum? It's cultural, after all.

Greeting from Morocco , great post with wonderful photos I hope you visit my wonderful country we have a an amzing culture and an excellent Food:)


I visited Morocco in 1969! I would very much like to visit again now!


Yes its Better now , I hope you visit it , i do my best to promote my country in this amazing community thank you so much!

First time to read your post. Upvoted too! Lol! I am amused by your last paragraph regarding the Museum of Torture. Hope you had a great get away!


We should hold Steemfest III in Zagreb so that we can all tour the Museum of Torture.


Very funny. You should make that suggestion to the team! You know the museum would be a big hit.

enjoy your trip in Greece while I suffer in the wilds of BC


If I could can too!

Sounds like somebody had a fun "weekend"! The museum of horror sounds intriguing, don't forget to share your experience :D


Museum of "Torture" not horror. Horror is just one aspect of torture, usually from torturing yourself with useless thoughts :-)


oooppss, sorry mixed up the words. Still haven't got coffee in my system XD


I know how it is. Dangerous to be around a keyboard without coffee!

Oh wow mate! Great to read back from you after such a long time! Hope everything is fine on your side!
Greece is so beautiful, I am sure you will have a great time discovering this wonderful place!


Thanks for remembering me! I know that I have been mia for quite a while.

I am still counting how many countries you have visited in this short time period :O My last question, Where are you now? lol :D
Your life seems like full of great travelling experiences and adventures! That's awesome!



I'm still in Zagreb but leaving for Athens in a few hours.


You are making me crazy again! I thought you are at Athens now! Wish you a safe journey!



Wednesday Evening to Tuesday Afternoon, remember?


Ah I have got it revert lol :D

You're very lucky to see all those places! I'm really curious about that museum...

Enjoy your family time and "Καλορίζικο το νέο σου σπίτι!" Good luck in your new house! :)


Thank you!

Such a brilliant photography shots you taken from nature, environment & street. All are very clever. You are genius sir @onceupontime. Great travel experience sharing with us. Wonderful story indeed.
Followed/ Upvoted/ Resteemed.


You are giving me a swollen head ;-(


Ha ha ha... thank a lot sir..


I love Greese, I love bison burgers and that cheese and prosciutto plate looked very nice =)>

I have a friend who has been living in Zagreb for years and loves it. Its a somewhat poor and un noticed place but has a lot of magic and character.

Loved the post. Thanks for sharing.

Nice trip and great pics to remember it by, my torture is my work I need to go on a TRIP! Lol

Really good pics man i feel the taste of that food

Great, what an adventure. Enjoy the rest of the trip

Welcome to your NEW home in Greece @onceuponatime


A great trip, you have traveled this way and have seen many new and interesting things. Thank you for sharing your story @onceuponatime, it was very interesting!

Good jop
You live a never ending adventure!..!!

Guess you enjoyed your trip @onceuponatime?


I'm still enjoying! Leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) in the afternoon. My long weekend!


Waoo, tell me one thing you wont forget about this trip?

Wow... great Picture hope you had a nice time thank you for sharing upvoted

Ah those autumn leaves are rich! The Torture museum sounds inviting I'll have to put it on my bucket list! I'm here Grinding everyday so I can travel like this someday to! You're motivating!

so nice and pretty fascinating to watch :)

Great photos Mr @onceuponatime, I hope one day I will be able to travel like you do, because after all we live to explore this world.
I like this kind of storytelling through immages.
Keep it up!!!

HI @onceuponatime
I noticed the elephants in the window. I knew someone that knew alot about elephants. I was told to only buy or give elephant tokens with the trunk up. That is a sign of well wishes and good luck. If the trunk is down it is very, very negative.
Just a thought that went thru my mind to pass along after seeing your great pics on your trip!
~ bluerocktalk🖖


It's hard to tell the elephants in the concrete jungle what to do with their trunks.


This is true.
I am betting you will now remember this, as elephants remember so well, the next time you see an elephant trinket :)

Great way to do in a long weekend....... EAT hahahahahaha
I bid you more travel blessings!

Thank you for this wonderful participation. I felt myself living in it
And also the beautiful pictures

Thanks for sharing the adventure with us
I love if you recorded a video and shared it with us to live with you this moment

That is a great travel experience. excellent photography.
100% like and resteem

wah really a very beautiful scenery,
thanks for sharing.

I missed you in Lisbon

It's will be Amazing Weekend , have good time & Nice weather I like the Pictures :)

Enjoy your new home and come back to Canada for a visit!

have a good trip

That's very cool that you are traveling so much. You look very happy :)
Thanks for sharing with us these beautiful pictures!

I know you`re such a great traveler. Its interesting thing. Adventure journey never ended. Professional photos here some.Delicious foods, tasty choice beer all of stunning my heart.

thanks for taking me on your pictorial adventure!... I love the look of the platter, looks like something different :]
Also, admiring the fallen leaves... Greece looks a pretty place!
You have a nice life, and may you continue in the same way :)


Thank you for your good wishes.


Be Blessed! :]

Vacations are good to clear the mind. I hope you are enjoying your new home. BTW What does Bison taste like. I may want one of those! Thanks for a most enjoyable post my friend.


Bison doesn't taste that different from a good, grass fed, beef.

Great journey. You have fun & enjoy here in Greece. Ancient history had Greece. Well said glorious photo clicks u catch.
Go ahead & be safe.

I love the buildings. I'm currently thinking about teleporting there. Or let me visit such a beautiful place with my mind.

That's a really good trip you had. Thank you for sharing all those great pics. Am sure you must have some kind of jet lag. Welcome to your new home in Greece, get lots of R&R :)

hmm looks very delcious! autumn is great with all the leaves falling :)

Great post. Very beautiful photos and the towers are amazing. Enjoy and have fun :)

my idea is .... oops...


Now I won't be able to sleep from tossing and turning - trying to figure out what you mean:-)


I hope you sleept well😉

Good to see you back and great photos of your travels.

You forgot the two extra days off after this to chill to the max!!


Yeah, I may have to take a day off to recover from my long weekend (or do they call that a "sick day"?)


On my island we call that a 'i have to pay my electricitybill day'


your post is very good.
i am a newcomer in steemit.
I need support from all of you.
thank you

Very very beautiful, my girlfriend

Good photos, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Beautiful Phots. Your life is the life goal for everybody.

Best idea! Excellent photo

Nice post

bro i have question




Oh, good. I hope it is about the Torture Museum that I want to study in relation to people who comment on my posts but don't upvote them :-)

your life is very fun, enjoy the beauty of this nature.

Looks like a beautiful place,,,,,,
so nice and pretty fascinating to watch......////////