Cocos are better than beers

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In my natural habitat below shot by my girlfriend in Nicaragua. That day we bought 12 coconuts straight from the palm for 80 US cents. We ended up giving them 5 bucks since the price seemed so ridiculously low. The locals we bought it from live in some really simple huts right at the beach. The conditions were beyond basic yet they live on a beautiful beach, eat fresh fish everyday and get a fresh coco from the palm whenever they want to. It made me wonder if this is not what the happiness is 🤔

On the other topic, fresh coconut water is by far my favourite drink. It is cocktail prepared to you by the mighty nature itself! I have stopped drinking alcohol years ago and trying to keep most of my food as much "paleo" as possible. I have never felt better in my life. I have energy to study, work, go on adventures and some more. My creativity has also been boosted to the next level. I like to combine that with frequent yoga sessions for the best results. Be water my friends

Do you prefer Cocos or Beers?

cocos jungle boy big (1 of 1).jpg

Sony a6000, SEL18-200, somewhere in Nicaragua


Great story and photo per the usual! I do like cocos much more then beer. I've tried a few beers and ciders and usually don't finish them or like them much but I always enjoy some coconut water either regular or with some coffee added to it. Always feel better with the cocos afterwards then with the beers thats for sure! What are your favorite local fishes? Have you tried any of the shellfish? Thanks for the post @olegnator!

Coconuts all day every day! I have tried some local fish, didn't bother to check the name, probably it was a red snapper! Oh yeah, I tried the shellfish ceviche and it was out of this world!

dope shot! hope someday i can live like your way!

Then you don't need much, my travelling budget is around 250 a week excluding transport ;) backpacking is life bro, just save some money and go for it

oh, that's not really much money. then I only have to convince my girlfriend!

brother the coconuts very good but if you refrigerate them for a while it is a show .. friend if you like nature in Venezuela nothing like the big savannah, angel jump, spectacular canaima if yours is the beach go to the state falcon chichirivichi looking for a boat and go to the islands are the best I assure you

Thanks for good tips bro! Yeah, I always have them cold!

Congratulations on your healthy thinking and living! And I love the photo as well!

Thanks @erikah ! 🤗🤗

My pleasure, you just keep posting these amazing adventures!

Great picture, good job, congratulations, greetings from Venezuela!!!

Thanks again man! I will come visit Venezuela one day, Los Roques and Angel falls is what I want to come for. Awesome people as well of course. Anything else I should check out?

Sure friend here in Venezuela, there are incredible places, Margarita, Morrocy, Merida, and if I start to name you more I assure you that the comment would be long, greetings and enjoy your vacation!!!

Bule memanjat dan mengambil kelapa tetap keren y😁. Dibagi donk kelapanya😎

You made an amazing content my dear friend. We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already upvoted you and following you, please think about that.Thanks and greeting from @dayana2000

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