Pioneertown, CA: Old West Experience

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A couple of days after Christmas we took a drive to 29 Palms, California to visit my Great Aunt and family. While we were there, it was suggested that we all drive out to Pioneertown for a day out. I had never heard of it, but was certainly down for some local entertainment.


We filled up a few cars and headed down there. To start with, I thought that Pioneertown was some kind of shop or something, but it is an actual small town here in California.


The bizarre thing about it is that the whole of the town seems to be a street with mostly tourist shops made out like the 1800s and then some random houses right there on the tourist strip. Here is the Wikipedia entry for it.


Check out this sign that was posted along the road which pretty much explains it all:


Apparently this mock old west town was used in the filming of quite a few Western movies back in the old days. It certainly does feel like you are going back in time!


I mean, let's be honest. How many of you can honestly say that you knew that cactuses wore sunglasses back then. Not I!


I must be pretty gullible because I actually expected to see snakes inside of this barrel. But to be fair, the sign was not lying:


They have some animals that you can feed as well as pet. They were super cute and friendly. The kids were having a great time. This one particular kid was really making me laugh because he kept calling this one goat a weird dog.


I love how he just hangs out on the chair. He never moved a muscle the entire time I was there. Great acting skills, I suppose.


I especially love that little guy above. He was super sweet. He would stand on his hind legs and take a piece of food from your hand.


They have a pretty good sense of humor at this place. The Town Haul is always occupied, though.


I had the guy in here cracking up. I was complaining because they advertise used cows but didn't have any in stock. His excuse for leaving the sign up was that if they take it down, it leaves an empty space on the wall.


There are a lot of random old timey items decorating the landscape such as this coal car.


Bonus: 100% up-vote to the first person who can tell me very specifically what the below object is:


We looked at it for a while but couldn't work it out. It seems to be some kind of press, but I have no idea for what! That platform on top was throwing me off.


My father-in-law was sure having a great time. I love that he has pretty much zero inhibition.



The above photo is me with my Great Aunt. She is turning 88 soon and still very active! She was having a great time.


There are so many bizarre looking mechanical contraptions in this place. This looks like some kind of ancient drill press. I've never seen anything like it.


Oh, there are also selling really old rusted metal things for like $5 apiece. I don't know why I didn't buy the whole stock.



At the end of the road is the old Sheriff's station. You couldn't go inside but you could peak through the window. I couldn't really get a good picture, but it was kind of silly inside anyway. They had a tiny little caged area made of re-bar that could apparently fit one prisoner. It was mas more prop looking that some of the other stuff.

At the very end of the road, which you can see behind the Sheriff sign, is the famous OK Corral.


The sign is quite faded but you can still just make out the letters OK CORRAL:



The writing is also on the building next to the sign. The names of lots of famous people are stamped into the fence inside of the corral.



It seems that you can't really make out the names from the photos that I took, but there are a lot of them.

One day I'd like to go back on a Saturday. Apparently they do shows; like shootouts or something. Looks like fun! Overall I'd say if ever passing through the area it is a great place to stop for a break and look around.

Also, the restaurant there is fantastic! In fact, I am going to do a separate review post about it.


Y'all come back now, ya hear? We'll keep them lights on fer ya!

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Oh not a Chariot it looks more like this🤔...😃

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Ah! That is definitely it. The one in my photo is also partially buried so you can't see the pedals at the bottom. Since my VP is recharging, I will give you 2 100% up-votes. :)


Ahhh Great!!!😁😃

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I thought the same thing, old printing press.


You are clever👍😉

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I love your great aunt!💖😊

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Isn't she awesome? I really love talking with her.

The town looks like a fun place to visit. My guess for the contraption is a printing press for wanted posters, but it looks like a pizza making Hope you have a prosperous new year.


You get a 100% vote for guessing printing press! I gave it to @jenina619 as well for finding the exact model. lol! Have a great New Year yourself!

It reminds me of Tombstone in AZ. It's been years since I visited it, but I see the similarities. They have mock up gunfights there too, it's all a bit cheesy, but it is the real place where the gunfight happened.


Yeah, there were no real gun fights happening in this place. Actually I haven't stopped in Tombstone while going through AZ. I shall have to remember that one!

There was a place like this in Seneca Kansas, not exactly a tourist location so it didn't fare as well. I never even went to it despite driving past it for years. These places are a lot of fun (to me) and it looked like you had some good weather. Looks like a win to me !


Yeah, this place was surprisingly packed for being so far out in the middle of nowhere. The scenery was really awesome and the people were really nice. Great day!

What a great place to visit ! :D A piece of old America, so to speak? :> So cool!

The baby rattlers actually made me laugh out loud XD

And your great aunt is AWESOME <3 Still up and about at 88 ! An inspiration to us all <3

A really wonderful post, @nuthman ! Very enjoyable !


Hehe, thanks! Yeah I got a good laugh with the rattlers. And my aunt is quite a trooper! Thanks for your comments. :)

What a fun place. It definitely has the California vibe. Take a look at @socalsteemit. They love this type of post.

The thing you are wondering about is an old timey satellite dish (for reals).


hehe ancient aliens satellite dish. Thanks for the visit! I'll check out @socalsteemit!

It looks like Pioneertown was fated to be an iconic place. Your photographs transmit very well the old western vibe, it's as if the town was frozen in time. What a lovely day you and your family must have had! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the Curie upvote.

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Hey, thanks! You could say something like:

Rick Nuthman is a software developer, art enthusiast, audio engineer and frequent traveler who loves blogging about his adventures. He is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

That looks enough old stuff.
5$ per piece ,,you didnt buy anything.
By the way thank you for putting stuff for us.

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Yeah, it was all a bit overpriced. haha! I don't need any rusted metal in my house.

Very beautiful pictures man! I just amazed while seeing 3 downvotes on this post. How can someone downvote a curie awarded post 🙆

stay well and keep posting!

congratz for the curie!

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Oh, those down votes are from a person that I flagged on steemflagrewards. I guess they are retaliating. Oh well. They are down voting my comments as well.


I think you should report it to steemcleaners ! This is disgusting.

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Well, the person has really low SP on all of his accounts, so the flags are no big deal.

That is a very nice place to visit. I like to see things that are old @nuthman It seems to be so hot and dry in that place but I guess it wasn't a problem anyway.
It is like a museum with a bit of humor on the side too.


The sun was very hot that day, but the wind was cool and crisp. I suppose that evened things out a bit.

Hi @nuthman im sorry, i don't comment on your writing, it's just that i want to say "Happy new year" hopefully in 2019 get the best for us. 😊

Success for you in 2019


Happy New Year to you as well!

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Awesome! Someone cares! Hehe. Thanks for your support!

Hey this looks like a really fun place to visit :D! And your family look like they're having a blast too going here. I really like looking at all the stuff that you took pictures of, it's fascinating for me to see how old furniture looks like.
Congrats for your second curie vote, Rick :).


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. haha. When I saw the curie vote I thought it was a bug and had to refresh. I'm used to getting so little for my effort.

Love the baby rattlers! Looks like an entertaining place to visit... And your father-in-law looks like a fun guy!


Oh he is a riot! hehe. Thanks for stopping by!

Time to escape the city's hustle and bustle and try to be one with the good old days. You mentioned it is a tourist spot but it looks unbeaten still. Or maybe the community is doing a great job preserving it to look just how it is.

The Town Haul indeed has its humor, all the more with the red ribbons.

Saturday shows sound really fun. Imagine seeing a scene in the wild west!


Yeah, I think I'll drive back down there one day on a Saturday and check it out! May be fun to watch!


Indeed, it will be fun! Maybe you can even join them for an exhibition. 😃

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Very Nice! Thanks a ton!

Happy new year friend! As for that pic Uhm really can't say what it is, but it looks like a grinding

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Happy New Year! Turns out if was a printing press. Who knew? haha

A photo taken with your Great aunt looks so sweet and nice!!! i never know just what it can really do.


Thanks! She is awesome.

Hey ! This post is awesome

LOL! Baby rattlers and goat dogs.


hehe pretty good, huh?

There is something so quintessentially American about this, particularly Western American. Need some history? Well go out and build it in the desert!

It looks a fun place and I would have also been the gullible one to think there were snakes in that bin as well.


Haha. So glad that I am not the only one.

And furtunately, you got that local entertainment you were longing for.

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I hope I can have a great camera like yours.

The man in this photo is sample of happy person and positive life.

What a weird things you use to find in your trips man! Seems "The Nuthman Show"!😂 that is not a press is an ancient Etruscan Monteleone chariot! The vote please👍😁🤣

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lol! You got the right answer on your other post. Nice work! It is always the Nuthman show around here.


Ahahah nice post! Plenty of outstanding stuff as always!👍🤣a surfer kaktus in the wild west?!😂🌵LOL

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Cactuses are cool too! (And stylish)


Ahah that's right!🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵

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