A Stop At Land's End - Cornwall England

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It Was a Cold and Windy Day

We had just spent the previous day traveling around Cornwall when we decided to take a break at the most westerly point of mainland England, known as Land's End.


That's where you'll find this most aptly named business, the First and Last Refreshment House in England. We stopped for a tea to warm ourselves up a little as it was quite chilly that day!


As you can see, the morning started off with nice blue skies with some light clouds, but that quickly changed as the day progressed. It started to become quite overcast fairly quickly, so we thought we'd get out to have a look around before we no longer see much.


I found this sign slightly comical. I would hope that anyone who just had a glance over the edge would become immediately aware that the cliffs were dangerous. But I suppose some people just need it to be spelled out for them!


My father-in-law was getting his camera ready while I snapped off a few shots. You can already see the sky starting to get a little thicker with clouds. I can imagine that it would have been tough in the olden days to see an approaching army by sea if they happened to arrive on an especially foggy day! England is definitely famous for its fog.


The above sign was conveniently posted near the edge of the cliff so that we could get a better idea of what it was that we were looking at. However, as I've been eluding to, a heavy fog started to come in so we couldn't really see much of what was illustrated on the sign:


We weren't too bothered by this anyway since we hadn't planned this stop on our trip. Besides, Amanda was freezing her butt off and was happy to get back in the car ASAP! It's hard for me to gauge how cold it is, though. I am a bit strange in that everyone around me is usually freezing and I am perfectly comfortable. I guess I just run hot!


I thought this sign was pretty funny. In case you need to know how far away New York is; it's just a quick 3147 miles - that way.

Sorry for not writing anything about the history, or anecdotes about this town. I really don't know anything about it, as we were just stopping for a break before a long drive back to Suffolk. I think I'd like to go back down there some time again when in England to learn a bit more about its history.


It does seem like quite a lovely place to live for the locals. The scenery is amazing and life appears to be quite slow and peaceful around here. Even though I couldn't see out very far, what I could see was quite tranquil and beautiful.


I found myself wondering what it must be like to live in that little house there on the cliffs. I always think about buying a house out in the country somewhere, but honestly I always tend to get a bit bored when I'm too far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


That being said, if I live to be an old man, my thinking will likely change quite a lot!

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You do tend to slow down the older you get..Finding a place with a good view and watching the world go by seems about right...:-)

I am definitely feeling the slow down already! Well, at the moment I'm working on countering it as much as possible with diet and exercise, but I know at some point I'll invariably slow down.

But absolutely, a good view will be essential!

Diet and exercise key... Also new interests... You travel a lot which will broaden new avenues to wander down :-)

Beautiful all photography. Hope you enjoy that time.

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Thanks, I did. Would love to go back!

Haven't been there since i was a kid, all I remember is seeing some basking sharks in the sea.. fin's sticking out. Jaws might have been showing in the cinema's and it was a big deal for me!

Oh man... Yeah, sharks were even more terrifying in the 80s. I include them in a list of things that we thought were going to be more of a problem than they turned out to be because of movies and TV. They are up there with quicksand and being killed by a ninja.

I guess to be fair, a shark is way more likely to kill you than the other mentioned things.

Cool place, I haven't been to Cornwall since the 90's.., the road system doesn't make it easy these days. Too much traffic.

Beautiful shots! I really hope that I am able to visit England one day. It looks like a really cool place. My goal when I am an old man is to have a place on an inland lake. Then I can go fishing whenever I want and I don't have to worry about the rough conditions you get on the ocean or the Great Lakes. Having lots of space would be a problem because most lakes have the houses packed in as tight as possible these days!

I love it over there, you should go if you have the chance. If only to look at all of the old stuff. The cool thing about spending time in the UK is also that it's really cheap and easy to hop over to Europe while you're there. Really quick flights to Italy, Spain, France etc.

Yeah, nothing like over here where a quick flight leaves you in the same state still :) One day I hope to cross it off my bucket list.

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