Travel Tunes Tuesday- Thailand Edition

in travel •  6 months ago

Wanted: Thai songs with English translations so I can find them on youtube.

I "shazamed" (that's a verb now?) songs that I liked in Thailand, but honestly…my favorite ones are lost because I have no idea how to type “squiggle squiggle swirly mark” into google and come up with the song I wanted to find.

I could only find the songs that had some English characters as well as Thai letters.

So these songs aren’t necessarily the FAVORITE of the faves that I heard, but they’re still good. I especially like the first one and was glad it had some English in the title.

Travel Tunes Tuesday is all about sharing songs that you’ve heard while traveling OR sharing a song from your culture that maybe other people would have never heard, so we get to “travel” a little through hearing your music!

I’ll listen to any song as long as it sounds good! I don’t care if I understand the words or not. So share away!

Tag your post #traveltunes so we can find your awesome jams!

Max Jenmana – วันหนึ่งฉันเดินเข้าป่า (Into the Woods) feat. หญิง พรปวีณ์ |

สิงโต นำโชค - R U OK (เช็ด)

ยินดีที่ได้รัก - S.D.F

คิดถึงนะ Lazy Sunday2 Mr.Lazy feat.แพรว คณิตกุล

Better Weather - Mai Khoei Mai Rak Thoe

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Their is a spirit in music, you don't need to understand before you flow along... Ahhahah

I love the first one and the third one too.


aw glad you liked it! That's so true!

I do not understand the language too (to be honest I also am curios about what people say) but my favourite songs are the first and the last one :) :)